Nicole Kidman Kissed Alexander Skarsgard in Front of Keith Urban – and Twitter Can’t Handle It

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Nicole Kidman kissed Alexander Skarsgård on the lips when he won an Emmy for his performance in “Big Little Lies” on Sunday night — and her husband, Keith Urban, joined in the applause.

While the public sign of affection for her costar didn’t seem to faze the country singer, the Twitterverse had a far more extreme reaction.

“Nicole Kidman kissed Alexander Skarsgard on the lips right in front of her husband … The ultimate power move,” tweeted one user.

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“Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard on the lips in front of her own husband. A HERO. A LEGEND,” tweeted another.

Reactions ranged from utter confusion to awe, and many rushed to support Kidman in kissing her costar.

To be clear I would also kiss Nicole Kidman and/or Alexander Skarsgard in front of my husband. No question.

— Osman Faruqi (@oz_f) September 18, 2017

#AlexanderSkarsgard is beautiful so who can blame Nicole Kidman for kissing him in front of her husband. ????

— rach facchini ???? (@xRachFachx) September 18, 2017

If you’re concerned Nicole Kidman pashed Alexander Skarsgard to congratulate him at the #Emmys you didn’t watch #BigLittleLies very well.

— The Guidefather (@SteveMolk) September 18, 2017

Skarsgård won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series Emmy for his role as Perry Wright in “Big Little Lies.” Others nominated in the category were Davis Thewlis, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Bill Camp and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Kidman and Skarsgård played husband and wife in an abusive relationship –Skarsgård’s character would often beat and belittle Kidman’s, but the abuse would eventually lead to sex.

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“Big Little Lies” also stars Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz. All together, the limited series scored eight Emmys, including Kidman winning best lead and director Jean-Marc Vallee winning for best directing in a limited series.

See reactions to Kidman andSkarsgård’s kiss below.

Did Nicole Kidman just kiss Alex Skarsgard in front of Keith Urban? #Emmys

— Lucy on the Ground (@lucyo21) September 18, 2017

And here’s Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard on the lips… in front of her husband, Keith Urban. #Emmys

— Brice Sander (@bricesander) September 18, 2017

Alexander Skarsgard just kissed Nicole Kidman on the lips while Keith Urban watched. What a legend. #Emmys

— Nicki B. (@nickibee88) September 18, 2017

Did someone say a kiss a day keep Nicole Kidman at play… there u go Alexander Skarsgard #Emmys2017 and Keith claps on

— Condoms&Candy (@CondomsCandy) September 18, 2017

When Alexander Skarsgard gave Nicole Kidman a *pretty* hot kiss in front of Keith Urban:

— Kirsten King (@KirstenKing_) September 18, 2017

Nicole Kidman kissed Alexander Skarsgard on the lips right in front of her husband… The ultimate power move

— tatiana (@quavonce) September 18, 2017

Nicole Kidman getting an Emmy and kissing Alexander skarsgard all in one night, she’s living her best life

— Adelisa (@posppana) September 18, 2017

Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard on the lips in front of her own husband. A HERO. A LEGEND.

— giulia (@bessmccordss) September 18, 2017

I’m so confused as to why Nicole Kidman just kissed Alexander Skarsgard ????? LMFAO

— Анна Арсеновна (@anna_gasp19) September 18, 2017

Is this not a joke about how Nicole Kidman kissed Alexander Skarsgard in front of @keithurban

— Garden (@dwellsinmeadows) September 18, 2017


— Liz Pierson (@liz_pierson) September 18, 2017


— hayden (@hayderz) September 18, 2017

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‘Big Little Lies’ Star Alexander Skarsgard Says He’ll ‘Never Get Another Job’ After Playing Perry Wright

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(SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk if you haven’t watched the series finale of “Big Little Lies.”)

“Big Little Lies” star Alexander Skarsgard played abusive husband Perry Wright in the HBO limited series that concluded Sunday night, a role which he believes will be his last.

“I have a feeling this is going to be my last interview ever because after Perry Wright, I’ll never get another job,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “But, hell, it was worth it.”

Laughing, he added, “I’ll never play leading man, that’s for sure… but if you ever need an abusive a–hole, I’m your guy.”

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On the surface, Perry’s relationship with his wife Celeste (Nicole Kidman) is picture-perfect: They have a stunning home and adorable kids, and they seem more in love than anyone else in the city. In private, Perry abuses Celeste to the point where she needs to hide her bruises from her friends and find a new apartment for when she actually decides to leave him.

However, Skarsgard said he never shied away from the terrible and tormented character.

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“I’m either drawn to material or I’m not. It’s a visceral reaction,” he said. “There isn’t a strategy to it. I don’t think about what it’s going to do to my career. I always know instinctively if I’m right for something or I’m not. If I’m not intrigued by the character, I shouldn’t do it. In this case, it was easy. The material was so well written. It was such a fascinating character, albeit incredibly, incredibly dark. And I was drawn to him. He wasn’t a one-dimensional bad guy. It was very interesting.”

“Big Little Lies” also starred Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern. It was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and written and produced by David E. Kelley, based on the bestselling novel by Liane Moriarty.

Read his entire interview with EW here.

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