‘Barry’: Bill Hader Asks If He’s Evil in the First Teaser for Season 2 of HBO Comedy (Video)

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Is Bill Hader’s Barry evil?

For those who watched the first season, which ended with Hader’s hitman-turned-actor appearing to murder Det. Moss (Paula Newsome) after she finds out about his other life as a contract killer, that answer might veer towards the “yes” category.

In the (short) first teaser for the sophomore season of HBO’s “Barry,” which you can watch above, it seems that question of Barry’s morality will be pondered. No premiere date has been set for Season 2, but the dark comedy is expected to air sometime in the spring.

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“Barry” stars Bill Hader in the title role as a depressed, low-rent hitman from the Midwest who finds himself drawn into a community of acting students while on a job in Los Angeles. Hader and Alec Berg created the show and executive produce it. “Barry” is also produced by Aida Rodgers and Emily Heller. Liz Sarnoff is a consulting producer.

It also stars Henry Winkler (fresh off his first-ever Emmy win for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy), Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Glenn Fleshler, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Anthony Carrigan and Darrell Britt-Gibson.

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‘The Good Doctor’ Season 2 Trailer Is In, Showcasing Lisa Edelstein’s New Character

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The first trailer for Season 2 of ABC’s acclaimed medical drama The Good Doctor has been released, showcasing the introduction of Lisa Edelstein, who is joining as recurring character Dr. Blaize.
The Good Doctor is built around Shaun Murphy (play…

Rebellion takes a violent toll in the new Westworld season 2 trailer

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“Did you ever stop to wonder about your actions? The price you’d have to pay if there was a reckoning? …That reckoning is here.” With these words from Evan Rachel Woods’ Dolores, the action begins in what’s easily the darkest Westworld trailer yet.

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‘Big Little Lies’ Author Is Coming Up With Ideas for Season 2

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Liane Moriarty, the author of the novel the HBO hit “Big Little Lies” is based on, is one of the show’s biggest fans. And now that she’s been asked by the show’s producers, she’s coming up with ideas for a second season.

In an exclusive interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian novelist said she has been thinking about ways to continue the story, taking into consideration things that were left out from the source material.

Moriarty also confirmed that the producers have approached her, asking to come up with some new ideas. This doesn’t immediately mean we’re going to get “Big Little Lies” Season 2, but it could mean it’s at least being considered over at the network.

“I have started to think about ways this could continue,” she said. “The producers have asked me to see if I can come up with some ideas. I wouldn’t write a new book but perhaps a new story and then we’ll see what happens.”

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Besides new ideas, Moriarty would also like to explore backstories that were left out of the show adaptation, specifically concerning Bonnie, played by Zoe Kravitz.

In the book, the reader got a more in-depth look at Bonnie’s history with abusive men, which makes how she ends up at the conclusion all the more meaningful.

“My original reaction was what have they done? How have they left that out?,” she said. “But a lot of people have said that they could tell [what was Bonnie’s true story], there had been little hints and that you can take that away. It’s implied in her performances and some little lines. I think I might have preferred to have had it in there but I wouldn’t argue against it either.”

She then added that it’s one of those things that could be explored more in a second season.

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There were a number of threads left undone at the season finale, so there is still material for a second season. Fans of the show, along with actress Reese Witherspoon, have called on HBO, the writers, and Moriarty to help get a second season off the ground.

However, director Jean Marc Vallee has shut down the idea of continuing the series in multiple interviews.

“No, no, this is the perfect ending,” he insisted in an interview with Vulture. “There is no way; there’s no reason to make a Season 2. That was meant to be a one-time deal, and it’s finishing in a way where it’s for the audience to imagine what can happen. If we do a season two, we’ll break that beautiful thing and spoil it.”

So we’ll see what happens in the coming months, but either way we got an adaptation that even the original author loved.

“I loved it,” Moriarty said. “I stayed up really late. I think I stayed up until 3 a.m or something. I just decided to watch the whole thing.”

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’13 Reasons Why’: Will There Be a Second Season?

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Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” has taken the teen drama genre to a new level — one that explores complex issues of bullying, sexual assault and suicide. And fans who have binged on the season want more as many questions have been left unanswered.

If you haven’t seen the drama, beware of forthcoming spoilers: 

Based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name, “13 Reasons Why” tells the story of why Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) has committed suicide. Instead of a suicide note, Hannah records her story on 13 old-school cassette tapes, and creates an elaborate trail for her friends and ex-friends to follow. In each tape, she explains to one person why she felt they contributed to her decision to take her life.

