How Wattpad Is Courting Streamers and Producers Worldwide With User-Generated Stories (and Data)

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With studios like Disney and WarnerMedia hoarding content in preparation to launch streaming services, original content has become a priority among streamer’s attempting to build their subscriber base.

Hoping to capitalize on this trend is Wattpad, a text-based storytelling platform with more than 500 million user-generated stories and over 70 million users around the globe. The first fruits of Wattpad’s push into filmed content can already be seen: “Light as a Feather,” a supernatural thriller based on Zoe Aarsen’s episodic Wattpad stories that has gotten 3.3 million reads, debuted as a 10-part Hulu series last October — and last month got greenlit for a second season.

Sony Pictures Television last year announced plans to develop a series based on Katarina E. Tonks’ “Death is My BFF,” a story about a sarcastic Angel of Death who meets his match that garnered 92 million reads on Wattpad.

The Toronto-based company has also partnered with Universal Cable Productions (a division of NBCUniversal), eOne, Syfy and the CW Seed to create additional projects. And after raising $117.1 million from investors including Tencent, BDC, Globe Telecom’s Kickstart Ventures, Peterson Group, Canso and Raine, the text-based app hopes to expand its initial success with filmed entertainment projects into territories like Korea, Germany, Indonesia and India, where it has a growing readership.

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Wattpad offers more than just tens of thousands of user-generated stories to be adapted for film, TV and other entertainment projects — and a built-in fan base for its most popular content. By analyzing the trends emerging within its platform, the company believes it can offer entertainment partners data-backed content that will successfully connect with audiences worldwide.

“Right now the industry uses test audiences to understand how viewers will react to finished products,” head of Wattpad Studios Aron Levitz said. “We want to turn that process upside down, starting with audience insights first, and then making decisions based on what people are already excited about.”

The most popular stories on the platform, who are already compensated through in-story ads and donations from readers, receive additional compensation if a story is picked up by a studio or streamer (the amount varies).

Wattpad’s promise for international markets is data-backed content that can target specific demographics. Using machine-learning artificial intelligence, the company said it can identify plot line and subject trends taking place throughout content posted to its site. It can then narrow down the trends to specific regions and languages. These trends could include highlighting underlying themes, pointing out genres that drive the most interaction and identifying the most-read subjects on the platform.

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“In a country like Indonesia, we found that the most popular romance stories tend to fall into a sort of Muslim romance, arranged-marriage kind of trope,” said Dexter Ong, who oversees Wattpad Asia Studios, which last August partnered with the Asian streaming company iflix to produce 26 films based on stories and trends on the platform.

Ong’s data is derived from the more than 9 million Indonesian readers engaging with stories by “liking” or commenting, down to a specific paragraph.

“It’s a bit tough in this part of the world to fill the demand for original content,” Ong said, noting that many Asian countries have small entertainment business and less creative talent compared to Hollywood. “So when you’re able to bring a solution where we have a tremendous volume of locally relevant authentic stories that are written in a local language and we have the data to back,” he added, it’s a big plus for a company like iflix.

Iflix, which is to announce the first slate of titles to come out of its Wattpad deal in the coming weeks, sees the advantages. “We now have the opportunity to work with thousands of talented Indonesian writers to bring their stories to life for millions of iflix users in Indonesia,” iflix chief content officer Sean Carey said.

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Wattpad also sees opportunities in India, announcing a partnership on Wednesday with Times Bridge, the global investment arm of the Times Group in India, to develop locally-produced Wattpad stories for adaptation into books, TV shows, films, and digital projects.

The platform currently has 2.6 million users and stories in multiple Indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, Marathi and Oriya. Given the diverse number of languages spoken in India, a promise of content that can target a specific group is something that is welcomed by those breaking into the country.

“Millions of Indian readers and writers have already found a home Wattpad,” Devashish Sharma, Wattpad’s head of India operations, said. “Times Bridge and The Times Group have an unmatched media and entertainment portfolio, and connections with some of India’s most respected authors and cultural figures. We’re excited to work together to create new opportunities for Indian storytellers.”

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Additionally, Wattpad recently laid roots in Korea, where it partnered with a talent agency and production company Huayi Brothers Korea to produce content based on Wattpad IP. The partnership is open to any Wattpad stories available on the platform internationally. The Huayi Brothers Korea partnership follows a similar deal Wattpad signed in June with the German-based company Bavaria Fiction, which will also adapt content based on Wattpad stories.

“All across the industry, projects fail. Shows are canceled and films bomb. Why? Because executives make decisions based on what they think will work. People rely on their experience to rationalize intuitive decision-making,” Levitz said. “We’re coming to the end of that era.”


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After Bans Around Los Angeles, Bird Scooters May Face Extinction in Santa Monica

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Grayson Kubow embarked on his first flight on Thursday. He wasn’t boarding a plane, however, he was in Westwood, California, riding a Bird.

If you live in or around Los Angeles and have spent more than 30 seconds outside in the last six months, chances are you’ve encountered one of these electronic scooters, either littering the sidewalk or nearly swiping you as they whizz by.

During his inaugural ride, when 18-year-old Kubow was asked by TheWrap whether he thought Birds could be a viable mode of transportation, he shook his head and said: “I think it’s going to get banned.” And he may be right.

Originating from the company headquarters in nearby Santa Monica, Birds have quite literally swarmed the streets in Hitchcock-like fashion, outnumbering any other type of city critter since they launched September 2017. In May, Limes were introduced, a new breed of dockless electric scooter with the same fare and similar speeds (up to 15 m.p.h.). Though the company is headquartered in San Francisco, the first batch of Limes were launched at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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Not all L.A.-area communities have prohibited scooter operations, but the cities of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills have imposed at least a temporary ban. In a July 24 press release, the Beverly Hills City Council called for a “zero-tolerance” policy during their six month ban, citing a “concern for public safety and a lack of any advanced planning and outreach by the motorized scooter companies.”

And back in Santa Monica — the Bird’s nest, so to speak — things are looking a little rocky.

