South African Hip-Hop Duo Die Antwoord Is Latest to Respond to Eminem ‘Kamikaze’ Diss (Video)

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Join the club: South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord has responded to a diss on Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ album with some bars of their own. Ninja and Yo-Landi’s comeback follows a diss track by fellow emcee Machine Gun Kelly and a lengthy podcast rant by retired Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden.

Let’s cover this one chronologically so readers get some sense of what Die Antwoord are talking about. Here is how Verse 2 on Eminem’s “Greatest” starts out:

So you sold 10 million albums, eh? (what?)
Only problem is, you put out 10 million albums, eh? (haha)
Wait, what was I just about to say?
Oh yeah, let me get this out the way
I know there’s people that are pissed about the way I mispronounced a name, “DIE ANTWOORD!”
F—, I still can’t say this s—, but how quickly they forget
Who the f— I was now Ninja try to duck my slugs
To let ya girl get f—ed by Muggs
I’d like to give a shout to Cypress
This can’t be real, you dissed me and I was just tryin’ to
Give you a shout–now get the f— out my rhyme book!

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And here is Ninja’s response lyrics:

yo EM // ¥O-LANDI’S not my girl bra // she’s just my best friend who loves me // and everybody knows VI$$Y dated MUGGZY // mad respect 2 my brother MUGGS // EM you slipping // you used 2 rap better on drugz // motherf—er im old and im ugly // but these kidz dont give a f— coz they love me // we bred these kidz EM they aint giving no f—s // but they not feeling your rhymez or your botox // or that base on your face with the fotoshop // i heard neill blomkamp is remaking ROBOCOP // yo watch a SOUTH AFRICAN // put that cool s— from DETROIT back on the map again // you went out like MICHAEL JORDAN damn! // retired as a GOD and came back as a man // nobody raw like me // E.M.I.N.E.M – R.I.P // R.I.P R.I.P // E.M.I.N.E.M – R. I. P. // FINISH HIM! // FATALITY! // E.M.I.N.E.M – R.I.P.

That formatting and grammar is straight from Die Antwoord’s YouTube post, so don’t blame us.

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That Blomkamp shoutout is a reference to the man who also directed Ninja in 2015’s “Chappie.” The “RoboCop” franchise is set in Detroit, Eminem’s home city.

This unlikely transatlantic beef has a confusing origin that technically began (on wax, at least) when Slim Shady mispronounced “Die Antwoord” on a song on 2017’s “Revival.” There’s more to it than that though — click here for the most-thorough explanation we’ve read.

Watch Die Antwoord video’s above.

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Neill Blomkamp to Direct ‘RoboCop Returns’ for MGM

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“District 9” director Neill Blomkamp has signed on to direct a new installment of the “RoboCop” series for MGM called “RoboCop Returns,” a studio representative told TheWrap.

The project is a long-dormant sequel that had been planned by the original 1987 film’s screenwriters Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, but was cancelled when director Paul Verhoeven declined to direct the project and a WGA strike in 1988 followed. Justin Rhodes, who is also attached to write the upcoming “Terminator” reboot and the DC film “Green Lantern Corps,” will rewrite Neumeier and Miner’s script, with the two original writers serving as producer and executive producer.

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It’s a change of pace for Blomkamp, who will be directing a feature film from another writer’s script for the first time since “District 9.” Since releasing his last film, “Chappie,” in 2015, Blomkamp has returned to his roots in short films, producing and directing several sci-fi and horror shorts through his new Vancouver-based studio, Oats Films.

“RoboCop” followed a Detroit police officer who is shot and nearly killed, but is resurrected as an android police officer by a powerful corporation. The film is considered one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all-time, earning three Oscar nominations and winning one for its special effects while earning praise for its satire and exploration of capitalism, law enforcement and corruption.

The film sparked a franchise that includes a 2014 remake directed by Jose Padilha, with Neumeier and Miner among the writers. The film was a domestic flop and received more tepid reviews than its original, but found success in China and earned $240 million against a $101 million budget.

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