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Season 1 ends with these tapes in the hands of Hannah’s parents, who are bringing a lawsuit against Liberty High School for not being aware of rampant bullying that caused their daughter to lose all hope. While some major questions are answered in the final two episodes — like who are on the final two tapes and what happened to Hannah that she saw as the last straw — there are several cliffhangers that have fans buzzing, and hoping for more:

I need a season 2 of 13 reasons why bc so many unanswered questions

— Manuel (@manueldb_) April 10, 2017

I 100% need these answers. #13ReasonsWhy pic.twitter.com/1DNmX0JAZe

— nostalgia (@daydreamerr31) April 10, 2017

If #13reasonswhy doesn’t hit you where it hurts… idk what’s wrong with you. Season 2 pls!

— Ruth (@r00fys) April 10, 2017


— ️ (@why13reason) April 10, 2017

Dear Netflix.. Please make a Season 2 or a sequel to 13 Reasons Why! I am begging you guys!!???????? @13ReasonsWhy @netflix #13ReasonsWhy

— Georgena (@Georgena202) April 6, 2017

Netflix declined to comment on the status of Season 2 when TheWrap reached out, but author Asher has expressed his openness to the idea of continuing the dramatic series. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Asher said he’d like to see a continuation of the characters. “I’m curious as well. What happens to Clay? How do people react to what Alex did at the very end? What’s going to happen to Mr. Porter?” he asks. “I’d thought of a sequel at some point. I’d brainstormed it, but decided I wasn’t going to write it. So I’d love to see it.”

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Asher said he won’t be writing a sequel novel, but he’d love to see how it would play out on screen. “You can explore that world further in a different medium,” he said. “The book will still be able to be itself. I don’t think the show is affecting what the book is saying.” 

When asked if he knows whether there will be a second season, Asher said, “I’m not allowed to say either way if there is or is not a second season.” 

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There are plenty of characters with stories that could be more deeply explored. Take Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn). At first, he is portrayed as just another misogynistic jock who throws Hannah aside. But as the season progresses, we learn of his difficult home life: His mom’s boyfriend often threatens him, and even chokes him, but his mom chooses her boyfriend over Justin. By the end of the season, Justin is homeless and nearly friendless. He is dating Jessica (Alisha Boe), one of Hannah’s ex-friends, who was raped by football hero Bryce (Justin Prentice) — a close friend of Justin’s. Justin makes some poor decisions because he is conflicted between telling Jessica the truth of her rape and loyalty to Bryce. By the end, he is making some better choices, but it looks to be too little, too late. A second season could explore what happens to Justin, and further evolve his character.

That being said, there is also the argument that the main characters have reached enough closure and there’s no need for a Season 2. We’ll just have to wait and see if Netflix listens to the fans and takes up the storylines left hanging, or if “13 Reasons Why” will remain a standalone miniseries.

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‘Big Little Lies’: Will There Be a Second Season?

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HBO’s “Big Little Lies” had a satisfying ending, but questions remain. Could we be on track for a second season?

The unfortunate answer is unlikely.

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“Big Little Lies” wrapped up Sunday night with pretty much all loose ends tied up. We find out who the killer was and who died. The women are all frolicking on the beach together now that [REDACTED] is in the clear.

However, the finale ended with a shot of the women through a set of binoculars, showing that they may not be as free as they think.

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This ambiguous ending leaves the show open for a possible second season, but as this was only picked up as a limited series, and it’s based on a book that ends where the show ends, it’s not likely.

“Big Little Lies” was announced and picked up as a limited series, meaning it would only run for one season. It was based on the New York Times best-selling novel from Australian author Liane Moriarty, which doesn’t end with the open-ended scene that confused viewers of the show, but ends in a similar fashion — with the killer being revealed and the others deciding to lie to cover it up.

Jean-Marc Vallee told The Hollywood Reporter that the ending is meant to let the viewer fill in the blanks.

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“To do a season two, I’m not for it,” he said. “Let’s move on and do something else! If there’s an opportunity to reunite with Reese, Nicole and these characters of course, I’ll be a part of it, but ‘Big Little Lies’ is a one-time deal.”

Nicole Kidman shared with Entertainment Weekly that she’d like a second season, to explore the backstory of some key characters.

“Big Little Lies” raised the question: did the women do the right thing? The series is about lingering fears and doubts, even when you’re justified in the horrible things you do. Sure [REDACTED] seemingly got away with killing [REDACTED] but that doesn’t mean the events are over. They’ll always stick around in the minds of the characters.

Of course that doesn’t mean a second season — with a whole new cast of characters — couldn’t be on the table, like what’s been done with “Fargo,” and “American Horror Story.”

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At the time of this writing, HBO has not responded to a request for comment.

The show is incredibly popular on HBO, with the penultimate episode bringing in around two million viewers with an average of seven million viewers for the series, according to an HBO press release.