The Santa Monica City Council has recently launched a Shared Mobility Pilot Program that would allow two e-scooter companies and two e-bike companies to operate within the city. If neither Bird nor Lime are selected as Mobility partners, they will not be permitted to operate in Santa Monica, the city where Bird launched its incipient fleets.

On Aug. 10, a committee chosen to implement the program endorsed two other companies, JUMP (owned by Uber) and Lyft, for both e-scooters and bikes — their recommendation was not the final selection, which will be decided Aug. 30.

Bird and Lime responded to the endorsement by deactivating their scooters in Santa Monica for one day earlier this month, protesting the city’s limiting of dockless vehicles. Lime CEO Toby Sun said in a statement that the company is “disappointed by the City’s current proposal because Santa Monica riders deserve access to best-in-class technology.”

A Bird spokesperson said in an email to TheWrap that “the Lyft and Uber applications to operate e-scooter sharing programs in Santa Monica demonstrate the desperate lengths CO2 polluting companies will go to for the purpose of undermining clean energy competition.”

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But like any other invasive species, Birds have migrated to new lands. They’ve been spotted in San Francisco, as well as far east as Indianapolis. And with ominous headlines like “Bird plans Indy return with nearly 10 times as many scooters,” it’s easy to assume many people see them as a potential menace.

However, there are some places the scooters haven’t reached. Kubow and fellow first-time Bird rider Leo Cyker are from Chicago and Boston, respectively, and were in Westwood for their freshman orientation at UCLA. They both have never seen Birds in their hometowns and described their first experience riding them as “pretty easy,” but acknowledged problems associated with the scooters, such as a lack of helmet protection and overcrowding.

“If you already look at the sidewalks in Venice, it’s terrible,” Cyker said.

Kubow noted that technically riders are supposed to follow helmet laws (a rule stated on the Bird app), “but how many people do you see riding them with helmets?” Cyker responded. The answer is very few.

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Rider Nathan Long occasionally charges the batteries powering Birds, aptly named “Bird hunting,” turning a profit of $20 per scooter. He said he’s only familiar with Bird and Lime scooters, and has not heard of JUMP or Lyft scooters. Although Long likes the idea of electric scooters, he understands the complaints against them, especially from others who occupy the road.

“People who ride them don’t follow any traffic laws, because it’s not really clear whether you’re a pedestrian or a vehicle … which makes it difficult for people who drive,” he said.

Sam Dreiman, Director of Strategic Development for Lime, responded to safety concerns in a statement emailed to TheWrap:

“Lime is committed to safety in all of our operations,” he wrote. “We are working closely with the City of Santa Monica to educate our riders about wearing helmets, not riding on sidewalks, parking properly and not riding in prohibited areas like the beach path.”

Long said if the scooters were hypothetically to be banned in all of L.A., he “wouldn’t be heartbroken, but it’s fun having them around,” he said, adding, “It’s kind of a cultural thing at this point.”

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Snap Reports Anemic Q1 User Growth, Shares Drop 16 Percent

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It looks like Snapchat’s redesign wasn’t too popular after all, with Snap Inc. posting feeble user growth and missing the mark on revenue when the company reported its Q1 earnings on Tuesday.

After the bell, Snap reported $230.7 million in revenue and a loss of 17 cents a share for the three months ended March 31. On average, analysts estimated $243.5 million in revenue and a loss of 17 cents a share.

Even more concerning for Wall Street was its user growth, with Snapchat only gaining 4 million daily active users during the first quarter — about 3 million below analyst expectations. It was the fewest amount of users Snap has added in a quarter since going public 14 months ago. This comes after Snap reported a better-than-expected 8.9 million new users for its previous quarter. Snapchat now has 191 million DAUs.

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“As we have mentioned on our past two earnings calls, a change this big to existing behavior comes with some disruption, especially given the high frequency of daily engagement of our community,” said CEO Evan Spiegel in his prepared remarks. “We are already starting to see early signs of stabilization among our iOS users as people get used to the changes, but still have a lot of work to do to optimize the new design, especially for our Android users.”

Wall Street is pummeling the stock in after-hours trading, with Snap shares down 16 percent to about $11.80 a share.

Snap is also making less money off of its users than it previously has, with the company reporting $1.21 in average revenue per user — a drop from the $1.53 ARPU Snap reported for the fourth quarter of 2017.

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It doesn’t sound like things are going to turn around soon for Snap, either, with CFO Drew Vollero saying Snap’s Q2 revenue growth rate will “decelerate substantially from Q1 levels.” Snap’s revenue was up 54 percent year-over-year.

As usual, it was an interesting quarter for Snap. The company rolled out its app redesign, creating a starker separation between friends and publisher content. Spiegel said the move would make the app “easier to use.” It was met with heavy resistance, though, with more than 1 million Snapchatters signing a petition for the company to revert back to its old design. Even celebs like Kylie Jenner got in their punches on Snap, saying the redesign was “so sad.”

Snap also let go of several hundred workers during the first quarter, including about 100 members from its advertising team, and another 120 engineers.

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The app’s strength among Gen Z was reinforced in March, when Snap Maps highlighted students walking out of school to protest gun violence.

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Snap will hold a conference call at 5 p.m. ET. to discuss its earnings.

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Independent Spirit Awards: The Complete Winners List (Updating Live)

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“Get Out” emerged as the big winner of the 2018 Independent Spirit Awards, held Saturday on the beach in Santa Monica, Ca.

Jordan Peele’s racially charged thriller — which captivated the country and became an unlikely indie blockbuster — took Best Feature at the annual show put up by Film Independent. Peele also took Best Director.

Top acting prizes went to Frances McDormand for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and Timothee Chalamet for “Call Me by Your Name.” Best Supporting Male went to Sam Rockwell for “Three Billboards,” and Best Supporting Female went to Allison Janney of “I, Tonya.” That makes it a virtual clean sweep for the latter two actors on the eve of the Academy Awards.

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Greta Gerwig won Best Screenplay for her coming-of-age darling “Lady Bird,” while Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani took Best First Screenplay for their autobiographical comedy “The Big Sick.”

