‘Captain Marvel’: So Where Did Carol Go for 25 Years Before ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

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(Spoilers ahead for the ending of “Captain Marvel”)

Heading into “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame,” we had some questions about Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) inspired by the post-credits stinger in “Infinity War.” But there are two that are most pressing. Where the hell is she? And if Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) knows her and is able to call her for help, then why hasn’t he done that already?

And yet after having watched “Captain Marvel” we still don’t know the answers to those questions — they’ll have to come in “Avengers: Endgame” in April if they do at all. But just because we don’t know that doesn’t mean we can’t make some guesses.

So at the end of “Captain Marvel,” there are two relevant scenes. The first sees Carol return a pager to Fury that she took from him earlier in the movie, but with some modifications. Now, she says, he should be able to contact her if she’s within “two or three galaxies” from Earth. She tells Fury he should use it for “emergencies only,” though she doesn’t specify what constitutes an emergency. And that’s that.

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And in the second, she uses her newly-unlocked powers — which it turns out she received from the Tesseract, AKA the Space infinity stone — to physically move the star cruiser that carrying Skrull refugees out of our solar system and toward an unknown location. And that is also that.

Carol’s explanation for the pager does provide a potential reason why Fury didn’t called her in to help when Loki (Tom Hiddleston) invaded New York with his Chitauri forces, or when Ultron tried to kill everyone on Earth — maybe he did try to use the pager but she was somewhere the pager couldn’t reach.

That is somewhat more plausible than it may initially sound. The Kree Empire is actually based in the Large Magellanic Cloud rather than the Milky Way, and the Kree are clearly capable of traveling to other galaxies since they do so in “Captain Marvel.” So in order to take the Skrull refugees someplace the Kree can’t get to them, they would  have to go beyond the Milky Way.

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And maybe they even ended up traveling to a different plane of existence to find shelter, like the Quantum Realm. Despite the totally out there way it’s depicted in the “Ant-Man” movies, the Quantum Realm is in fact home to entire civilizations — in the comics it’s called the Microverse and it’s more or less just another place in the universe. Though communication between our world and the Quantum Realm is clearly possible (as we see in “Ant-Man and the Wasp”), Fury’s pager may not be equipped for that.

It’s possible that Carol could travel to the Quantum Realm because her powers in the MCU came from the Tesseract. If any Infinity Stone could allow travel to the Quantum Realm it would be the one that can open wormholes to anywhere in the universe. And I previously speculated that the film version of Carol Danvers might obtain some of the powers of the quantum-powered superhero Quasar, who is able to tunnel from our universe to a place he calls the Quantum Zone as a sort of shortcut when he’s traveling from planet to planet. That method of faster-than-light travel is not exclusive to Quasar in the comics — the Fantastic Four travels that way as well — and so the “lightspeed engine” thing that Mar-Vell was trying to use the Tesseract to create in 1989 could also work that way.

You can read plenty more about why I think Quasar’s dimension-hopping abilities are relevant right here.

As for why Carol wouldn’t have at least poked her head back in to check on Earth every once in a while, that would depend on what kind of adventures she got into while out wherever she took the Skrulls. We were vaguely expecting that the plot of “Captain Marvel” could tie into Thanos’ backstory in some way — both because Mar-Vell and Thanos were arch-enemies in the comics and because you’d think there would be a reason for placing this movie where it is on the calendar — it’s conceivable that Carol has some kind of run-in with Thanos while she’s escorting the Skrulls around the universe. Thanos’ Sanctuary is purposefully hidden in a remote corner of the cosmos, so Carol could try to hide the Skrulls there only to be met with a rude purple surprise.

If that’s the case, then that bit of history would likely be explored in “Endgame.” But that’s really just a wild guess since “Captain Marvel” doesn’t hint at anything like that. But given how crucial the Quantum Realm appears poised to be in “Endgame,” Carol spending some time down there in this two-decade interlude seems like a distinct possibility.

Now of course, the real world answer to where Carol was and why Fury didn’t call her during, say, the Chitauri invasion, is that Captain Marvel was not among the heroes Marvel Studios wanted to highlight in the first two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But once, four years ago, they decided to pull the trigger, they scheduled “Captain Marvel” for the interlude between “Infinity War” and “Endgame,” or as it was known at the time, “Infinity War part 2.”

It’s easy to assume that this means Marvel had a specific reason for introducing her at that point in time. And, if you follow that thread, once they decided to set the movie in 1995 they would have come up with an explanation for where she’s been this whole time. Here’s hoping we’ll get one come April.

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This ‘Infinity War’ Meme Sums Up the Trump-Putin Summit Weirdly Really Well

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(Note: This post contains spoilers for the end of “Avengers: Infinity War.”)

The people of the U.S. had quite a few reactions to Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, but none was quite as good as the “Avengers: Infinity War” meme shared by “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn.

Gunn was was one of the many people on and off the Internet who were critical of Trump’s meeting with Putin, during which the American president blamed bad relations between the U.S. and Russia on previous administrations and institutions such as the FBI. Trump’s soft-touch treatment of Putin and Russia drew fierce criticism from Democrats, Republicans and regular folks on social media.

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Gunn shared this meme that perfectly summed up many people’s feelings about the situation — one that compared Putin to “Infinity War” villain Thanos (Josh Brolin).

Yup. pic.twitter.com/h9Ycj6T6pG

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) July 17, 2018

When asked about Russia’s involvement in meddling in the 2016 presidential election — something the U.S. intelligence community says happened, and blames on Russia — Trump said Putin had strongly denied the allegations.

“They said, ‘I think it is Russia.’ I have President Putin. He just said it is not Russia,” Trump said at the summit, after meeting with Putin privately for two hours. “I will say this: I do not see any reason why it would be.”

Again, the entire U.S. intelligence community would be why.

Even Trump’s own party was shocked at his buddy-buddy approach to Putin. Arizona Sen. John McCain released a lengthy statement condemning Trump’s actions, and even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan were critical of Trump’s words.