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‘Legion’: 11 Questions We Need Answered in Season 2 (Photos)

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(Note: This post includes spoilers for the FX show “Legion,” including the season finale.)

The “Legion” season finale is here, but while the Shadow King has been kicked out of David’s mind, there are still plenty of questions left unanswered. Here’s everything we’re hoping to find out about David, his mutant friends, Division 3 and the Shadow King in Season 2.

Who is Amahl Farouk?
We know only snippets of who Amahl Farouk, also known as the Shadow King and Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) actually are. Where did he come from, what happened between him and David’s father, and what is his ultimate goal?

What is the Shadow King looking for?
Back in Episode 7, while keeping everyone locked up in the imaginary Clockworks, Lenny interrogated Amy (Kate Aselton). Lenny kept asking Amy, “what did he do with it?” It seemed like she was talking about David, but didn’t say what “it” was. After leaving Summerland with Oliver, the pair discuss where they’ll start looking. Are they after David’s dad, who the Shadow King wants revenge on? Or are they hunting something else — some powerful object, maybe?

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Is Oliver working with the Shadow King, or under its control?
When the Shadow King possess Oliver to escape Summerland, it appears he’s fully under the creature’s control. But later in the car, the two are separate, and Oliver speaks to Lenny about finding whatever it is she’s looking for. It seems like Oliver might be working with Lenny willingly — what’s going on there?

Where are David’s parents (and who are they)?
“Legion” comic lore says that David’s dad is none other than the extremely powerful mutant psychic and X-Men founder Professor Charles Xavier. He didn’t show up in Season 1, and we still don’t know who David’s mom might be in this adaptation

Who was David’s adopted father, and why can’t David remember him?
When he was doing memory work at Summerland, David couldn’t see the face of his adopted father. We know the Shadow King was messing with David’s memories, as well as appearing to him in different forms to manipulate him. Was David’s adopted dad one of those forms? Or is he a real man, out there somewhere?

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How long will the peace with Division 3 hold?
The Shadow King’s escape results in what appears to be a truce between Division 3, by way of Clark the Interrogator, and the Summerland mutants. But the peace is likely fragile since the government is obviously afraid of mutants. How long until hostilities break out again, and how will Division 3 deal with David now that they know he’s stunningly powerful?

What is Division 3 after?
At the beginning of the season, Division 3 captured and interrogated David rather than killing him outright. We know Division 3 is afraid of mutants and wants to stop them to protect normal humans, but there seems to be a greater, probably more sinister agenda at play.

Who captured David, and why?
A post-credits scene at the end of the finale episode sees David getting sucked into some kind of floating drone by way of a strange beam. That doesn’t look like Division 3’s technology — so who’s behind it?

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Is David finally free of his mental illness?
Throughout Season 1, David has grappled with what he’s known all his life to be schizophrenia. According to Melanie (Jean Smart), that was just his powers manifesting, combined with the influences of the Shadow King. With the Shadow King gone, have David’s struggles gone with him, or does he have more deep-seated issues that could color his perception of the world in Season 2?

Will Legion meet the X-Men?
“Legion” exists in the “X-Men” film universe, according to authorities like Director Bryan Singer. So far, “Legion” has existed as a parallel story, but it has ties back to the X-Men. They never made it into Season 1, but that doesn’t mean Season 2 won’t have more overt ties to the movies.

What’s real, and what’s just in David’s mind?
All of “Legion” has been ostensibly concerned with what’s real and what’s imagined, made all the worse by the fact that David and the Shadow King have the power to make realities from their minds. David is free of the Shadow King’s influence, but with so many strange moments and suggestions of unreality, is it possible that some or all of what Season 1 covers could be figments of David’s imagination? And where would that leave Season 2?

5 ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Fan Theories That Make Perfect Sense (Photos)

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What is coming in Westworld Season 2? It concluded its first season on Sunday with a 93-minute episode chock full of answers to the biggest questions posed, so far, but it also set up plenty more mysteries for viewers to ponder until new episodes hit HBO.

Among the biggest revelations was the Man in Black finally being identified as the older version of William (Jimmi Simpson), who owns a majority stake in the company behind the theme park and had taken a dark turn after falling for Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), only to eventually realize she was just another attraction at the park, programmed to entertain its visitors. He then turned his attention to seeking darker thrills — the darkest being his mission to make a host break free from the script and add a whole new level of difficulty.

