R.I.P. Global Road, the studio behind some of this year’s biggest flops

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If you ever needed proof that the movie business can sometimes be unfairly cold and brutal, here it is: Global Road, the beloved film studio behind such hits as Hotel Artemis, A.X.L., and Show Dogs has filed for bankruptcy. Alright, so none of those mo…

‘Show Dogs’ Scenes Cut After Outcry Over ‘Troubling … Sexual Abuse’ Message

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Global Road Entertainment is removing two scenes from “Show Dogs” after protests from bloggers and other groups took issue with a subplot involving how a Rottweiler in the NYPD’s K-9 unit, who while being inspected by judges at a dog show, becomes comfortable with strangers touching his genitals. The Rottweiler is told to go to his “zen place” during his inspection.

In a statement made to TheWrap, distributor Global Road Entertainment wrote, “Responding to concerns raised by moviegoers and some specific organizations, Global Road Entertainment has decided to remove two scenes from the film ‘Show Dogs’ that some have deemed not appropriate for children. The company takes these matters very seriously and remains committed to providing quality entertainment for the intended audiences based on the film’s rating. We apologize to anybody who feels the original version of ‘Show Dogs’ sent an inappropriate message. The revised version of the film will be available for viewing nationwide starting this weekend.”

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The U.S. National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) spoke out against “Show Dogs,” saying the family film sends “a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse.”

“It contains multiple scenes where a dog character must have its private parts inspected, in the course of which the dog is uncomfortable and wants to stop but is told to go to a ‘zen place.’ The dog is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the dog show after passing this barrier,” NCOSE executive director Dawn Hawkins said in a statement. “Disturbingly, these are similar tactics child abusers use when grooming children–telling them to pretend they are somewhere else, and that they will get a reward for withstanding their discomfort. Children’s movies must be held to a higher standard, and must teach children bodily autonomy, the ability to say ‘no’ and safety, not confusing messages endorsing unwanted genital touching.”

“Show Dogs” is a family comedy about the unlikely pairing of a human detective (Will Arnett) and his canine partner (voice of Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), who has to go undercover at the world’s most exclusive dog show and recruit an all-star cast of animal helpers to solve his biggest case yet.

The new cut of “Show Dogs” will be available in theaters this weekend.

“Show Dogs” also stars Stanley Tucci, Natasha Lyonne and Alan Cumming. The film was directed by Raja Gosnell.  It currently has an 21% Rotten Tomatoes score and opened in sixth place at last weekend’s box office to the tune of $6 million.

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‘Show Dogs’ Film Review: Sloppy, Unfunny Comedy Merely a Collection of Pet Peeves

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Families with canines are better off staying home and having an old-fashioned backyard frolic than trotting out to see “Show Dogs,” a panting, poorly trained entry in the live-action/talking animal genre that for once makes viewers long for the candy-colored, half-witted professionalism of third-tier Pixar-knockoff animation.

Had it all been digitally rendered and pushed to the edges of anthropomorphized wackiness, you could see where a Las Vegas dog show hiding nefarious doings and infiltrated by a mismatched pair of crimefighters (one four-legged, one bipedal) might make for a suitably diverting afternoon for parents and kids alike.

But however vigorous was the effort on the part of hard-working trainers to get the movie’s various breeds — Rottweilers, pugs, Papillons and more — to hit their marks, the movie around them, as directed by Raja Gosnell (“The Smurfs,” “Scooby-Doo”) feels no compulsion to be as dutiful in its call to entertain. String a few dozen of the cutest YouTube videos posted by pet owners, and an exhibitor would have a better reason to charge an admission fee than they would asking anyone to pay to see “Show Dogs.”

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The movie’s front-and-center canine is Max, a gung-ho Rottweiler in the NYPD’s K9 unit. Voiced by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Max is a streetwise, macho, rap-loving lawdog, although the actor’s brusquely funny way with “Fast and the Furious” dialogue is rarely in evidence having to recite the hopelessly corny lines (“bite out of crime,” yadda yadda) provided him in Max Botkin’s and Mark Hyman’s screenplay.

Max is staking out an animal-smuggling ring at the Brooklyn docks when his play is botched by the interference of a similarly determined FBI agent named Frank (Will Arnett). But naturally, the two are soon paired — against their wishes, of course — when the trail leads to a prestigious dog competition in Las Vegas, where it’s believed a kidnapped baby panda is going to be sold behind the scenes. To get close to the ritzy invitational’s inner workings, however, and to ferret out the gang’s ringleader, Frank must pose as a contestant, with purebred Max as his competing companion.

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Before you can say “Turner & Hooch” (referenced in “Show Dogs” with a semi-amusing joke about its canine lead’s subsequent career), we’re hurled into a haphazardly shot and charmless collection of old-dog-learns-new-tricks scenes related to gruff, no-nonsense Max’s incompatibility among pampered, preening specimens, a few of whom nevertheless become comrades in his undercover quest: three-time champion Philippe (Stanley Tucci), a past-his-prime Papillon who shows Max zee ropes; a friendly Australian Shepherd named Daisy (Jordin Sparks); and incessant fanboy pug Sprinkles (Gabriel Iglesias).