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The meme finds Captain America (Chris Evans) in the role of Trump, taking a known villain at his word. In “Infinity War,” Thanos’ goal is to use the all-powerful Infinity Stones to instantly wipe out half the life in the universe — and at the end of the movie, he manages to get all the stones and execute his plan. Almost instantly half the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe turn to dust.

The joke in the meme being, of course, that Thanos did that in the movie, and Russia interfered with the U.S. presidential elections, and neither of those facts is really in dispute.

Unless you’re Donald Trump.

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Yes, Thanos also killed half of all puppies and kittens in Avengers: Infinity War

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Multiple characters in Avengers: Infinity War state that intergalactic warlord Thanos’ ultimate goal is to restore balance to the universe by wiping out half of all life, and by the end, he finally makes it happen thanks to the limitless power of the I…

Josh Brolin Reads Donald Trump’s Tweets in Thanos’ Voice (Video)

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Josh Brolin appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Wednesday, where he read Donald Trump’s tweets through the voice of “Infinity War” villain Thanos.

When Colbert asked Brolin to read the tweets, the actor put his glasses on and said, “look, now it’s like Grandpa Thanos!”

The first tweet read, “It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened — WITCH HUNT,” while the second tweet read, “President of the United States on my first try. I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius, and a very stable genius at that!”

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“That’s very Thanos,” said Colbert. “Let’s bring it home.”

“MAGA!” read Trump’s last tweet, referring to Trump’s political slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

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Brolin most recently starred as Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” and will reprise the role in the fourth “Avengers” film. He also just played Cable in “Deadpool 2” and will next star in “Sicario: Day of the Soldado,” out on June 29.

Watch the video above.

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Josh Brolin Delivers Trump Tweets In Thanos Voice On ‘Late Show’

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It’s all in the delivery. Josh Brolin, channeling his most evil Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War, stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday and, at his host’s urging, read some presidential tweets in the voice of mean, mean Th…

‘Fortnite’ Lets You Play As (or Fight Against) Thanos of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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One of today’s biggest video games is crossing over with one of today’s biggest movies: “Avengers: Infinity War” is now a part of multiplayer shootout “Fortnite,” at least for a limited time.

Starting today, “Fortnite” now includes a special object — Thanos’ all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet, the glove he wears that houses the six Infinity Stones. Players who find the gauntlet while playing “Fortnite” transform into Thanos, gaining his ridiculous power. That player also becomes a target for everyone else in the game, changing the free-for-all play style of “Fortnite” into a manhunt for the universe’s scariest bad guy.

You can check out the quick teaser trailer below.

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“Fortnite” has recently taken the video game landscape by storm. The hugely popular title, developed by Epic Games, drops 100 players onto a large island with nothing but their wits and an axe they can use to bash other players and cut down trees. After skydiving onto the island, players have to scavenge for weapons to use to fight everybody else. The idea is to be the last person standing, like a video game version of “The Hunger Games” or the Japanese film “Battle Royale.” In fact, the genre of game “Fortnite” fits into, along with other popular titles like “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” borrows the name “Battle Royale” from the film.

You might have heard about “Fortnite” when rapper Drake played the game on video game streaming portal Twitch and quickly obliterated viewer records.

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The crossover is a huge get for Epic Games, who have climbed to the top of the trendy Battle Royale mountain with “Fortnite,” which is free to download and play on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. As Entertainment Weekly reports, “Infinity War” directors Joe and Anthony Russo are gamers and big fans of “Fortnite,” and apparently the crossover marketing opportunity was their idea.

“Over the past few months, while we were editing Infinity War, we’d take breaks to hop on and get in a few games,” Joe Russo told Entertainment Weekly. “And then we started thinking, how cool would it be to have some kind of AvengersFortnite mashup?”

Apparently, the directors contacted Epic Games’ worldwide creative director, Donald Mustard, and the idea took off. And now Thanos can up in “Fortnite” to try to ruin a whole new universe.

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Since there’s already a website that helps fans of “Infinity War” figure out if they’d survive Thanos, it seems fitting to have a game that gives them the opportunity to find out if they could fill in for the roles of Captain America, Black Panther, Scarlett Witch or Iron Man in fighting him.

Then again, “Fornite” is a bit of a ridiculous game, with a cartoony style, crazy things like rocket launchers and teleporters, and a ton of dancing. At least taking on the Mad Titan in the game isn’t as much of a downer as it was in the movie, as this video from gaming site Polygon suggests.

“Did you do it?”
“What did it cost?”
“Everything.” pic.twitter.com/b2e2z4CEtD

— Polygon (@Polygon) May 8, 2018

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Almost Included a Single Frame of a Single Word at a Crucial Moment

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Spoiler alert: Seriously, DO NOT READ on if you haven’t seen “Avengers: Infinity War.”)

“Avengers: Infinity War” climaxes with a snap, and a white flash, as Thanos finally achieves his goal of eliminating half of all life in the universe. It’s quickly become an iconic moment, but the visual effects team behind the film originally wanted to include a deep cut Marvel Comics Easter egg that would have tied the scene back to an equally iconic moment in the source material.

Kelly Port, VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain, told TheWrap the team wanted to insert a graphic of Thanos’ finger-snap as it played out in the 1991 Marvel miniseries “Infinity Gauntlet,” on which “Infinity War” is loosely based. Meaning that in the moment Thanos snapped his fingers together, the word “snap!” would’ve actually appeared on movie screens for a split second.

“As a fun aside, we explored the idea of lifting the actual graphic from the frame of the comic showing the snap, the little yellow action triangles for a single frame of the moment of the snap. They appreciated the idea but didn’t ultimately go for it.”

Here are the original panels:

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Easter egg aside, Port told TheWrap the creating actual scene went pretty smoothly.

“Weirdly enough, you would think this particular shot… this particular critical moment, would have a tremendous amount of pressure and back and forth to get it just right, but it actually went pretty smoothly,” he said. “I asked the compositor on this particular shot how it felt to be working on one of the most important shots in Marvel history. A shot representing the culmination of ten years of story. No pressure!”

20-plus people worked on building Thanos to get him just right, given the complexity and the amount of time Thanos is on screen in “Infinity War.”