Notable below-the-line prizes went to Tatiana S. Riegel, who took Best Editing for
“I, Tonya.”  Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, director of photography on “Call Me by Your Name,” won Best Cinematography.

Comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney (“Big Mouth,” “Oh, Hello”) returned to host the ceremony, an annual splashy gathering of Hollywood stars and indie film luminaries willing to brave the natural lighting of  a rare daytime awards show.

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The complete winners list:

“Call Me by Your Name”
“The Florida Project”
“Get Out” *WINNER
“Lady Bird”
“The Rider”

“Ingrid Goes West,” Director Matt Spicer *WINNER 
“Oh Lucy!”
“Patti Cake$”

JOHN CASSAVETES AWARD – Given to the best feature made for under $500,000. (Award given to the writer, director and producer. Executive Producers are not awarded.)
“A Ghost Story”
“Life and nothing more” *WINNER
“Most Beautiful Island”
“The Transfiguration”

Sean Baker, “The Florida Project”
Jonas Carpignano, “A Ciambra”
Luca Guadagnino, “Call Me by Your Name”
Jordan Peele, “Get Out” *WINNER
Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie, “Good Time”
Chloé Zhao, “The Rider”

Greta Gerwig, “Lady Bird” *WINNER
Azazel Jacobs, “The Lovers”
Martin McDonagh, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Jordan Peele, “Get Out”
Mike White, “Beatriz at Dinner”

Kris Avedisian, Kyle Espeleta, Jesse Wakeman, “Donald Cried”
Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani, “The Big Sick” *WINNER
Ingrid Jungermann, “Women Who Kill”
Kogonada, “Columbus”
David Branson Smith, Matt Spicer, “Ingrid Goes West”

Thimios Bakatakis, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”
Elisha Christian, “Columbus”
Hélène Louvart, “Beach Rats”
Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, “Call Me by Your Name” *WINNER
Joshua James Richards, “The Rider”

Ronald Bronstein, Benny Safdie, “Good Time”
Walter Fasano, “Call Me by Your Name”
Alex O’Flinn, “The Rider”
Gregory Plotkin, “Get Out”
Tatiana S. Riegel, “I, Tonya” *WINNER

Salma Hayek, “Beatriz at Dinner”
Frances McDormand, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” *WINNER
Margot Robbie, “I, Tonya”
Saoirse Ronan, “Lady Bird”
Shinobu Terajima, “Oh Lucy!”
Regina Williams, “Life and nothing more”

Timothée Chalamet, “Call Me by Your Name” *WINNER
Harris Dickinson, “Beach Rats”
James Franco, “The Disaster Artist”
Daniel Kaluuya, “Get Out”
Robert Pattinson, “Good Time”

Holly Hunter, “The Big Sick”
Allison Janney, “I, Tonya” *WINNER
Laurie Metcalf, “Lady Bird”
Lois Smith, “Marjorie Prime”
Taliah Lennice Webster, “Good Time”

Nnamdi Asomugha, “Crown Heights”
Armie Hammer, “Call Me by Your Name”
Barry Keoghan, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”
Sam Rockwell, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” *WINNER
Benny Safdie, “Good Time”

ROBERT ALTMAN AWARD – Given to one film’s director, casting director and ensemble cast

Director: Dee Rees
Casting Directors: Billy Hopkins, Ashley Ingram
Ensemble Cast: Jonathan Banks, Mary J. Blige, Jason Clarke, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell, Rob Morgan, Carey Mulligan

“The Departure”
“Faces Places” *WINNER
“Last Men in Aleppo”

“BPM (Beats Per Minute)”
“A Fantastic Woman” *WINNER
“I Am Not a Witch”
“Lady Macbeth”

Chloé Zhao *WINNER


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New Snapchat Scripted Original Content ‘Imminent,’ Content VP Says

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Snapchat’s second attempt at scripted original content is coming sooner rather than later, Snap Inc. VP of Content Nick Bell said during a panel at the Television Critics Association conference on Monday.

“It’s imminent… our preference is to get it right,” said Bell, before pointing to a recently-announced partnership with the Duplass brothers to bring new shows to the app.

Last summer, Bell hinted scripted originals would hit the app by the end of 2017. Missing that mark, according to Bell, was in part due to the app’s highly-publicized redesign getting “in the way a little bit.”

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Snapchat already has 40 shows airing on its Discover channel, with an emphasis on reality and unscripted shows; the app has featured several dating shows, including one from rapper Action Bronson, as well as airing content from NBC News and ESPN’s SportsCenter twice a day.

Discover continues to move towards shows as it shifts away from its “digital magazine” roots — largely because its publisher content have failed to gain major traction. Only 21 percent of Snapchat users check out Discovery’s publisher content on a daily basis, according to internal metrics shared by The Daily Beast last week.

In terms of partners or stars, Bell and Sean Mills, head of original content at Snap, had little to offer on Monday. The app’s next attempt at scripted originals will be its first since the poorly-received “Literally Can’t Even” debuted back in 2015. (That show centered on Sasha Spielberg — daughter of Steven Spielberg — as she tried to get over a breakup without the assistance of alcohol.)

News shows, so far, have been a successful genre for the app, according to Bell. The exec added 3.5 billion Snaps are created each day, and that Snap had “just started to embrace the creator community” — something more in-line with its chief competitor, Instagram. Bell said they’ll look to “double down” on a “small base” of creators moving forward.

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Tepid Crowd at iPhone 8 Launch: ‘I’m Definitely Waiting for the iPhone X’

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With the morning sun beaming down on the Apple Store in downtown Santa Monica, Calif., the sparse crowd that showed up to get its hands on the freshly unveiled iPhone 8 had no reason to bring sunblock.

No line, no wait, no buzz.

The excitement that typically surrounds the release of a new iPhone was replaced with a collective “meh” on Friday.

“I wasn’t feeling [the iPhone 8],” said Michael, a 25-year-old that scoped out the device, before leaving empty handed. “By the look of it, not many people are feeling it.”

