Elizabeth Warren Tells Stephen Colbert She Does Not Trust Barr’s Mueller Report Recap

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Late Show host Stephen Colbert on Monday night asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren if she believes Attorney General Bill Barr’s four-page memo on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian election meddling, in which Barr says Mueller foun…

Samsung Offers ‘Tonight’ Audience Different View of Jimmy Fallon (EXCLUSIVE)

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Samsung wants to change the way viewers look at Jimmy Fallon. Monday night’s broadcast of NBC’s “Tonight Show” will feature no opening monologue and no traditional sit-downs with guests. Instead, Fallon will open the program by telling viewers that the…

Bill Maher & Larry Charles Talk Dangerous Comedy And How ‘Seinfeld’ Erases Borders

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Well, there certainly was no shortage of national news for the host to dig into Friday on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. Writers likely had to scramble to update the monologue after word surfaced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had …

Jimmy Kimmel To Host Kardashians, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, James Taylor, Celine Dion In ‘JKL’s Vegas Week

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ABC has unveiled Jimmy Kimmel’s guest list for JKL’s first Las Vegas trip.
Among his guests: Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Seth Rogen, Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Celine Dion, The Killers, James Taylor, Marshm…

David Letterman Tells Ellen DeGeneres He Stayed Too Long At ‘Late Show’: “Nobody Had The Guts To Fire Me”

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As Jay Leno bemoans the politically one-sided meanness of today’s late-night comedy landscape – a stance all but impossible to take seriously after John Oliver’s brilliant debunking – his former rival for wee-hour dominance is h…

Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump And Devin Nunes : “Babies” About ‘SNL’ And @DevinCow

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Seth Meyers opened Late Night’s “Closer Look” segment noting President Donald Trump likes to call people “babies.”
And yet, Trump keeps whining about people he thinks are being mean to him, from Saturday Night Live to the …

Samantha Bee Breaks Down List Of Dem White House Hopefuls On ‘Full Frontal’

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The list of Dem White House hopefuls now includes 14 officially declared candidates, two exploratory committees, and “one Jesus Christ just make up your f*cking mind already!” (aka Joe Biden), Samanatha Bee updated Full Frontal viewers.

Stephen Colbert Diagnoses Donald Trump’s Deranged Sunday Tweetstorm

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President Donald Trump won’t come out and condemn anti-Muslim terrorism, or white supremacy, or mention that it’s on the rise,” Stephen Colbert said Monday at the top of The Late Show.
But pretty much everything else seemed to enrage POTUS who, i…

John Oliver Blasts Jay Leno’s Scolding Of Late-Night TV For Lack Of “Civility”

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John Oliver savaged Jay Leno’s call for more civility in late night TV on Last Week Tonight.
Last week, Leno stopped by NBC’s Today show and said he did not miss hosting a late-night show because “everything now is, if people don’t li…

‘Beto O’Rourke’ And His Hysterical Hands Announce 2020 Bid On ‘Tonight Show’

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Tonight show opened with a message from Jimmy Fallon playing one very over-caffeinated Beto O’Rourke – newest Dem White House hopeful.
“Hi, I’m Beto O’Rourke and I’m excited!” he shouted, flinging his arms about while his  “wife&#8221…

Trevor Noah Compares Beto O’Rourke’s Hand Gestures To Donald Trump’s

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“There is an old African saying: If you keep quiet for long enough, you can hear a new Democrat join the presidential race,” Trevor Noah joked as he began The Daily Show segment on the latest politician to throw his hat into the ring: Beto …

YouTube Star Lilly Singh To Replace Carson Daly In NBC’s Late-Night

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NBC has found its replacement for Carson Daly. Lilly Singh will take over the 1:35 am timeslot with A Little Late with Lilly Singh, making her the only woman to currently host a late-night talk show on a Big 4 network.
Debuting in September, A Little …

“Rich People Are Insane” Seth Meyers Explains Of College Admission Bribery Scandal

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Seth takes a closer look at how the massive college admission scam and the sentencing of President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman expose corruption at the highest levels of society.
“Rich people are insane,” Meyers said, in a…

Trump Applauds Jay Leno’s Lament About ‘One-Sided’ Politics of Today’s Late Night Comedy (Video)

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President Donald Trump was quick to weigh in after former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno said modern late-night comics are “one-sided” in their political attacks.

“Actually, the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me, unwatchable,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday. “But remember, WE are number one – President!”

In an interview during the third hour of “Today” Wednesday, Leno said he doesn’t miss the days of doing “The Tonight Show” because now, “everyone has to know your politics.” He added that Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and the rest have it harder now than when he was hosting “The Tonight Show” because everyone is so focused on the political news cycle.

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“When people see you as one-sided, it just makes it tough,” Leno said. “I did it when Clinton was horny and Bush was dumb. It was a little easier. Now it’s all very serious. I’d just like to see a little civility come back to it.”

Leno’s comments actually inspired an early tweet from the President himself, who heard a paraphrased quote from the Leno interview on “Fox & Friends” and ran with it to call out the late night comics for being “totally one-sided.”

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That’s not to say Leno let Trump off easy, he just said it’s harder to make comedy in the Trump era.

“Everyone says, it must be easy to do jokes with Trump. No, it’s actually harder,” Leno said. “Because the punch-line of the joke used to be, ‘It’s like the President is with a porn star.’ Well now the President is with a porn star! Where do you go with that? How do you get more outrageous than that?”

Leno said he always followed Johnny Carson’s model in hoping that your audience could never figure out your politics, and he admitted he would get hate mail from both sides of the aisle equally. Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s changed in the appetite for late night comedy.

“The theory when we did the show was, you just watched the news, we’ll make fun of the news and get your mind off the news,” Leno said. “Now people just want to be on the news all the time. You just have one subject, the same topic every night.”

Watch Leno’s “Today” segment above.

“Jay Leno points out that comedy (on the very boring late night shows) is totally one-sided. It’s tough when there’s only one topic.” @foxandfriends Actually, the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me, unwatchable. But remember, WE are number one – President!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2019

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