“You saw how many close-ups and subtle dramatic and heavy moments Thanos went through that really needed to come across,” said Port. “We spent the extra time and attention on shots like that — Our animation and modeling teams would go in and refine these performances with shot by shot, frame by frame attention.

He added, “The essence of the original Thanos design stayed true to comics and previous films, but of course, we had to improve the photorealistic nature of the character. We were better able to address the realism as technology has improved and better lighting and rendering solutions have become available. But just as important, if not critical, was that we had the ability to capture the subtle details of Brolin’s performance and make sure they come through on Thanos. So many people say that they have sympathy with him or at least an understanding of his motivation. He’s a complex character — that’s all in the writing and Brolin’s performance, so it was essential to get it right given the amount of screen time had. This had to work in order for the movie to work.

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With new technology that’s become available and the improvement of light in motion capture, Port said he hasn’t done a project like this before.

“We started with an initial Thanos proof-of-concept test a few months before the live-action shooting began. We began developing and refining the character for the film which probably took another year. Even as we were finishing shots, we would still be refining, depending on the requirements of a specific shot or sequence,” he explained. “There were little tweaks here and there with costumes, the gauntlet, muscle simulations and skeletal considerations, and how the muscles move over his unique bone structure. All in, this probably took us two years.”

He added, “The techniques Digital Domain used for the facial capture have not been used before. We employed machine learning algorithms in several steps of the process, in addition to a lot of blood sweat and tears, but the end result was that we were able to capture an incredible amount of Brolin’s subtle performance and apply it to Thanos.”

Given the positive reaction of Thanos’ appearance, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same VFX team worked on the uber-villain for “Avengers 4,” set for release next summer. But nothing has been set in stone.

“It would be an honor, obviously,” Port said. 

Marvel did not immediately reply to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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Here’s What Happened to Thanos When He Snapped His Fingers in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Warning: Major “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers ensue.)

So what happened when Thanos obtained all the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers in “Avengers: Infinity War?”

At the end of the film, Thanos is seen with a young Gamora in an orange dreamlike world after he snaps his fingers, “killing” half of the universe’s living beings. Director Joe Russo said on the podcast Happy Sad Confused that the much debated scene does indeed take place in the soul world within the soul stone.

“It is [in the soul stone], it’s an orange world that they’re in,” said Russo of the scene with Thanos and young Gamora. “Because he’s in the Hero’s Journey in the movie, we did point that out that there’s a correlating journey in the film between Thor and Thanos. Certain characters make very human choices in the movie that are very tragic that shift the direction of the storytelling,” added Russo.

The”Hero’s Journey” is a theory of comparative religion articulated by philosopher Joseph Campbell, which describes a series of challenges, setbacks, and successes said to be experienced by protagonists in myths and legends across varying human cultures. The concept became known in popular culture after it was explicitly used to develop Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” trilogy.

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“For Thanos at the end of the movie, this is part of his Hero’s Journey, we once again put him face to face with the only thing that he cared about, where he has to own up to the emotional cost of what he’s done in the movie,” added Russo of the supervillain’s relationship to Gamora.

One of the popular fan theories floating around online is that there is a soul world within the soul stone and souls are trapped within it. Could it be that in “Avengers 4,” the survivors trade “a soul for soul” to bring back the many heroes who disintegrated at the end of the hit movie?

We have a year to think about it. “Avengers 4,” which still doesn’t have a title, opens in theaters May 3, 2019.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ — The Infinity Stones Could Have Their Own Agenda

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Note: This post contains a whole bunch of spoilers for “Avengers: Infinity War” — particularly the end. If you somehow are both a person who has not seen the movie and also a person who is concerned about spoilers, well, you probably ought to leave.)

For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the question on everyone’s mind is about how “Avengers 4” is going to resolve the conflict with the incredibly powerful supervillain Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War.” That has led to all kinds of speculation and fan theory development.

Fans have guessed at all kinds of ways the MCU might deal with Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his big plan in “Infinity War”: Gather all six of the all-powerful Infinity Stones, and use them to reshape the universe by instantly causing half of its life to cease to exist. The end of “Infinity War” is something of a cliffhanger, but the conclusion is a harsh one: Thanos succeeds, and people everywhere turn to dust. That includes many of the MCU’s heroes.

Also Read: The 8 Wildest ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fan Theories Out There (Spoilers)

The question now is, what happened to those people, and how might the remaining heroes get them back and stop Thanos from being all-powerful? There are a lot of potential answers, but one that has gone largely unexplored is that the Infinity Stones themselves might have a say in the future of the MCU.

In fact, several of the Marvel movies, and specifically “Infinity War” itself, have suggested that the stones are more than powerful artifacts: they’re actually alive and have their own desires and even actually do things. And they might have their own agenda apart from what Thanos has done with them.

The MCU has been slowly laying suggesting the possibility that there is more to the Infinity Stones for some time now. It started with the appearance of the Aether, the form of the Reality Stone, which popped up in “Thor: The Dark World” in 2013. In that movie, the Aether is a liquid that binds to lifeforms, giving them insane power but also sucking the life out of them. It’s described not as a tool, but as a parasite, with a will of its own.

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In “Avengers: Age of Ultron” in 2015, the Avengers discover the Mind Stone, which was hidden in Loki’s scepter in “The Avengers” in 2012. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) scanned the stone to create Ultron (James Spader), and when they did, found that it was much more than just a magic rock — they described it being a powerful computer, but also possibly sentient.

That sentiment has continued since the Mind Stone became part of the hero Vision (Paul Bettany). The Mind Stone sits in his forehead and is both part of what makes him who he is, and also a separate “entity,” as Vision describes it. In “Infinity War,” the Mind Stone is even trying to communicate with Vision: he explains to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) that it is warning him about Thanos and his Black Order, who are hunting the stone — seemingly indicating that the Mind Stone didn’t want Thanos to have it.