At the end of the episode, he seemed to get his wish when an army of retired hosts emerged from the treeline to attack corporate shareholders. He took a bullet to the arm, but seemed more amazed than hurt, which leads us to the first theory…

1. William/The Man in Black will survive.

Redditor bachus2015 theorized this about Ed Harris’ character:

“Ford and the MiB had a mutual respect for each other. Ford didn’t like that the MiB was so invested in the park, but appreciated that he wanted the same thing, for the hosts to be more than just play things.

So when Ford’s narrative commanded one of the hosts to shoot the MiB/William in the arm, it was like a ‘kick in the balls.’ It was a friendly dig to say, ‘I dislike you, but fair play to how much you’ve persevered, here’s a final gift from me’ – and with that, the host shooting him in the arm creates a smile from the MiB – he realises that Ford’s new narrative is to set the remaining hosts free from restraint, he finally has the park he’s always wanted to see as an investor, and as a guest.

He allowed the MiB/William to survive so he could witness the one thing he’s wanted to witness all along – the hosts breaking from their programming.

MiB is witnessing ‘the maze’ reveal itself to him. He thrives on seeing hosts react beyond their original coding, just like when he killed Maeve’s daughter earlier a year or so prior.”

2. Characters will visit new worlds in Season 2

This note, containing the location of Maeve’s daughter, suggests there are multiple parks (or prisons, if you side with the hosts) under Delos’ control. The other big clue came earlier when Maeve (Thandie Newton) and company passed a room marked with the letters SW, containing samurai warrior hosts, leaving viewers to believe they will see a Samurai World in Season 2.

But will the HBO drama show viewers even more worlds? And will we ever see what the human world is like outside the theme park? Only time will tell.

3. Dr. Ford will return in Season 2.

Many viewers are interpreting Dolores’ decision to put a bullet through the back of Dr. Robert Ford’s head as the first act of her own free will, but the man in charge of the park, played by Anthony Hopkins, practically gave her the gun and was pretty calm as she walked through the crowd and onto the stage to pull the trigger, which suggests Dr. Ford wanted Dolores to kill him.

This Reddit thread discusses the possibility that Ford built a host of himself for the final narrative, since a previous episode showed him hard at work creating another host in his secret lab, and will live on in robotic form.

Or perhaps Dolores killed a host version of Dr. Ford. We’ll find out in Season 2.

Redditor plorraine wrote, “I think that was a host Ford who was shot – his hands looked very odd when he shook hands with Bernard. Weird host hands were a hallmark of the hosts in the 1973 movie. That’s what was being made in Ford’s old lab when Bernard killed Theresa.”

4. Or a host Dr. Ford was shot

Comicbook.com writer Christian Hoffer also pointed out about Season 2: “The other big clue is during Ford’s farewell scene with Bernard. The camera shows a close-up of Ford’s hand as he shakes Bernard’s hand, and it looks like one of Ford’s knuckles is out of place. In the original movie, the only way to tell the difference between a host and a human was by looking at their hands. This could be a subtle nod to fans of the movie that Ford might not be as dead as we might think.

5. The current timeline takes place in 2052

If you’ve been wondering how far in the future the show takes place, a piece of web content in the form of security camera footage found on the mock Delos Inc. site seems to have revealed that Maeve’s attempt to break out of the park occurred on 6/15/2052.

Assuming Westworld Season 2 picks up right where the finale left off, the year in which the story takes place may become more relevant.

When will we know more? HBO has renewed the critically acclaimed drama for Season 2, but has not offered a premiere date yet.

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Paul Reiser, Sean Astin Cast on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

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Paul Reiser, Sean Astin and Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen have been cast on “Stranger Things” Season 2.

Berthelsen will play Roman, an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman who suffered a great loss as a child. Although she does not live in Hawkins, she is mysteriously connected to the supernatural events at the lab, according to Netflix.

Sean Astin has been cast as Bob Newby, a kindhearted former nerd who went to high school with Joyce and Hopper. He now manages the local Hawkins RadioShack.

Paul Reiser is Dr. Owens, a high-ranking member within the Department of Energy on a “clean-up” assignment, tasked with containing the events of last year.

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Most know Reiser from “Mad About You,” though he currently stars on Amazon’s “Red Oaks.” Astin is best-known for “The Lord of the Rings” and “Rudy.”

Berthelsen grew up in Denmark. In 2016, she’s appeared on Danish TV shows “EXITIUM” and “The Desert” while studying in London, per an official bio. She took part in various film projects in Denmark before settling in London in 2015, and made her debut as a lead in “NATSKYGGE”, a sci-fi thriller short-film that premiered in “Dagmar Teatret” in Denmark in 2015.

Berthelsen is currently scheduled to star in the world premiere of “Ved Herrens Mark” at Theatre GROB in Denmark in 2017.

Season 1 of “Stranger Things” took the summer by storm when its eight episodes debuted in July.

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