‘Eurphoria’: Zendaya To Topline HBO Teen Drama Pilot Based On Israeli Hit, Storm Reid, Maude Apatow & Eric Dane Co-Star

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Zendaya is set to lead the cast of Euphoria, the HBO pilot based on the Israeli “Kids-meets-Trainspotting” teen drama series. HBO programming president Casey Bloys unveiled the pilot order in March at the INTV conference in Jerusalem.
The pilot, to be …

‘The House of Tomorrow’ Film Review: Wry, Heartfelt Coming-of-Age Indie Mixes Buckminster Fuller and Punk

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Geodesic domes, predicated on the concept that they could hold more space with less material, never became the ubiquitous buildings that their creator — future-forward architect and thinker Buckminster Fuller — imagined they would.

But “more with less” is a rewarding concept when it comes to indie movies, and writer-director Peter Livolsi’s “The House of Tomorrow” delivers just that in a brisk 90 minutes, telling a sweet, tart, and intelligently life-affirming story of teenage friendship and outsider spirit with a supremely light touch, and a winning collection of performances.

One of Fuller’s residential domes, tucked away in the Minnesota woods, is where we meet Sebastian Prendergast (Asa Butterfield), a 16-year-old student of the endlessly creative, eccentric inventor’s ideas. His interest no doubt has to do with the fact that he’s been raised his whole life under the careful, home-schooled watch of his guardian Nana Josephine (Ellen Burstyn), once one of Fuller’s architect disciples. Together they live like health-conscious ascetics in a dome that’s also a local tourist attraction, one in which Nana greets guests (in the opening scene, a youth group from a Lutheran church) with a big smile and a “Welcome to the future!”

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Skinny, polite Sebastian has little experience with the outside world. But in the wake of a stroke his Nana suffers during the church group’s visit, he gets to know one of the kids, Jared Whitcomb (Alex Wolff), a sharp-eyed, combative punk fanatic with a heart transplant scar.

Though same-aged Jared is the opposite in nearly every way to Sebastian — rude to his kind-hearted single dad Alan (Nick Offerman) and snarling older sister Meredith (Maude Apatow), dismissive of the meds regimen that tends to his tenuous health, and in general an inveterate rule-breaker — the pair develop a fast bond over their status as misfits tired of restraints.

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Sebastian, enabled by the dad’s Christian hospitality and drawn to Jared’s thrashing music tastes (and maybe a teensy crush on Meredith), starts sneaking away from home to hang at the Whitcomb house, which spurs Jared to insist the pair form a punk duo (with Sebastian learning on a bass guitar stolen from the church).

Any well-seasoned moviegoer will see the feel-good path of world-opening adolescent rebellion embedded into the DNA of “The House of Tomorrow,” which Livolsi adapted from a 2011 novel by Peter Bognanni. But what makes the movie organically enjoyable outside of its expected direction is that the manifestation of Sebastian’s and Jared’s mutually beneficial attachment is, in Livolsi’s hands, a delicate simmer instead of a sentimental splash, and tended to with plenty of deadpan wit and honest feeling. (Not to mention a delectable punk soundtrack, featuring The Germs, Richard Hell, and Black Flag.)

Sebastian’s social flowering isn’t coaxed by a vision of another family’s domestic purity, after all — Alan is devoted to caring for Jared, which Jared answers by lashing out — but rather by the humane dysfunction of inherently good people making do under one roof. (Or, in the case of a few apartment scenes featuring a wonderfully understated Michaela Watkins as Jared’s struggling mom, roofs separated by a divorce.)

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For Jared, on the other hand, Sebastian offers not just any old escapist companionship, but an opportunity to reformulate his contempt at being handled like a boy in a bubble into a form of vinegary empathy for another cloistered, treatable patient. At the very least, “The House of Tomorrow” boasts a wise emotional intelligence about what draws us out of our imposed worlds and toward the unlikeliest of enrichments.

The movie’s heart-smarts are bolstered by its actors, starting with Butterfield, who creates the subtlest of transformations from beanpole, alien-like awkwardness (his reaction to his first soda is priceless) to confidently unshackled, wannabe punk. Wolff has arguably the tougher role, but earns our sympathy for his teenage prickliness (and prick-ishness) through his soulful eyes and modulated glimpses at Jared’s vulnerable side.

In the Whitcomb abode, they’re both supported by Offerman’s nuanced portrait of all-in parenting, and Apatow’s nicely turned take on annoyed sister as secretly affectionate sparring partner. And though Burstyn’s character is the least believably drawn, the Oscar-winner — who in real life knew Buckminster Fuller (thus requiring no digital wizardry when you see Burstyn in archival footage of him from the ’70s) — puts in her paces with expectedly vivid professionalism.

For a movie whose hiccoughs and payoffs are expected, and whose seams occasionally show, “The House of Tomorrow” is as engagingly designed and executed as one of Fuller’s nifty, thought-provoking inventions. The ironic truth about Fuller’s legacy is that none of his creations ever truly caught on, and yet the sheer vivacity of his belief in solving earth’s problems with ingenuity proved to be its own kind of enduring gift.