Later in “Infinity War,” we get a couple more instances that suggest the Soul Stones are more than just stones. When Thanos and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) head to Vormir to find the Soul Stone, they meet its keeper: the Red Skull (Ross Marquand), a villain last seen fighting Captain America (Chris Evans) back in 1944 in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Cap’s fight with the Skull ended with him basically being sucked through a portal created by the Space Stone — at that time, disguised as the artifact known as the Tesseract.

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The Red Skull explains that he’s now the keeper of the Soul Stone, and that the Space Stone “cast me out,” forcing him into the role. Because of that, he basically seems enslaved to the Soul Stone. The Skull says he’s doomed to “lead others to a treasure I can never possess,” which sure sounds like both the Space Stone and the Soul Stone are in control and even coordinating with each other.

Finally, there’s the Soul Stone itself, which requires a sacrifice of the person who would possess it: a soul for a soul, the Red Skull explains. Thanos is made to give up the person he loves most — Gamora — in order to get the Soul Stone.

All of that suggests there’s a lot more to the Infinity Stones than we’ve yet learned, and it’s clear the MCU means for them to be more than just artifacts, but possibly living beings with wills of their own. This slowly building thread, like a lot of things in the MCU, would make sense as coming to a conclusion in “Avengers 4.” It’s an aspect we haven’t seen come into play yet, but we know that at least one stone, the Mind Stone, seems opposed to Thanos. We could see the will of the Infinity Stones themselves become a part of the story going forward.

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It’s hard to say exactly what that could mean or how it would work, in terms of the stones trying to accomplish their own agenda. Is Thanos a part of what they want for themselves or the universe, or a roadblock to it? And what’s more, it doesn’t seem as though all the stones are necessarily aligned in purpose, if they do have one. The Reality Stone as the Aether, for instance, seemed to want to consume life. The Mind Stone, on the other hand, seems more potentially benevolent (after all, in “Age of Ultron,” Vision was able to pick up Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, which only those who are worthy could lift). And the Space and Soul stones seem to be working together for some unknown purpose.

One thing is for sure: Thanos has never considered that the Infinity Stones might be more than tools to be possessed, and if he has, well, his respect for life isn’t exactly his best feature. He’s not likely to care much, even if he does know. But the stones may well take issue with how Thanos chooses to use them, and they might not be too impressed with the way Thanos is willing to murder everybody.

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks digging through the details to try to figure out what’s coming not just in “Avengers 4” but also “Captain Marvel” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” We have come up with a pretty solid guess about what is involved in the one future Doctor Strange saw in which the Avengers defeat ThanosClick here for our deeper look into how “Captain Marvel” might impact that distressing plot twist. at the end of “Infinity War.” Click here for our look at what “Ant-Man and the Wasp” might have to do with all thisClick here for our discussion of the whole Vision situation and whether he’s really dead. And, finally, here’s our run-down on how the comic book version of these events played out.

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Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Killed by His Creation

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Spoilers: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know how “Avengers: Infinity War” ends.)

Looks like Thanos also committed patricide when he snapped his fingers to kill half of the population of the universe, because his creator, Jim Starlin didn’t make it.

In a Facebook post, the comic book legend wrote, “Went to http://www.didthanoskill.me to find out if I made the cut. I didn’t.” We embedded the Facebook post below which shows Starlin’s fate, “You were slain by Thanos, for the good of the universe.”

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Starlin began his comics career with Marvel Comics in 1972, creating Thanos as well as Drax the Destroyer and Gamora, and he eventually wrote the “Infinity Gauntlet” miniseries on which “Avengers: Infinity War” is based. But even that didn’t save him from annihilation at the hands of his most famous creation.

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But at least he isn’t the only family to die at the hands of Thanos. The Mad Titan also killed his adopted daughter Gamora during the events of “Infinity War” in order to get his hands on the Soul Stone, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Thanos would kill his father.

And of course, Starlin and Gamora are in good company. At the end of “Infinity War,” Thanos manages to get control over all six Infinity Stones — which might have been all part of a plan to eventually stop him — at which point, he snapped his fingers and eliminated half the universe. Including all of the Guardians of the Galaxy aside from Rocket, Black Panther, War Machine, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange.

But Starlin might get lucky next year — there are several fan theories about how Thanos might be undone in the still-untitled “Avengers 4,” including several that see everyone brought back. Read about them here and here.

We have a year to think about it. “Avengers 4,” which still doesn’t have a title, opens theatrically May 3, 2019.

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Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Warning: This post is basically made out of “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers. You might want to wait until you’ve seen the movie before reading on. Also, if you like this story, you’ll also like this list of the 8 Wildest ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fan Theories.)

We’ve been obsessing over the ending to “Avengers: Infinity War” for days now, trying to understand just what that shocking outcome could mean. How in the world do they come back from this bleakest of defeats for “Avengers 4?” We’ve looked something like this:

me already coming up with theories for avengers 4 pic.twitter.com/DVHVLrQVrU

— s saw infinity war (@ragnaroksIoki) April 28, 2018

A lot of other people came out of the film obsessed too. Fans are all over it with their own theories for what happened in “Infinity War,” and what it means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And we’ve compiled some of the more believable “Avengers” fan theories we’ve heard so far. It could be a combination of some or all of these that turn out to be true. Or maybe none of them! But that’s the fun of this franchise in the first place.

Of course, it hardly needs to be said again but “Avengers: Infinity War” spoilers ahead.

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Doctor Strange Saw This Coming

TheWrap broke down this idea in great detail here, so we’re obviously partial to it. Here goes: Close to the end of “Infinity War,” Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto (AKA the Time Infinity Stone) to look into the future at all the possible outcomes of their battle with Thanos. He sees 14 million scenarios but only one in which they win. Shortly after, Strange then does a couple of, well, strange things. First, he doesn’t stop Peter Quill from losing it out of grief over [REDACTED]’s death, which then screws up their plan to subdue Thanos and steal the Infinity Gauntlet. And then, despite having earlier said he would never give up the Time Stone even if it meant everyone dying, he turns it over to Thanos to save Tony Stark’s life. This allows Thanos to head to Earth to get the final Infinity Stone, then snap his fingers and wipe out half of all life in the universe. Whoops.