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Several of those that did grab the $699 smartphone pointed to necessity, rather than the 8’s features, as their reason for shelling out.

“My phone got stolen, that’s the only reason I got it,” said Katie, a 21-year-old from Santa Monica, to TheWrap. “It’s much harder to get back home, [and] it will cost me $200 more,” said Sergei, a tourist visiting from Russia. “I’m also going to get the ‘X.’”

The Apple Store at the 3rd Street Promenade: no pushing and shoving for the iPhone 8

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Ah, the iPhone X. Apple quickly subdued the hype for the iPhone 8 at its product launch last week, showing off the company’s new flagship device only minutes later. The 8 is undoubtedly a step forward in the iPhone’s evolution, but it mirrors the previous iterations of the device; the X, on the other hand, breaks the mold, with its wider screen, removal of the traditional “home button,” and facial-recognition software.

Many leaving the Apple Store said they’ll simply wait for the X to come out before upgrading their iPhones, without concern for its $300 price tag increase compared to the 8. In fact, only one customer said he’d deliberately chosen the 8 over the X. “I just didn’t need all the extra new features,” said Ron, a 62-year-old from Los Angeles. “I’m fine with the 8.”

The Apple Store wasn’t a ghost town, though. The next generation Apple Watch, now cellular-enabled, was clearly a hit.  “I can run with it now,” said Vince, a tech worker from Santa Monica, about the untethered Watch. “I don’t need my iPhone anymore.”

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Others echoed the same thing — and said they’d rather wait for the next iPhone instead.

“It’s my first Watch ever,” said 24-year-old local Michael, as he strapped on the device and hopped on his bike. “And I’m definitely waiting for the iPhone X.”

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From Dodgers All-Star to LA Tech Exec, Shawn Green Takes Swing at Social Media

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

At the same time the Los Angeles Dodgers are blitzing through one of the most dominant regular seasons in baseball history, Shawn Green —  a former All-Star for the “Boys in Blue” — has quietly reinvented himself as one of the city’s rising tech executives.

But even the most passionate baseball fan might have missed his latest swing. Green’s new venture, Greenfly, specializes in helping brands share their content across several social media platforms, from Instagram to Twitter. The Santa Monica-based company — only about 15 miles away from Dodgers Stadium, where Green pelted 49 home runs in 2001 — works behind-the-scenes, a tool you’ve probably seen in action for a number of pro football and baseball social accounts.

A 15-year MLB veteran with 328 homers to his name, Green caught the tech bug long before he hung up his cleats.

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“I always loved tech and was really into it — in spring training I’d always buy some book on coding or Final Cut Pro or Adobe, and then I would get through half a chapter and I’d be so tired I wouldn’t get past that,” said Green in an interview with TheWrap. “But I always had this love of tech and always had to get all the new Apple products and was really into it.”

Green dabbled in a few projects following his retirement from the New York Mets a decade ago, but didn’t have to look far for a co-founder when he decided to launch Greenfly in 2014. His cousin, Daniel Kirschner, had been a close ally since the two grew up in the Bay Area together, before Green headed south to Orange County for high school. A graduate of Harvard Law School and a former Senior Vice President at Activision, Kirschner told TheWrap their strong connection has been a “crucial aspect” to their success.

“Shawn and I have been incredible partners on working together and really articulating and refining the vision [For Greenfly]” said Kirschner.”In the startup environment, it’s incredibly high stress, incredibly fast paced, we’re building every aspect of the company together, and to be able to have a partner that I can really work with, that he can really work with, [that] we can work together, is an incredibly powerful thing.”

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The teamwork is paying off so far, with Greenfly raising more than $6 million in funding last November and focused on building its team of about two dozen employees. Today, Green looks the part of a Silicon Beach tech exec — albeit one who is still capable of smashing a few hardballs into the right field bleachers — trading in his jersey for a light-blue v-neck and jeans. But he admits building a sustainable tech company is a lot harder than it looks.

“It seems a lot easier, and I still hear players coming out of their careers and saying ‘oh, I have this great idea, I’m just going to build this app’ — that was kind of my thought process in the beginning. And I realize now how hard it is,” said Green. “There’s a lot more to being successful than just having a good idea and spitting up an app in six to eight months that you can get through iTunes.”

The challenge has been “satisfying and energizing,” according to Kirschner, because their past accomplishments have little impact on their new business. “The customers that are buying Greenfly, don’t care that Shawn was a professional baseball player or that I was the President of the Harvard Law Review. None of that stuff matters.”

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Many former athletes have a difficult time transitioning to a life outside of professional sports. Beyond the money and fame, finding a competitive outlet that rivals their playing days is often a lost cause. But for Green, the grind of a 162-game baseball season translates well to the uneven startup lifestyle.

“In a startup, it’s very easy to get caught up in the waves of ups and downs. The earlier stage you are, every deal, every moment is really crucial and it’s easy to get high and low on those rides,” said Green. “But I think in baseball I learned that you’re never as good as your greatest streak, you’re never as bad as your biggest slump, and it’s completely analogous to this type of experience.”

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White House Adviser Stephen Miller’s Santa Monica High School Classmates Wonder ‘WTF?’

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

When Santa Monica High School’s Class of 2003 signed each other’s yearbooks, they likely never imagined one of their own would become a key player in the White House. Much less the White House of President Donald Trump.

But Stephen Miller, 31, is a member of that class — and his peers in the liberal, well-heeled city of Santa Monica are mystified at how he became the White House senior adviser who crafted many of Trump’s most contentious policies, including the controversial travel bans.

“We don’t usually talk about other high school people,” classmate Jenness Hartley told TheWrap. “But now we’re like dude, Stephen Miller, what the f—?!”

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TheWrap spoke to eight people who knew Miller from his time as a adolescent in Santa Monica, who say the last few months have been nothing short of surreal.

“I never thought I’d have to remember things about Stephen Miller,” Justin Brownstone, the class student body president, told TheWrap. “You’re like the fourth reporter to call me this month.”