Managing a few no-frills smiles on the sidelines are an aphorism-spouting Zen Komondor (Shaquille O’Neal), and RuPaul fiercely voicing an elaborately groomed — too obvious? — creature named Persephone. But the less said about a trio of witless pigeons who follow Max around, the better.

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Despite having gotten his own paws wet with this kind of kid-centered material before, director Gosnell shows little flair for digging into the peculiar appeal of eccentric dog competitions — “Best in Show,” you’re safe — or for showcasing the movie’s star creatures in any way other than as manipulatable figures in a tired rundown of bodily function jokes and scenes of action peril.

That its canine cast’s one-liners are groanworthy is a given, but what’s odd is that there’s little about “Show Dogs” you could even call cute, which, frankly, seems odd for a movie so sure of its dog-powered pizzazz that it has a chihuahua make the winking crack that nobody makes talking-animal movies anymore. (Maybe because the voice actors in these things give the kind of performances that suggest a phoned-in session sandwiched between business calls?)

Mostly, you just feel sorry for the featured canines, and occasionally, the special effects team whose CGI enhancements — as when Max reacts to his first bikini wax, or involving a stunt that would raise the hackles of the SPCA — resemble the kind of clerical errors uninspired office drudges make. Arnett gamely works his patented gruff fumbler shtick, but the real saving grace is fellow human Natasha Lyonne as Daisy’s owner Mattie, the kind-hearted dog lover and former champion who shows Arnett’s Frank the ropes and smiles like she’s actually happy to be in a nutty animal movie.

Had “Show Dogs” somehow figured out how to generate what seems to come so easily to Lyonne –warmth, sunniness, caring, good humor — then maybe it could have been a tasty treat instead of a slobbery, chewed-up toy.

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‘Deadpool 2’ To Kick Up Potential $350M Opening Around The Globe – Box Office Preview

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Open Road Changes Release Dates for ‘Midnight Sun’, ‘Show Dogs’ & ‘Playmobil’

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Midnight Sunthe Bella Throne-Patrick Schwarzenegger romance about a young woman who is sensitive to the sun but comes alive at night, now will open on March 23 via Open Road Films, a week earlier than planned.
Directed by Scott Speer, the pic is based on the 2006 Japanese film from Norihiro Koizumi.
In addition, Open Road’s live-action talking-dog comedy Show Dogsfeaturing the voices of Will Arnett and Natasha Lyonne, is moving from January 26 to April 6. The pic…

Will Arnett, Natasha Lyonne to Star in Family Comedy ‘Show Dogs’

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Will Arnett and Natasha Lyonne are starring in Open Road’s live-action family comedy “Show Dogs” with a voice cast that includes Ludacris, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Gabriel Iglesias, and Shaquille O’Neal. Shooting began on Nov. 28 at Pinewood Studio Wales in the United Kingdom. Raja Gosnell, whose credits include “The Smurfs,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” and… Read more »

Will Arnett to Star in Family Comedy ‘Show Dogs’

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Will Arnett is starring in the live-action family comedy “Show Dogs.”

The film is being co-produced and co-financed by Open Road Films and Riverstone Pictures.

Raja Gosnell (“The Smurfs,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” “Scooby Doo”) is directing.

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Natasha Lyonne (“Orange Is the New Black”) is co-starring. The film also features a star-studded voice cast for various canine characters: Ludacris, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Gabriel Iglesias and Shaquille O’Neal.

Filming began on Nov. 28 at Pinewood Studio Wales in the United Kingdom.

Through its partnership with FilmNation Entertainment, Open Road International will handle international sales on “Show Dogs,” with Riverstone Pictures, Wales Screen (advised by Pinewood Pictures) and Pinewood Films providing financing.

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“Show Dogs” was written by Max Botkin. Deepak Nayar and Philip von Alvensleben are producing. Tom Ortenberg, Nik Bower, Max Botkin, Raja Gosnell and Scott Lambert are executive producing along with Yu Fai Suen and Robert Norris.

“Show Dogs” features talking canine characters, including the hero, Max (voiced by Ludacris), a rugged lone-wolf Rottweiler NYPD police dog. Max and his human FBI partner (Arnett) investigate the kidnapping of a baby panda by an underground network of illegal animal traders when they get a tip that the crime ring is planning to sell the panda at the prestigious Canini Invitational Dog Show.

The very macho Max must undergo a makeover with the help of a seasoned trainer (Lyonne) — mud baths, ballet lessons, a Brazilian waxing – to go undercover in order to thwart the plot. In the hands of his new human handler Frank, Max gets in touch with his inner show dog, and also learns that trusting the help of others can sometimes be more rewarding than working alone.

Arnett is the voice lead in the upcoming “Lego Batman.”

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Will Arnett To Star In Open Road’s ‘Show Dogs’

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Will Arnett is set to topline Show Dogs, the live-action family comedy being co-produced and co-financed by Open Road Films and Riverstone Pictures. Raja Gosnell is directing a script by Max Botkin. The pic, which just started shooting at Pinewood Studios Wales, will co-star Natasha Lyonne and feature the voices of Ludacris, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Gabriel Iglesias and Shaquille O’Neal.
The pic was previously slotted for a November 10, 2017 wide release.
The project…