Tony – and frankly, the whole audience — wants to know why the hell Strange did that. Just as Strange starts to fade to dust, he tells Tony “this was the only way”. In other words, it looks like out of the 14+ million scenarios he saw, the one in which The Avengers win required Strange to turn over the Stone, allow Thanos do kill half the universe, (and probably to save Tony’s life).

2/2 Avengers infinity war theory ????

*DO NOT READ if you haven’t seen it yet*

… Why he didn’t use his time ability at all, why he gave the stone to Thanos freely and why he told Tony “it had to happen this way”

Waiting for the next one to come out so I can say I called it ????

— Gino Pimentel (@janola_) April 25, 2018

Everyone who disappeared is just trapped in the Soul Stone

This is one of our favorite “Infinity War” fan theories. So what exactly is the Soul Stone? It’s not entirely clear, but it appears to connected to the afterlife in some way. The Marvel Comics equivalent of the Soul Stone, called the Soul Gem, actually houses an idyllic pocket dimension, the Soul World, where the souls of people associated with those who control the Soul Gem live after their bodies are destroyed. They aren’t dead, exactly, since they technically haven’t progressed to the actual afterlife.

You can guess where this is going: In “Infinity War,” after Thanos snaps his fingers, he appears in some kind of spiritual realm (and we’re pretty sure this is totally different from the “Quantum Realm” that will be explained in more detail in “Ant-Man and the Wasp”) and encounters Gamora as a child. If the Soul Stone works like it does in the comics, then this probably wasn’t Thanos having a comforting vision, but him talking to the actual soul of the recently-deceased Guardian of the Galaxy? Which means — PERHAPS — everyone who disappeared isn’t literally dead, but their souls are trapped and confined to this realm.

(A confession: This theory is also in our list of the wildest “Infinity War” fan theories. It falls into the school of “s0 crazy it just might work.”)

My theory is that they are trapped inside the soul realm. A pocket universe inside the soul stone. Not dead but their physical bodies are erased from this realm. Avengers 4 is rumored to be a big time travel movie so it’s up in the air.

— Long Dong Silvers (@nickthugnasty23) April 29, 2018

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The Avengers travel back in time to The Battle for New York

This “Avengers” fan theory has actual evidence to back it up. Some paparazzi set photos revealed Captain America, Tony Stark, Thor and Loki all back in the uniforms they wore in the original “The Avengers.” But they can also be seen there with Ant-Man wearing matching watch, doohickey looking things. Sure does look like they’ve traveled through time back to the Battle of New York, and that Ant-Man factors into “Avengers 4” in a big way after being MIA during “Infinity War.”

Why? Like because “The Avengers” was where Thanos first meddled in the affairs of humanity. Maybe the plan is to take him out at the start of his quest for the Infinity Stones.

Avengers 4 (2019) Set Photos!

So the current theory is that the remaining Infinity War (2018) survivors went back in time to the events in The Avengers (2012) to warn and take preemptive action against Thanos. CANT WAIT!!!! pic.twitter.com/Ewt9PdDm97

— Extra Expresso (@ahjummaros) May 1, 2018

My theory is that the team goes back to this battle because they know this is when Thanos began his plot to destroy them. So, instead of only Iron Man flying into the portal, they find a way to all go, and they take the battle to Thanos before he is prepared for it.

— Tyler (@TheTylerVarney) April 29, 2018

Remember, Thanos’ whole plan was to get the Space Stone — AKA the Tesseract with Loki’s help, which is why Loki used it to create a wormhole in the sky above New York.

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Thanos tries to bring back Gamora

When Thanos sees the young Gamora in his vision, she asks him what he had to give up to achieve this. “Everything,” he replies. Maybe he does care! And given his newfound invincibility, he may attempt to use the Time Stone to revive Gamora. Though that could end badly for him if it means the Avengers can take advantage of the time travel.

Theory for the the next avengers!

What if Thanos uses the time stone to go back to get gamora and inadvertently brings back the avengers and they kick his ass and that’s why strange gave it to him bc he saw what he’d do #AvengersInfinintyWar

— Marisa (@marisitahoney) April 28, 2018

This shot from a trailer wasn’t a misdirect at all

This is a little less plausible but still fun. Check out this shot from the trailer in the tweet below, where, for one thing, we clearly see The Hulk running when in the scene actually included in “Infinity War,” it’s actually Bruce Banner in Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster suit instead:

okay I have an avengers 4 theory and it’s what if this scene is actually in avengers 4, and it’s actually the re-do of infinity war’s ending battle of wakanda, we know a4 involves time travel or something like that so this could be them fighting thanos and his army again pic.twitter.com/eANarKX0c9

— t SAW IW (@peterquillsI) April 30, 2018

Now likely, this shot is either clever marketing (we’re pretty sure they deliberately changed a few tiny details to avoid spoilers) or simply footage that ultimately didn’t make it into the film. (Though we think we know where things are going with The Hulk.) But what if this theory is right? If we buy that time travel factors into the sequel in some way, then this shot may still actually exist in the MCU, but showing up in “Avengers 4” instead.

“A soul for a soul”

This would be the heaviest of outcomes, but it makes sense, and we elaborate on it here. Captain America mentions several times in the film that “we don’t trade lives,” and so much of “Infinity War” is about sacrifice and the consequences of our choices. But he and the other Avengers may have to pay the ultimate price, trading their souls and lives for those of the next generation of heroes. The post-credits sequence pays heavy homage to “The Leftovers” or “Left Behind,” and while Marvel isn’t likely to go as dark as those movies, that path for “Avengers 4” seems to gel with those themes. It makes even more sense considering that on the business end of things, the contracts for the major Avengers are all up after the fourth movie.

Infinity War \ Spoiler Theory
The phrase “We don’t trade lives” kept getting used. The people that faded were newer members (in front of loved ones) & the originals stayed. I keep thinking that in A4 there’s gonna be trade off of SOME lives for others. A soul for soul.

— IW // spoilers (@marvelunsolved) April 30, 2018

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Here’s What ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Could Mean for the Hulk’s Future

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(Note: This post contains spoilers for “Avengers: Infinity War.”)