Miller did not respond to TheWrap’s request for an interview. But his peers describe him as outspoken, articulate and argumentative teenager who got a thrill out of pushing people’s buttons.

“This young man was lucky he wasn’t beat up,” Oscar de la Torre, a former counselor and now school board member, told TheWrap. “He was very offensive.”

Miller wasn’t shy about expressing what many considered extreme right-wing views. In a school paper op-ed, Miller once bemoaned the decline of American society besieged by political correctness.

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“When I entered Santa Monica High School in ninth grade, I noticed a number of students lacked basic English skills,” he wrote. “There are usually very few, if any, Hispanic students in my honors classes, despite the large number of Hispanic students that attend our school.”

In the article, titled “Political Correctness Out of Control,” Miller went on to lament the school’s promotion of safe sex for its students and claimed an LGBT club on campus was helping to “foster” homosexuality.

“We didn’t like him,” another former classmate Natalie Flores said. “He was rude, he was racist, he was a misogynist, he was absolutely obnoxious.”

Nick Silverman, another classmate, said many of his peers feel burdened with defending the values shared in their school and Santa Monica at large. “I don’t think I realized how hateful Stephen’s views back then were, mostly because I didn’t think anyone could really take him seriously,” Silverman wrote on his Facebook page recently.

Silverman told TheWrap he wished he’d been more vocal during those high school days.

“This isn’t what we’re about,” he said. “It’s a nightmare.”

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Miller grew up in a liberal-leaning Jewish family. He has said that he became interested in politics after reading “Guns, Crime, and Freedom,” a 1994 book by National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre.

Friends recall the family’s economic status abruptly changed when his parents’ real estate company experienced difficulties and the Millers moved to a less affluent neighborhood on the south side of town.

Jason Islas, who described himself as one of Miller’s two closest friends growing up, said that in the summer before his freshman year at Santa Monica High, Miller informed him they could no longer be friends because Islas is Hispanic.

“I remember being shocked,” Islas told TheWrap. “It struck me as kind of strange.”

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Miller went on to Duke University where he wrote conservative columns for the school newspaper and gained national attention. After graduating in 2007 with a degree in political science, he went to work for then-Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and later with conservative Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who recently became Trump’s Attorney General.

Last month, Univision kicked up a media firestorm when it uncovered an old video of a speech Miller gave in 2002 as he was running for a student government post at Santa Monica High. The video, recorded by four of Miller’s schoolmates as part of audiovisual production class, is a fascinating look into what some have described as a “turning point” for the would-be politician.

“I’m the only candidate up here who stands out,” Miller said in his speech. “I would say and I would do things that no one else in their right mind would say or do. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up our trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”

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Flores, who was at the event, said there was no mistaking the racist undertones of his comments, which drew jeers from the crowd and had faculty escorting Miller off stage.

“Our janitors were all people of color,” Flores said. “Before the speech he was the nerd who was smart and liked to talk about government. After the speech it was like, ‘What’s the point?’”

The video, less than four minutes long, also includes interviews with fellow students reacting to Miller’s speech.

“I find his actions appalling and infuriating,” one student says. “It’s really hard for me to tolerate him.”

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Chris Mortiz, one of Miller’s only two friends during that time, said on the video: “Personally, I would have laughed at that.”

Moritz did not respond to TheWrap’s repeated requests for comment. But he told Univision recently that he didn’t believe his friend was a racist. “That speech … as I remember, it’s really written more as a satire. I think most people understood that,” he said.

Sophie Goldstein, who attended Hebrew School classes with Miller at Santa Monica’s Beth Shir Shalom synagogue, recalled a story that she said exemplifies who Miller was back then.

Her class, which encouraged debates, was discussing how to fairly deal with a leftover slice of pizza, when Miller did something she said stopped everyone in their tracks.

“In the middle of the discussion, Stephen just slapped his open palm down on the middle of the pizza slice, palm to cheese,” Goldstein recalled. “That effectively ended the discussion. Obviously nobody was going to touch some gross pubescent pizza slice.”

“It was very telling,” Islas said of the pizza incident. “He’s in a class as they’re debating the ethics over who should have the last remaining slice of pizza and he throws a wrench in the system and just slaps the pizza. There’s a question of how we live ethically and he just says, ‘Screw you!’”

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Homeless in Brentwood as Obamacare Wins

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

I saw them on my way into a restaurant in Brentwood and thought they looked odd. A 40ish woman sleeping beneath an outdoor heater at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night. Beside her were her two teenage daughters, young women slumped against one another in a huddle.

They were still there in the exact same position when I left the restaurant at about 8:45. This time I paused. A family asleep outside a Coffee Bean on Friday night? In Brentwood?

I doubled back and asked if they needed help. The mother had her eyes closed but wasn’t asleep. They were homeless, she explained. She and her 19-year-old twins had nowhere to go.

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That seemed hard to believe.

Katherine, that was her name, was well-dressed and articulate, with jewelry on her fingers. Her twins were tall, beautiful girls in hoodies and jeans but their wide eyes said that they expected nothing from anyone. They were charging their cellphones and … just sitting there.

In a resigned monotone, Katherine said that all the shelters were full. That since her daughters weren’t pregnant and none of them were drug addicts, they could not get into city programs. A Veterans Administration facility was less than a mile away on a huge federal plot of land, but they weren’t veterans.

Family would not help them, she said. She had a car up until a few weeks ago but it was repossessed when she learned the payments she’d been making on a friend’s car were going elsewhere.

I asked when was the last time they’d slept in a bed.

Three weeks, they said.

If you live in Los Angeles, and especially Santa Monica, you are used to seeing homeless people. (In fact, we have one guy who keeps trying to live at TheWrap’s dumpster.)

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But Katherine and her daughters (who I’ve decided not to name because they’re teenagers) were not of that community. They were a family without resources who had just fallen over the edge, trying to hang on to their dignity.

They’re from Lancaster but have friends on the west side of Los Angeles who bailed on a promise to help, they said. The girls said they had been accepted to Santa Monica College for an April enrollment despite their learning disabilities, but could not attend because they had nowhere to live.

