Piper Perabo, Rob Huebel, &’Insecure’s Yvonne Orji Board ‘Spontaneous’ From Awesomeness Films


Covert Affairs alum Piper Perabo, Rob Huebel (Childrens Hospital), and Yvonne Orji (Insecure) have joined the cast of Awesomeness Films’ YA sci-fi drama, Spontaneous, from writer/director Brian Duffield. The pic stars Katherine Langford as Mara Carlyle, whose life is forever changed when students in her senior class literally start exploding for no discernible reason.
Perabo will play Angela Carlyle, the loving and concerned mother of Mara. Huebel is Mara’s caring father…

‘Insecure’ Actress Yvonne Orji Enrolls In ‘Night School’ With Kevin Hart And Tiffany Haddish


The Kevin Hart comedy Night School just added another name to its roster. Insecure actress Yvonne Orji is set to join Hart and Tiffany Haddish in the movie directed by Malcolm D. Lee (Girls Trip, The Best Man Holiday, Barbershop: The Next Cut).
Based on a story by Hart, Night School follows a group of misfits who are forced to attend adult classes in the longshot chance that they’ll pass the GED exam. The script was written by Hart, Harry Ratchford, Joey Wells and Matt…

OWN’s ‘Black Love’ Creator Explains Why New Docu-Series Is Not Exclusively for Black Couples


Love was in the air at the Saban Theater in West Hollywood Tuesday evening. The auditorium was packed with young couples and single Angelenos for clips and conversations about OWN’s new docu-series “Black Love.” “Preach, preacher!” yelled an audience member to reverend and Hollywood movie producer DeVon Franklin at the event, moderated by “Insecure” star… Read more »

7 ‘Insecure’ Main Characters Ranked From Best to Worst (Photos)


“Insecure” has some great characters and some not so great — there’s levels to this.

Given all the drama that happened in Season 1, we’ve ranked the characters from our most favorite to the ones we don’t care for much.

Molly (Yvonne Orji)

Molly clearly has some issues she needs to work out for herself, but she’s still a ride or die friend.

Molly is the best friend everyone wants but doesn’t deserve.


Frieda (Lisa Joyce)

Frieda is the sweetest person ever.

Even though she may be a little out of touch with reality sometimes she’s not afraid to admit when she’s wrong.

She’s just an all around good intentioned person.


Issa (Issa Rae)

We have a love – hate relationship with Issa.

While we’re happy that we finally get to see the repercussions of a woman cheating in a relationship, we still can’t believe she’d cheat on Lawrence!

She seems to have learned her lesson though because home girl is miserable without him.

Lawrence (Jay Ellis)

Ugh. We have some conflicted feelings about Lawrence.

He hasn’t exactly done anything wrong  in the traditional sense, but he did let Issa take care of him for months on end while he just chilled on the couch.

We haven’t seen much of him in Season 2 yet to decide on whether he sucks or not, but so far — meh.

Kelli (Natasha Rothwell)

Kelli keeps it real and we love her for that.

She’s also not shy about expressing her sexual fantasies in public, so yay!

She’s one of Molly and Issa’s close friends and I guess anyone that’s cool with them is cool with us.

Tasha (Dominque Perry)

OK, so we don’t hate Tasha because she’s with Lawrence or because she’s like “the other woman” or anything.

We don’t like her because she was heavily flirting with Lawrence even though she knew he had a girlfriend at the time.

I wonder if she’s even asked him about what happened with his girlfriend… Rude.

‘Insecure:’ Here’s Where We Left off at the End of Season 1


At the end of “Insecure” Season 1, Issa (Issa Rae) is left boyfriendless and, while not entirely friendless, in a questionable place with her BFF Molly (Yvonne Orji). The Season 2 trailer (which you can watch above) sees Issa trying to get back in her groove. If you can’t remember everything that went on last season, have no fear, because we’re breaking it down for you.

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Let’s begin with Issa’s relationship with boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis). Season 1 started out with Issa questioning their relationship–ok, she was thirsty AF for her high school crush Daniel (Y’lan Noel). At first, that meant flirting on Facebook and meeting up with him when she and Lawrence were “broken up” for a hot second.

But by the time we get midway through the season, she and Lawrence are back together and he’s trying really hard to get his life together as Issa asked. He gets a job he doesn’t want, tidies up and even takes her to look at engagement rings. Issa, though, has continued to meet up with Daniel, unbeknownst to her longtime boyfriend. She invites Daniel to We Got Y’all’s Career Day, then goes to his music studio… and sleeps with him.

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But at the We got Y’all fundraiser in the penultimate episode, Daniel shows up, which means Issa is juggling both men. Molly steps in to help, but Lawrence discovers the truth anyway and confronts Issa. He is understandably angry that he’s been working on their future while Issa has been cheating on him. In the finale, Lawrence heads to a strip club with the boys and ends up sleeping with Tasha, the flirtatious banker that we’ve seen a bit throughout the season.

Amidst the relationship drama, Lawrence finally gets a break career-wise and lands a tech job. In the Season 2 trailer, he’s seen at the gym, receiving sexts from Issa and out with his friends. We look forward to seeing what his character is up to next and how his relationship with Issa pans out.

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Meanwhile, Issa is on a girls’ trip full of awkward tension between her and Molly — Issa called her out for having unrealistic dating standards. Some of that tension is diffused when Molly agrees to help Issa return to Los Angeles from Malibu to talk to Lawrence. But when they get back, Lawrence has cleaned out all of his stuff from their apartment, and Issa is left on their street-side couch with Molly.

In Season 2, it looks like Issa will continue in her should-I-or-shouldn’t-I struggle when it comes to Lawrence. She says she wants him back, but also asks Molly for help entering a “hoe phase.” Molly, the career woman of the show, ended Season 1 on a one-night stand, but seems to be focusing more on work in Season 2 when she finds out a white, male colleague is getting paid more than she is.

Issa’s career might get more of a focus this season, too. At the same fundraiser that caused her breakup with Lawrence, Issa’s boss tells her she’s finally hitting a stride at work.

Season 2 of “Insecure” airs Sunday on HBO at 10:30 p.m.

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