Franchesca Ramsey learned a lot working on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore


Over the past decade, Franchesca Ramsey has amassed a sizable internet following thanks to her personal YouTube channel and hosting gig on MTV’s webseries Decoded. Her experience and internet savvy led to a stint as a contributor on the tragically short-lived The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore. At Sundance, where the…

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Michael Wolff To Bill Maher: ‘Fire And Fury’ Has “Incendiary” Unsolved Secret


Could there possibly be anything left unsaid or unreported about Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury? Yes, says the author, and it’s “incendiary.”
On that, Wolff and his critics are likely to agree.
Wolff, a guest on tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher, told the HBO host that one revelation remains undiscovered in his much-raked-over book about Donald Trump’s first year in the Oval Office, and it’s a juicy one.
And, no, he wasn’t talking about Interracial Baby Races, contrary…

Scarlett Johansson, Alfre Woodard, Laverne Cox and Olivia Munn Set to Join Women’s March


Scarlett Johansson, Alfre Woodard, Laverne Cox and Olivia Munn are among the famous names joining Women’s March L.A. on Jan. 20 to support women’s rights, human rights, civil liberties and social justice.

This is the second annual march through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, which started last year as part of a worldwide protest in the wake of President Trump taking office.

Other stars set to join this year’s march include Chloe Bennet, Rowan Blanchard, Yvette Nicole Brown, Sophia Bush, Lea DeLaria, Tony Goldwyn, Paris Jackson, Megan Mullally, Nicole Richie, Catt Sadler, Adam Scott, Olivia Wilde and Larry Wilmore, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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A year into the Trump presidency, there has never been more focus on women’s rights and gender equality has never been greater in light of the multiple sexual harassment accusations that have rocked Hollywood and sparked the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns.

Female empowerment dominated the Golden Globes last Sunday as countless stars wore head-to-toe black protesting sexual assault, abuse and harassment in Hollywood, and supporting those who have spoken out about these issues. This comes after heavyweights like Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Louis C.K., Morgan Spurlock, and many more of have been accused of sexual misconduct.

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Idina Menzel, Andra Day, Rachel Platten, Maxwell, and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles with Melissa Etheridge are also expected to perform at Women’s March Los Angeles,

The event begins at 8:30 a.m. in Pershing Square, with the march beginning at 10 a.m. and concluding in Grand Park around 3 p.m. It’s also expected to stream on Facebook Live.

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It is estimated that between 3,267,134 and 5,246,670 people participated in the Women’s March in the United States in January 2017.

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13 Stars Who Imagined Violence Against Donald Trump, From Kathy Griffin to Snoop Dogg (Photos)


Since the election, many celebrities have voiced their displeasure over President Trump and his administration. Some have even called for violence. From Robert De Niro to Snoop Dogg, here are nine left-leaning noteworthy people who have incited violence toward Trump and the GOP.


Moby’s latest video is simultaneously nostalgic and dystopian. In 1980s cartoon fashion, a giant Transformer-like Trump morphs into a swastika/dollar sign and wreaks havoc on a city before meeting a fiery, explosive demise.


Madonna admitted to a crowd of thousands at the Women’s March on Washington that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” The singer’s profanity-riddled jab at the largely Republican administration provoked the anger of many conservatives.

Kathy Griffin

This comedienne landed in hot water after photos surfaced of her holding a fake bloody, decapitated Trump head. Griffin was promptly dropped by Squatty Potty and CNN. Trump himself called the photos “sick” and tweeted that his children were “having a hard time” with the images.

New York City Public Theater

This nonprofit theater staged a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” that made conservative viewers want to revolt. In the production, a Trump-esque figure is stabbed to death by a band of angry Senators. The Public Theater subsequently lost sponsorships from Delta Airlines and Bank of America.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s music video for “Lavender” (literally) paints the POTUS as a clown and orchestrates his death. At the video’s end, the “Gin and Juice” rapper points a gun at the harlequin Trump figure and shoots. But instead of a bullet, a red flag that reads “Bang!” fires out of the gun.

Mickey Rourke

In a TMZ video from 2015, this boxer-turned-actor directed his rage toward Trump, calling him a “big-mouthed bitch bully” and saying he would “love 30 seconds in a room with the little bitch.” Rourke has also expressed a desire to “give [Trump] a Louisville slugger.”

Marilyn Manson

Right after the election, shock-rocker Marilyn Manson had to take his turn in the Trump-bashing festivities. In a teaser video for his song, “Say10,” a Trump-like persona wearing a suit and a red tie lies decapitated on a concrete floor, in a pool of his own blood.

Robert De Niro

This actor is not afraid to express his disdain for the Commander in Chief. De Niro confirmed to ABC’s “The View” in February that he would like to punch Trump in the face. He clarified earlier comments, saying “It wasn’t like I was gonna go find him and [really] punch him in the face, but he’s gotta hear it.”

James T. Hodgkinson

James T. Hodgkinson is the man responsible for shooting and injuring several GOP leaders at a recent Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. According to the Washington Post, Hodgkinson worked on Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid.


Larry Wilmore and Bassem Youssef developing show about superpowered Middle Eastern family


According to Variety, Larry Wilmore and Bassem Youssef are developing a sitcom for ABC about a Middle Eastern family living in America “at a time when it’s illegal to be a superhero.” In a tragic twist, though, the family happens to have superpowers, meaning they must work to save the world in secret. It also may or…

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Larry Wilmore & Bassem Youssef Team For Superhero Middle Eastern American Family Comedy At ABC


The Bernie Mac Show creator Larry Wilmore is returning to the family comedy arena with a twist. Wilmore has partnered with comedian Bassem Youssef, known as Jon Stewart of Egypt, for a comedy about a Middle Eastern American family of superheroes, which has been set up at ABC.
The untitled project (aka Super Challenged Heroes, SCH) is an action-adventure-fantasy show that asks the question: what is it like to be a hero in a world that treats you like a villain? It centers…