As I dialed the local shelters — St. Joseph, Santa Monica’s OPCC Safe Haven on Cloverfield — Katherine told me not to bother as they were full, or closed for the night and she otherwise didn’t qualify for help. My own phone calls determined she was right.

Could I take them to a shelter in downtown L.A.? Ugh, the girls shuddered. Skid Row is too scary. I couldn’t argue.

I called the only person I could think of who might know a solution: Bobby Shriver, the former mayor of Santa Monica and an activist on behalf of the homeless.

There must be somewhere they can go? He named the same places Katherine had and said, in frustration, the situation was “deeply offensive.”

The irony of the moment was not lost on me. On the very day when Obamacare was saved, at the moment when a critical national social welfare net was preserved, this family could not be helped.

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Katherine and her family were at the point of despair, and who could blame them? They had given up. All of them were capable enough to work, but even as I started to ask this question I realized — you can’t work if you have nowhere to live. They were just clinging to the edge of survival.

The twins told me they hadn’t eaten in two days. “We drink a lot of water,” one of them said.

In frustration but unwilling to leave this family on the streets, in the end I got them some food and checked them into a motel for the weekend. It felt like a pathetically inadequate gesture, but all I could think to do.

As a journalist, I’m used to demanding answers, finding solutions, seeking accountability. I felt completely useless.

So at least I wanted to share the story with you. That much I can do. If you know of resources I don’t, please put them in the comments. If you have other ideas to offer those liberal folks who represent our city and state —  L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Rep. Ted Lieu, Sen. Kamala Harris, Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vasquez — do it.

As a society, losing Katherine and her family to the abyss of marginality is a senseless waste. Also immoral. A democracy should support the basis of human dignity. A little help, a little support, a place to pull it together would go a long way for this family.

So while we may celebrate the GOP’s failure to overturn Obamacare and the 24 million people who get to retain health care coverage, let’s remember all of the work we have to do as a city, a country and a society. For Katherine and her girls.

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Critics’ Choice Award Winners: The Complete List (Updating Live)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

The Critics’ Choice Awards are underway in Santa Monica, Ca., celebrating the year’s best in film and television.

A&E’s live show from the blue carpet saw three pre-ceremony prizes handed out to “Hacksaw Ridge” for Best Action Movie, to “Shark Tank” for Best Structured Reality Series and to Sterling K. Brown, for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie Made for TV or Limited Series for “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.”

The Critics’ Choice Awards are voted by members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Associations, two partner organizations made up of critics and writers for television, radio and internet outlets. About 300 members are in the BFCA, with fewer in the BTJA. (TheWrap has members in both groups.)

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Over the past several years, the Critics’ Choice Awards have undertaken a variety of moves in an attempt to simultaneously be more influential within the industry and to increase viewership. The movie categories were changed to more closely mirror Oscar categories, but then some below-the-line categories were eliminated and comedy and action-movie categories added. The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and Critics’ Choice Television Awards were combined into one larger show, in the same way that the Golden Globes honor both movies and TV.

And this year, the timetable was moved up to make Critics’ Choice the first major mainstream show to announce nominations and give out awards. That move that meant its members couldn’t see films like Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” and the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” before voting.

Earlier this year, a Critics’ Choice deal that made Entertainment Weekly an exclusive promotional partner drew criticism from members who represented other outlets, and led to a small number of resignations.

Over the years, 13 of the 21 Critics’ Choice Best Picture winners have gone on to win the Oscar. (There were no duplicate winners in the first four years, so it’s also 13 out of the last 17.) Last year, of the 19 categories that overlap between Critics’ Choice and the Oscars, the same film won in 15, including Best Picture winner “Spotlight” and three of the four acting winners.

Read the full list. Winners indicated by *WINNER:

“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Hell or High Water”
“La La Land”
“Manchester by the Sea”

Casey Affleck – “Manchester by the Sea”
Joel Edgerton – “Loving”
Andrew Garfield – “Hacksaw Ridge”
Ryan Gosling – “La La Land”
Tom Hanks – “Sully”
Denzel Washington – “Fences”

Amy Adams – “Arrival”
Annette Bening – “20th Century Women”
Isabelle Huppert – “Elle”
Ruth Negga – “Loving”
Natalie Portman – “Jackie”
Emma Stone – “La La Land”

Mahershala Ali – “Moonlight”
Jeff Bridges – “Hell or High Water”
Ben Foster – “Hell or High Water”
Lucas Hedges – “Manchester by the Sea”
Dev Patel – “Lion”
Michael Shannon – “Nocturnal Animals”

Viola Davis – “Fences”
Greta Gerwig – “20th Century Women”
Naomie Harris – “Moonlight”
Nicole Kidman – “Lion”
Janelle Monáe – “Hidden Figures”
Michelle Williams – “Manchester by the Sea”

Lucas Hedges – “Manchester by the Sea”
Alex R. Hibbert – “Moonlight”
Lewis MacDougall – “A Monster Calls”
Madina Nalwanga – “Queen of Katwe”
Sunny Pawar – “Lion”
Hailee Steinfeld – “The Edge of Seventeen”

“20th Century Women”
“Hell or High Water”
“Hidden Figures”
“Manchester by the Sea”

Damien Chazelle – “La La Land”
Mel Gibson – “Hacksaw Ridge”
Barry Jenkins – “Moonlight”
Kenneth Lonergan – “Manchester by the Sea”
David Mackenzie – “Hell or High Water”
Denis Villeneuve – “Arrival”
Denzel Washington – “Fences”

Damien Chazelle – “La La Land”
Barry Jenkins – “Moonlight”
Yorgos Lanthimos/Efthimis Filippou – “The Lobster”
Kenneth Lonergan – “Manchester by the Sea”
Jeff Nichols – “Loving”
Taylor Sheridan – “Hell or High Water”

Luke Davies – “Lion”
Tom Ford – “Nocturnal Animals”
Eric Heisserer – “Arrival”
Todd Komarnicki – “Sully”
Allison Schroeder/Theodore Melfi – “Hidden Figures”
August Wilson – “Fences”