In “Avengers: Infinity War,” there’s something really odd about The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo): the Hulk’s almost total absence from the story after the first scene.

“Infinity War” begins right where “Thor: Ragnarok” leaves off, with Thanos (Josh Brolin) having murdered half of the Asgardians who survived the events of the earlier film. Into this mess, the Hulk attacks Thanos and for a hot minute it looks like he might even give the Mad Titan a real fight. Turns out, however, that Thanos was just having a little fun — after he and Hulk trade a few punches, Thanos absolutely kicks Hulk’s ass. Hulk only survives because a dying Heimdall (Idris Elba) activates the Bifrost (Asgard’s rainbow-colored wormhole transportation system), zooming Hulk to Earth so he can warn the Avengers of what’s coming.

When Hulk finally arrives, he quickly morphs back into Bruce, and the weird thing is that for the rest of the film, Bruce is unable to transform back into the Hulk. In fact, on two different occasions, the Hulk briefly emerges from Bruce’s face to tell him “no!” before retreating back to wherever the Hulk lives when Bruce is in control of their body.

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So what exactly is up with Hulk and Banner? Actually, this hangup between Bruce and “the other guy” looks like the next big step in the Hulk’s character arc, one that could fundamentally change the nature of the Banner/Hulk relationship.

The thing to remember first is that by the start of “Infinity War,” Bruce Banner and his big green alter-ego have been through quite a lot. Exile from earth. Two years spent fighting in The Grandmaster’s gladiator games on Sakaar. An expedition to liberate Asgard from the goddess of death. And that’s not including years Banner spent desperately trying to exert some kind of control over his transformations.

An important detail is that in “Thor: Ragnarok,” we see Banner has been locked in his Hulk form since the ending of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” two years earlier. Not only that, Banner has become afraid that if he turns back into the Hulk again, he’ll be stuck in that form. Despite those fears, he chooses to do so at the “Ragnarok” climax, recognizing how necessary being Hulk is even if he doesn’t want to, helping to save the day even if he’s still in that form at the end of the film.

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But a Thanos ass-kicking later, he’s back as Bruce Banner and somewhat ironically, stuck in that form instead. As Banner noted near the end of “Infinity War,” the pair have a lot of things to work out. And a read through Marvel Comics lore suggests what that might mean — a version of one of The Hulk’s weirdest incarnations when “Avengers 4” drops next year.

Bruce Banner’s situation is a little more complex in the comics universe than what we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For instance, there’s a third personality: the Grey Hulk.

Unlike the rage-filled yet childlike Green Hulk (“Savage Hulk,” as he’s known in the comics), Grey Hulk speaks in full sentences and is smarter and more cunning — although he’s still not as smart as Bruce Banner, and they’re still distinct personalities.

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The Grey Hulk is actually a retcon of sorts. In The Hulk’s first appearance (“Incredible Hulk” #1) in 1962, he was grey. According to later accounts, Stan Lee wanted a color not associated with any human ethnicity, and preferred grey, but changed his mind after seeing how that looked after issue #1 came out. From issue #2-on the color was changed to green and for the next 20 years, even reprints of the first issue changed the color to green.

That stopped in 1984, when it was established via flashbacks that Bruce originally turned into Grey Hulk before developing into the more formidable green version. Two years late, in issue #324 (1986), Banner reverted back to transforming into Grey Hulk instead of Green Hulk.

Grey Hulk is a slightly smaller and weaker Hulk than the green version. In the new backstory, Banner originally transformed into the Grey Hulk uncontrollably at night, and Grey Hulk used that time to work as a bouncer in Las Vegas, going by the name Mr. Fixit.

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Around the same time (starting in 1985), Banner’s split personality issues began to be explained in the comics as stemming from abuse as a child, his Hulk personas the result of dissociative identity disorder stemming from that trauma. There are apparently other potential Hulk personas buried inside Banner, but only the strongest of them ever manifest on the surface. The main personalities have even been merged together, creating different versions, such as the Savage Grey Hulk, the Gravage Hulk, and two we think tie most closely to “Infinity War”: the Merged Hulk, and “Doc Green.”

The Merged Hulk, who first showed up in 1991, is a version of the Hulk in which all the personalities come together into a single, balanced person — and that includes the Banner personality. The character is as powerful as Hulk at his strongest, but is able to use Banner’s intellect. Basically, it’s Hulk at his most well-adjusted. This version called himself “The Professor” and claimed to be the best of all components of Banner, but this was later retconned as a reality distortion.

More recently, a new version of Hulk appeared in the comics — Doc Green. In a 2014 storyline, Bruce Banner exposed himself to chemicals that reacted with the Extremis virus (that’s the one that allowed for genetic manipulation, which bad guy Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) planned to use in “Iron Man 3”), creating a super-smart version of the Hulk persona. It was basically Hulk with Banner’s brain, although not his personality.

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A Banner-ized version of Hulk feels like culmination of a long-term story heading into “Avengers 4,” as Banner and The Hulk figure things out.

At first, Bruce Banner was all about fighting to repress his Savage Hulk identity, because when he Hulks out, the Hulk’s rage is often indiscriminate and innocent people get hurt. That’s the focus of both Marvel’s recent “Hulk” movies, particularly 2009’s “The Incredible Hulk,” which is part of the MCU (though Ed Norton played Banner in that one, rather than Ruffalo).

Beginning with “The Avengers” and lasting until “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Banner attempts to live with Hulk in a kind of psychological truce. In the first film, after being manipulated into becoming the Hulk again he figures out how to provoke a transformation on purpose: “That’s my secret. I’m always angry,” as he puts it near the end. But by “Ultron,” Banner’s willingness to become Hulk on purpose is tested when he’s driven temporarily insane and tears up a city. This time however, it is Hulk, not Banner who takes control of things. Banner is once again tricked into becoming Hulk during the film’s final battle, but when it’s over, instead of calming down and letting Banner take the body back, Hulk chooses to leave earth behind rather than live among people who fear him, (including The Avengers.)