A similar irony can be found nestled in the indie charm of “The House of Tomorrow”: that by bringing together the tear-down ethos of punk with the build-up idealism of Fuller, two broken kids can find a workable equilibrium through which to combat the problems of everyday life.

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Sundance Parties 2018: Highlights of the Starry Scene Invading Park City

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Bundle up for Hollywood’s winter ski trip.

A stack of Sundance regulars (Carey Mulligan, Ethan Hawke, Common, Elle Fanning, Jack Black, Armie Hammer) and some more infrequent festival talent (Keira Knightley, Usher, Jonah Hill) will soon be invading Park City, Utah, as the festival begins on Thursday, January 18. We will be right there with them.

For Sundance 2018, The Wrap is riding shotgun with Acura. The auto company is the presenting sponsor of the 2018 festival and will present both the U.S. Dramatic and Documentary audience awards.

In addition to hosting TheWrap’s interview suite and photo studio, the wheels of the fest are sponsoring this very Party Report to help deliver insider party and event coverage.

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Nick Jonas and Nicole Kidman already know the drill.

If you’ll be in Park City, look for the new immersive Festival Village footprint located on Swede Alley.

Top talent, filmmakers, and creative ensembles will pass through providing a steady stream of #CelebSightings. (Follow along on @SundanceParties and @TheWrap on Instagram).

Maude Apatow and Judd Apatow at a prior Sundance.

If you’re in Park City, you’ll see the fleet of 100 Acura MDX luxury SUVs shuttling jurors, actors, and creative ensembles to screenings, junkets, and parties.

The lineup looks strong. For film-only purists, check out TheWrap’s preview of the titles making noise already.

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For festival attendees who care more for after-parties than midnight showings — a not insignificant delegation of the industry — consider this the social scene lineup reveal.

Here is The Party Report’s curated list of the top invites, select guest lists, and most sought after invites people are seeking in their inboxes.

Note: This is not a comprehensive guide to the parties in Park City. Those laundry lists of hundreds of official and mostly unofficial gatherings are floating around the industry.

What follows is a curated cull of of choice events. If you see an invite or event that catches your eye, feel free to tip The Party Report at the end of this long piece.

Wine and Film Premiere Open to the 21+ Public
Francis Coppola’s Director’s Short Film Competition Screening and Winner Reveal
Holiday Theatre, 1776 Park Ave
Friday January 19, 8:30 p.m.

Cinephiles, you are not going to have to wait long for film prizes to begin flying in the mountains.

The six-time Oscar winner’s family winery is the exclusive wine sponsor of Sundance and will be the only (non-sparkling) wine poured at the upcoming 90th Oscars and the Governors Ball.

Here, on the first full day of the festival, Roman Coppola will share the top five films of this shorts festival and reveal the winner. I am going to be emceeing this screening at the Holiday and anyone over 21 (festival credential or not) can come pick up first-come first-serve tickets beginning at 8 p.m.

The night will conclude with a premiere viewing of the Tim Burton-esque branded film “The Red Stain” directed by Rodrigo Saavedra. Let’s hope Saavedra’s title refers only to the onscreen action and not any errant dribbles on to your starchy white parka.

Women in Film Cocktail Party
Friday, Jan. 19, 8-10 p.m.
Café Artois, 364 Main Street Park City, UT 84060

Ava DuVernay, WIF President Cathy Schulman, and Meryl Streep at Women In Film’s 2017 Oscar party, (Getty Images)

Throughout the festival, official partner Stella Artois is putting a spotlight on female-led stories, casts and filmmakers. Those ubiquitous chalices will be raised to those using film and media to ignite social change.   

On Friday night (Jan. 19), Women in Film starts things off by announcing its Film Finishing Fund winners before Chloe Sevigny’s “Lizzie” cast arrives for a late night post-screening party. The next day, WIF hosts a panel with leading women producers and directors on “The Road to 50/50,” the initiative to achieve gender parity throughout the industry.

UTA Sundance Brunch
Sunday, Jan. 21, 10:30 a.m.
Location Withheld

These guys have their claws deep in to Sundance, beginning with the “Delta Festival Shuttle” that flies a commercial planeload of industry bigshots to Utah together every year.

Alex Berliner/AB Images

The Grey Goose Door Lounge
449 Main Street (across from the Post Office in its old location)
Throughout the Festival

(Above, from 2014, an all time highlight from the Grey Goose space.)

After a two-year absence, Grey Goose’s hospitality returns to Park City. They aren’t wasting any time. Nick Offerman, Sasha Lane, Kiersey Clemons, Blythe Danner and Ted Danson of “Hearts Beat Loud” will christen the space on opening night (Thursday, Jan. 18).

On Sunday (Jan. 21) at 9 p.m., I predict a line snaking down Main St. for the after-party for “Burden.” Garrett Hedlund, Forest Whitaker and Usher are scheduled to celebrate inside before a performance by Common.

Other highlights include the recent Golden Globe and Critics Choice winner Laura Dern’s soiree for “The Tale” (Jason Ritter and Ellen Burstyn co-star) and the “Sorry to Bother You” bash with a buzzy cast. “Atlanta” star Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, and Armie Hammer all topline Boots Riley’s directorial debut.