Stéphane Fontaine – “Jackie”
James Laxton – “Moonlight”
Seamus McGarvey – “Nocturnal Animals”
Linus Sandgren – “La La Land”
Bradford Young – “Arrival”

“Arrival” – Patrice Vermette, Paul Hotte/André Valade
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” – Stuart Craig/James Hambidge, Anna Pinnock
“Jackie” – Jean Rabasse, Véronique Melery
“La La Land” – David Wasco, Sandy Reynolds-Wasco
“Live by Night” – Jess Gonchor, Nancy Haigh

Tom Cross – “La La Land”
John Gilbert – “Hacksaw Ridge”
Blu Murray – “Sully”
Nat Sanders/Joi McMillon – “Moonlight”
Joe Walker – “Arrival”

Colleen Atwood – “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
Consolata Boyle – “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Madeline Fontaine – “Jackie”
Joanna Johnston – “Allied”
Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh – “Love & Friendship”
Mary Zophres – “La La Land”

“Doctor Strange”
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
“Hacksaw Ridge”
“Star Trek Beyond”

“A Monster Calls”
“Doctor Strange”
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
“The Jungle Book”

“Finding Dory”
“Kubo and the Two Strings”
“The Red Turtle”

“Captain America: Civil War”
“Doctor Strange”
“Hacksaw Ridge” *WINNER
“Jason Bourne”

Benedict Cumberbatch – “Doctor Strange”
Matt Damon – “Jason Bourne”
Chris Evans – “Captain America: Civil War”
Andrew Garfield – “Hacksaw Ridge”
Ryan Reynolds – “Deadpool”

Gal Gadot – “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”
Scarlett Johansson – “Captain America: Civil War”
Margot Robbie – “Suicide Squad”
Tilda Swinton – “Doctor Strange”

“Central Intelligence”
“Don’t Think Twice”
“The Edge of Seventeen”
“Hail, Caesar!”
“The Nice Guys”

Ryan Gosling – “The Nice Guys”
Hugh Grant – “Florence Foster Jenkins”
Dwayne Johnson – “Central Intelligence”
Viggo Mortensen – “Captain Fantastic”
Ryan Reynolds – “Deadpool”

Kate Beckinsale – “Love & Friendship”
Sally Field – “Hello, My Name Is Doris”
Kate McKinnon – “Ghostbusters”
Hailee Steinfeld – “The Edge of Seventeen”
Meryl Streep – “Florence Foster Jenkins”

“10 Cloverfield Lane”
“Doctor Strange”
“Don’t Breathe”
“Star Trek Beyond”
“The Witch”

“The Handmaiden”
“The Salesman”
“Toni Erdmann”

“Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” – “La La Land”
“Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Trolls
“City of Stars” – “La La Land”
“Drive It Like You Stole It” – “Sing Street”
“How Far I’ll Go” – “Moana”
“The Rules Don’t Apply” – “Rules Don’t Apply”

Nicholas Britell – “Moonlight”
Jóhann Jóhannsson – “Arrival”
Justin Hurwitz – “La La Land”
Micachu – “Jackie”
Dustin O’Halloran, Hauschka – “Lion”

“Atlanta” – FX
“Black-ish” – ABC
“Fleabag” – Amazon
“Modern Family” – ABC
“Silicon Valley” – HBO
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Netflix
“Veep” – HBO

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Ellie Kemper – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Netflix
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Veep” – HBO
Kate McKinnon – “Saturday Night Live” – NBC
Tracee Ellis Ross – “Black-ish” – ABC
Phoebe Waller-Bridge – “Fleabag” – Amazon
Constance Wu – “Fresh Off the Boat” – ABC

Anthony Anderson – “Black-ish” – ABC
Will Forte – “The Last Man on Earth” – FOX
Donald Glover – “Atlanta” – FX
Bill Hader – “Documentary Now!” – IFC
Patrick Stewart – “Blunt Talk” – Starz
Jeffrey Tambor – “Transparent” – Amazon

Julie Bowen – “Modern Family” – ABC
Anna Chlumsky – “Veep” – HBO
Allison Janney – “Mom” – CBS
Jane Krakowski – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Netflix
Judith Light – “Transparent” – Amazon
Allison Williams – “Girls” – HBO

Louie Anderson – “Baskets” – FX
Andre Braugher – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – FOX
Tituss Burgess – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Netflix
Ty Burrell – “Modern Family” – ABC
Tony Hale – “Veep” – HBO
T.J. Miller – “Silicon Valley” – HBO

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Alec Baldwin – “Saturday Night Live” – NBC
Christine Baranski – “The Big Bang Theory” – CBS
Larry David – “Saturday Night Live” – NBC
Lisa Kudrow – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – Netflix
Liam Neeson – “Inside Amy Schumer” – Comedy Central

“Better Call Saul” – AMC
“Game of Thrones” – HBO
“Mr. Robot” – USA Network
“Stranger Things” – Netflix
“The Crown” – Netflix
“This Is Us” – NBC
“Westworld” – HBO

Sam Heughan – “Outlander” – Starz
Rami Malek – “Mr. Robot” – USA Network
Bob Odenkirk – “Better Call Saul” – AMC
Matthew Rhys – “The Americans” – FX
Liev Schreiber – “Ray Donovan” – Showtime
Kevin Spacey – “House of Cards” – Netflix

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Caitriona Balfe – “Outlander” – Starz
Viola Davis – “How to Get Away with Murder” – ABC
Tatiana Maslany – “Orphan Black” – BBC America
Keri Russell – “The Americans” – FX
Evan Rachel Wood – “Westworld” – HBO
Robin Wright – “House of Cards” – Netflix

Peter Dinklage – “Game of Thrones” – HBO
Kit Harington – “Game of Thrones” – HBO
John Lithgow – “The Crown” – Netflix
Mandy Patinkin – “Homeland” – Showtime
Christian Slater – “Mr. Robot” – USA Network
Jon Voight – “Ray Donovan” – Showtime