Which brings us to “Thor: Ragnarok,” where we find Hulk on Sakaar. As noted above, Hulk hasn’t turned back into Banner in over two years, and when we meet up with him he’s developed considerably. Now capable of expressing himself coherently, it seems he feels intense loneliness and a need for companionship despite awareness of his all consuming rage. But after turning back into Banner, Banner says he’s  terrified he’ll be stuck as Hulk if he does it again. By the end of the film, it looks like that might even be the case.

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In “Infinity War,” though, the opposite happens — Banner gets stuck as, well, Banner. It seems the loss (more or less his first ever) has demoralized Hulk, or even rendered him scared to come back out to fight. But this time, the Hulk is able to communicate his refusal to come out to Banner clearly. That’s the first time Banner’s dual personalities have ever been able to communicate with one another, and it has to have huge implications for the future of the MCU.

Given where Bruce and the Hulk’s arcs have been headed, it seems like “Avengers 4” might finally find them trying to figure out their situation once and for all. What we’ve seen so far, particularly in “Infinity War,” that suggests that some kind of take on the Merged Hulk or Doc Green could definitely be in their future.

In other words, we might be looking forward to not only Hulk smash, but Hulk articulately explain why Hulk Smash. So here’s to Hulk being the strongest and smartest there is.

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Kanye’s ‘New Ideas’ Tweet Gets Remixed in the Mouths of Thanos, Kylo Ren and More

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Kanye West has fully embraced his identity as a Donald Trump supporter, it seems, and keeps drawing the ire and attention of social media users with his “new ideas.”

Kanye appeared on “TMZ” for an interview in which he made some incendiary comments about slavery. “When you hear about slavery for 400 years … For 400 years? That sounds like a choice,” Kanye said. “You were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all. It’s like we’re mentally imprisoned.”

Social media users immediately (and hilariously) latched onto the comments, and Kanye took to Twitter as well, to double-down on the comments.

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“The reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years,” Kanye wrote in a tweet. “We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought It (sic) was just an idea.”

“Once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas,” Kanye wrote in another tweet. Of course, many Twitter users pointed out that the idea of slavery being a choice wasn’t really a new idea, but one long held by white supremacists to, uh, justify slavery.

Even better, though, were the memes that Kanye’s quote spawned. Twitter users immediately began imagining who else might say something like, “Once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas.” Pretty much the first person everyone landed on? Thanos (Josh Brolin), the big purple supervillain from the freshly released “Avengers: Infinity War.”

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Thanos’ big idea, it should be noted, was killing half the population of the universe because then the other half wouldn’t have to suffer because of competition for limited resources.

Here are a few of the other hilarious uses of the phrase, used by some of movies’ greatest villains, and to justify some pretty controversial choices (such as a choice of pizza toppings that divides the nation).


— Eleven-ThirtyEight (@eleventhirtyate) May 2, 2018

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” villain Kylo Ren definitely falls into the “angry about being attacked for new ideas” camp.

The discourse is starting to overlap. pic.twitter.com/INja7ImDCN

— Kenneth Shepard (@shepardcdr) May 2, 2018

Thanos, of course, can’t go anywhere without being ambushed by a group of superfolk. So much for the tolerant universe.

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“once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas” pic.twitter.com/ZfiLEDnJ92

— Ryan Sherwood (@rsherbloom) May 2, 2018

Psycho Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) of “Blue Velvet” was always just trying to be heard.

“once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas” pic.twitter.com/CtTlIEdmZC

— Ben Philippe (@gohomeben) May 2, 2018

Sid of “Toy Story” just wanted to see what would happen if you melted toys to make some new and exciting horrifying hybrids.

RT @kanyewest: once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas <— https://t.co/b4rWevLRyF

— Gus (@SegunGus) May 2, 2018

Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) of “The Big Lebowski” watched his buddies die face-down in the muck in ‘Nam to defend Kanye’s right to share his new ideas.

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once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas pic.twitter.com/ZprYapjmEw

— Max Curtis (@MaxCCurtis) May 2, 2018

Hey, maybe we should hear out Davros of “Dr. Who” on his plan to let killer robotic Daleks conquer the universe.

Once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas. pic.twitter.com/WTAGQP2p7k

— Richie Thomas (@richiethomas80) May 2, 2018

Hawaiian pizza does not deserve this shabby treatment.

once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas pic.twitter.com/8oulNEnlQK

— Petty Pendergrass (@DuoVonDagrate) May 2, 2018

Look, Randall Flagg (Jamey Sheridan) might be extremely evil in “The Stand” but they’re just ideas, man.

“Once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas” pic.twitter.com/yiB0rdXZI0

— Mystery VFX Super (@MysteryVFXSuper) May 2, 2018

Saruman (Christopher Lee) just wanted his Uruk-Hai in “The Lord of the Rings” to taste man-flesh and bring him the halflings, but would anyone engage in a reasonable debate with him? Of course not.

“once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas” pic.twitter.com/Ago0b6eVUC

— TheRealMattC (@TheRealMattC) May 2, 2018

David (Michael Fassbender) had a great set of “new ideas” in “Alien: Covenant” — create the galaxy’s greatest killing machine by using humans as unwilling hosts for its parasitic gestation cycle.

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once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas pic.twitter.com/WW64afMSYH

— PRO!!!TEEEEEINNNNNN!!! (@JordanPDunsmore) May 2, 2018

Julius Caesar, after all, was just asking questions.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ — Here’s What Happened Next in the Comic Book Version of the Story

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

(MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for the ending of “Avengers: Infinity War.” So if you don’t know how it ends and don’t want to know, leave now.)

“Avengers: Infinity War” finally brings Thanos, the shadowy villain who’s been waiting in the wings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the forefront to wreak some serious havoc. He works to gather all the all-powerful Infinity Stones, with the plan of wiping out half the universe to bring it balance: Basically, Thanos considers himself a cosmic gardner, and he needs to prune everything back a little so the whole garden doesn’t get overgrown and run out of resources.

In the end, Thanos is successful: He gets all six Infinity Stones, puts them in the Infinity Gauntlet, snaps his fingers, and causes half the life in the universe to basically turn to dust. That includes a number of Avengers and other heroes, like most of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange. They’re all gone.