DirecTV’s NFL AFC/NFC Championship Games Viewing Party
Heber and Main (formerly Zoom) at 660 Main St.
Sunday, Jan. 21, 1 – 7 p.m.

Find out who will be going to the Super Bowl two weeks later in (equally freezing) Minnesota. Craig’s, West Hollywood’s paparazzi magnet, caters the food. Remember that DirecTV boasts the Sunday Ticket relationship with the NFL and throws a massive pop concert on the eve of the Super Bowl each year, so this room is looking beyond Park City.

Chase Sapphire on Main’s Heavyweight First Night
Friday, Jan. 19

Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jack Black are all expected at the late night premiere party for Gus Van Sant’s “Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot.”

This one goes until 2:30 a.m. on the first Friday. Earlier that night, the Pauls (Rudd and Giamatti, not Jake and Logan) will headline the “Catcher Was a Spy” party. Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, Peer Dinklage, Elle Fanning, and Suki Waterhouse are all expected to pour through the space on opening weekend.

*Musical Performance* Anthony Mandler and John Legend’s Party for “Monster”
Chase Sapphire Space
Monday, Jan. 22 (6-9 p.m.)

Despite “Monster’s” serious storyline of “American injustice” for a black teenager caught up in a deadly crime, the offscreen scene around this entrant in the U.S. Dramatic Competition is buzzy.

Anthony Mandler has directed 15 videos for Rihanna (as well as Taylor Sift, Jay Z, and Drake, among others) and perennial festival creative John Legend is an executive producer in a producer corps that includes Mike Jackson (“La La Land”) and Tonya Lewis Lee (“She’s Gotta Have It”). Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright are in the billing block. Expect a “surprise performance” and a crowded room at this one.

Reviewing the two preceding entries in this preview, if you get an invitation to anything at this space, you should go.

The Yard
Friday, Jan. 19 – Sunday, Jan. 21, 11 p.m. – late

Since the nightclub pop-up first moved off its longtime perch under Main Street last year, the dominant late night social hub at the festival has colonized an entire block in Hollywood.

That took its relationship with Hollywood — the industry, not the zip code — to the next level.

Speaking of “taking it to the next level,” Tinder is getting in on the action as a sponsor providing a “heated outdoor lounge.” It’s pretty dark in there to begin with, so I’m not sure how or why this is necessary except for waiting for [TAO EXECUTIVE NAME REDACTED] to maybe grant you and your crew access to get inside.

Tequila Don Julio, who have primed relationships with nearly all of the DJs on the bill (above), will grace the VIP tables.

Imagine Dragons’ Frontman Dan Reynolds’ “Believer”
Saturday night, Jan. 20, 11:30 p.m. – late
Café Artois, 364 Main Street Park City, UT 84060

Dan Reynolds dives in to the Mormon church’s treatment of LGBTQ youth in “Believer.”

“Believer” documents the Mormon rocker’s investigation of how the Mormon church approaches the LGBTQ community and his creation of LoveLoud, a festival designed to bring awareness and fundraiser for LBBTQ youth.

Co-founder Tyler Glenn (of Neon Trees ) and director Dan Argott are expected to join. HBO has already acquired the rights to the Live Nation-produced doc. Bonus: Hans Zimmer composed the music.

ChefDance 2018
Thursday, Jan. 18 – Monday, Jan. 22

Keanu Reeves, host Mimi Kim, and Chef Brian Malarkey at ChefDance 2017. (Jordan Kartchner)

An official festival partner, Mimi Kim hosts a celebration of “food, culture, and people in an exclusive setting.”

Unpacking the glossy aura of “Top Chef” for a boisterous crowd every night, the multi-course dinner party is “event dining” on Main St. Some Angelenos got a sneak preview of this year’s menu at Kim’s L.A. house on Jan. 9, but hundreds more will taste chefs Luigi Fineo (Osteria Venice West) on Friday Jan. 19, Chef Beau MacMillan (Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa) on Sunday Jan 21., and Chef Brian Malarkey (Herringbone La Jolla, Herringbone Santa Monica) who joins ChefDance for a special evening in support of The Art of Elysium on Monday, Jan 22.

Sorry, folks, Saturday night is reserved for Refinery 29’s “49 Remarkable Women and One Really Cool Dude” event. Some tickets are still available here.

Main Street Park City (courtesy of the Sundance Institute)

The Sundance Film Festival takes place from Jan. 18-28 in Park City, Utah.

Unless otherwise noted, all events are private and by invitation only. Standing out in the cold trying to text someone inside to get you in is a real bummer. Get your RSVPs in advance, don’t be a creepy crasher, and arrive respectfully. #SundancePSA.

Please send invites, new bookings, and updates to the The Party Report columnist Mikey Glazer, here.

TheWrap’s Party Report at Sundance is a partnership with Acura, the presenting sponsor of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Keep up with real-time images of the scene in Park City on @SundanceParties on Instagram).

The Party Report and this writer are not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Sundance Institute or the Sundance Film Festival.

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