Christine Baranski – “The Good Wife” – CBS
Emilia Clarke – “Game of Thrones” – HBO
Lena Headey – “Game of Thrones” – HBO
Thandie Newton – Westworld – HBO
Maura Tierney – “The Affair” – Showtime
Constance Zimmer – “UnREAL” – Lifetime

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Mahershala Ali – “House of Cards” – Netflix
Lisa Bonet – “Ray Donovan” – Showtime
Ellen Burstyn – “House of Cards” – Netflix
Michael J. Fox – “The Good Wife” – CBS
Jared Harris – “The Crown” – Netflix
Jeffrey Dean Morgan – “The Walking Dead” – AMC

“All the Way” – HBO
“Confirmation” – HBO
“Killing Reagan” – National Geographic
“Roots” – History
“The Night Manager” – AMC
“The People v. O.J. Simpson” – FX

Bryan Cranston – “All the Way” – HBO
Benedict Cumberbatch – “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” – PBS
Cuba Gooding Jr. – “The People v. O.J. Simpson” – FX
Tom Hiddleston – “The Night Manager” – AMC
Tim Matheson – “Killing Reagan” – National Geographic
Courtney B. Vance – “The People v. O.J. Simpson” – FX

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Olivia Colman – “The Night Manager” – AMC
Felicity Huffman – “American Crime” – ABC
Cynthia Nixon – “Killing Reagan” – National Geographic
Sarah Paulson – “The People v. O.J. Simpson” – FX
Lili Taylor – “American Crime” – ABC
Kerry Washington – “Confirmation” – HBO

Sterling K. Brown – “The People v. O.J. Simpson” – FX *WINNER
Lane Garrison – “Roots” – History
Frank Langella – “All the Way” – HBO
Hugh Laurie – “The Night Manager” – AMC
John Travolta – “The People v. O.J. Simpson” – FX
Forest Whitaker – “Roots” – History

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Elizabeth Debicki – “The Night Manager” – AMC
Regina King – “American Crime” – ABC
Sarah Lancashire – “The Dresser” – Starz
Melissa Leo – “All the Way” – HBO
Anna Paquin – “Roots” – History
Emily Watson – “The Dresser” – Starz

“Archer” – FX
“Bob’s Burgers” – FOX
“BoJack Horseman” – Netflix
“Son of Zorn” – FOX
“South Park” – Comedy Central
“The Simpsons” – FOX

“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” – TBS
“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” – ABC
“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” – HBO
“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” – Comedy Central
“The Late Late Show with James Corden” – CBS
“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” – NBC

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“America’s Got Talent” – NBC
“MasterChef Junior” – FOX
“RuPaul’s Drag Race” – Logo
“Skin Wars” – GSN
“The Amazing Race” – CBS
“The Voice” – NBC

“Chopped” – Food Network
“Inside The Actors Studio” – Bravo
“Penn & Teller: Fool Us” – The CW
“Project Runway” – Lifetime
“Shark Tank” – ABC *WINNER
“Undercover Boss” – CBS

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” – CNN
“Chrisley Knows Best” – USA Network
“Deadliest Catch” – Discovery
“Ice Road Truckers” – History
“Intervention” – A&E
“Naked and Afraid” – Discovery

Ted Allen – “Chopped” – Food Network
Tom Bergeron – “Dancing with the Stars” – ABC
Anthony Bourdain – “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” – CNN
Nick Cannon – “America’s Got Talent” – NBC
Carson Daly – “The Voice” – NBC
RuPaul – “RuPaul’s Drag Race” – Logo

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Tom Hayden, Activist Politician and Jane Fonda Ex, Dies at 76

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Tom Hayden, a veteran social activist and politician, has died at 76, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Times said Hayden battled a lengthy illness and died in Santa Monica, California. Hayden, who served for 18 years in the California state legislature, was once married to actress Jane Fonda.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed condolences on Twitter, calling Hayden a “political giant.”

A political giant and dear friend has passed. Tom Hayden fought harder for what he believed than just about anyone I have known. RIP, Tom.

— Eric Garcetti (@ericgarcetti) October 24, 2016

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Hayden was a founding member of Students for a Democratic Society and was primary author of the group’s manifesto, the Port Huron Statement. Hayden was one of the “Chicago Eight” activists who were arrested while protesting during the 1968 Democratic National Convention but eventually acquitted.

He authored several books and was featured in The New York Times, the Boston Globe and the Denver Post. He also served on the editorial board and was a columnist for The Nation magazine. Hayden lost campaigns for U.S. Senate, governor of California and mayor of Los Angeles.

Hayden was married to Fonda from 1973 to 1990 and they had two children.

Hayden is survived by his wife, Barbara Williams, and his children Liam, Troy Garity and Mary Hayden Frey. He is also survived by stepdaughter Vanessa Vadim and her two children.

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New York Times Issues Embarrassing Correction Over ‘Goliath’ Review

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

The New York Times’ Mike Hale ripped Amazon’s “Goliath” over its “needlessly complicated structure of the initial episodes” but it turns out that the critic actually watched the episodes in the wrong order.

“A television review on Friday about the new Amazon series ‘Goliath’ included an inaccurate discussion of the show’s plot structure. The critic mistakenly watched the first two episodes out of order,” the Times printed in a correction.

The current version of the review is much more friendly, but still says the show has an “odd bordering-on-bizarre split personality.”

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Hale wrote, “It’s reasonably well executed Los Angeles noir, shot on picturesque Santa Monica and Venice locations, and carrying just the faintest echoes of John D. MacDonald and The Long Goodbye.’”

Hale also feels that actress Nina Arianda “will continue to be the best reason to watch” the show going forward.

“She’s fearless and hilarious as the low-rent lawyer and real estate agent,” he wrote.

David E. Kelley’s legal drama stars Jason RitterBilly Bob Thornton, William HurtMaria Bello, Olivia Thrilby and Molly Parker. Amazon ordered it straight to series, bypassing the usual process of putting the pilot up for voting from the masses on Amazon.

“Goliath” premiered on Oct. 14 and is apparently a decent show … if you watch the episodes in their correct order.

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