Of course, this is a comic book movie, and superhero stories are not usually such mega-downers. Fans all over the world are thinking to themselves, “Okay, how are the Avengers going to get out of this one?”

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We can look to the comics for some potential hints, of how this will play out. Much of “Infinity War” is very loosely adapted from “Infinity Gauntlet,” a six-issue “Avengers” run (with a bunch of tie-ins) from 1991 that starts with Thanos using the Gauntlet to wipe out half the universe, and the surviving heroes banding together (with a lot of them dying) in order to try to reverse the damage. We should stress again that this is a very loose adaptation — it’s not incredibly likely that “Avengers 4” will play out the way the “Infinity Gauntlet” story did. But it’s fun to talk about anyway, and there is one specific detail from the book that is definitely in play.

“The Infinity Gauntlet” doesn’t concern Thanos getting hold of the stones — he already has them. Instead, it’s all aftermath, with the battle against Thanos finding him wielding the Gauntlet and using it to kick the hell out of the Avengers and their buds. He pretty much murders all of them, including Tony Stark and Captain America. In the end, though, Thanos isn’t beaten in a straight fight, but outsmarted — kind of.

After achieving his goals and wiping out his enemies, Thanos achieves a cosmic, higher plane of existence, becoming a sort of ethereal, astral version of himself with all his power. But that temporarily leaves his body unprotected, and that’s when Nebula makes her move. In the comics, Nebula is Thanos’ granddaughter instead of his daughter, but she hates him and is pretty tortured all the same. She snags the gauntlet off Thanos’ unprotected body while his spirit is away, and becomes all-powerful herself. And she uses the Gauntlet to turn back time 24 hours, to before Thanos killed half of everyone.

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That’s the particular item that is still in play for “Avengers 4,” since Nebula is one of the few main characters who survived Thanos’ purge.

Before deciding to kill half of everyone in the universe, Thanos tortured Nebula, leaving her in a burned-up state between life and death. This (and later killing half of everyone) was all to impress Mistress Death, a cosmic but physical representation of death, that Thanos was in love with. When Nebula grabs the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos, she uses the Gauntlet to turn back time she also restores herself to her original form. But Nebula is a villain, and the surviving heroes can’t leave her in control of the entire universe. So they enlist Thanos’ help.

Doctor Strange rescues Thanos at the request of Adam Warlock, a super-powerful character tied to the Soul Stone, and who hangs out in the stone’s weird, interior Soul World. He spends most of “The Infinity Gauntlet” watching what’s up and biding his time for this chance to talk to Thanos and convince him to stop being such a jerk. Warlock manages to get Thanos to abandon his mad, murdery ways.

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Doctor Strange, Warlock and Thanos go back to Nebula, where Thanos uses reverse psychology to get Nebula to use the Gauntlet’s power reset everything to the way it was 24 hours earlier. That undoes all the deaths Thanos was responsible for, both from the finger-snap and from the subsequent battle — and it also turns Nebula back into that weird, tortured monster that Thanos had turned her into. Nebula battles back various people’s attempts to get the Gauntlet, but Adam Warlock jumps back into the Soul World and uses his connection with the Soul Stone to create discord with the other stones. It causes the Gauntlet to hurt Nebula, so she takes it off, allowing Warlock to grab it and resolving the battle. Adam Warlock takes control of the Gauntlet, Thanos gets away by blowing up a nuke on his belt, and Nebula is tried for her crimes as a space pirate. Oh, and Warlock sends the Avengers and everyone else back to Earth, no harm done, apparently.

The whole thing wraps up with Thanos surviving the ordeal, but having learned something about himself. Warlock finds him a couple months in the future, living a quiet life as a farmer. He promises not to do any more evil. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock is eventually convinced that he also can’t wield the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet, and spreads out the stones to various individuals he thinks are best suited to protect them.

Of course, there are some major differences between “Avengers: Infinity War” and “The Infinity Gauntlet,” but a lot of the broad strokes remain. Doctor Strange definitely spent “Infinity War” putting events into motion that would potentially lead to victory — “We’re in the endgame now,” he told Tony Stark after turning over the Time Stone (which he explicitly said he would not do). Nebula was among the survivors, having shown up at the last minute in an attempt to kill Thanos. And the Soul World is playing some kind of role: We saw Thanos briefly zap into the strange orange realm to speak with a young version of Gamora immediately after that fateful finger-snap.

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The differences are pretty massive, though. Doctor Strange is one of the key players in “Infinity Gauntlet,” but he’s among the dead at the end of “Infinity War.” Adam Warlock, meanwhile, is not a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all — at least not yet — and he’s basically the main character of the story. The Silver Surfer, another major player, is currently stuck with Fox along with the Fantastic Four until after the Disney buyout fully goes through years from now.

Also, while Nebula will no doubt be very important in “Avengers 4” given her close relationship with Thanos, that movie is going to pull away from the “trick idiot Nebula” resolution of the story to go with something a little more final and satisfying. It’ll likely involve also involve Tony Stark, since saving Tony’s life seemed to be something Doctor Strange did very deliberately. (For more on what Doctor Strange saw in the future, check out our deep dive.)

And while Adam Warlock isn’t around — he was teased at the end of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” but Marvel boss Kevin Feige has said he won’t be showing up until at least the third “Guardians” movie in 2020 — it might be Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, who stands in for that role. It was her logo on Nick Fury’s pager in the post-credits scene. Check out our examination of how Captain Marvel might factor into the story.

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So some of the elements from “The Infinity Gauntlet” might still be in play in “Avengers 4,” and of course, there’s a big chance that many people will be un-evaporated through the power of the Gauntlet. In the MCU, though, even though some people come back from the dead, consequences often still linger. We can expect that, while Thanos might be totally victorious in “Avengers 4,” the ending won’t be completely happy, either.

Wondering what else there is to know after the huge changes to the MCU brought about by “Infinity War”? We’ve got you covered with deep dives into what the hell happened, what it means, and what’s next:

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