We Finally Got the Blooper Reel From Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Favorite ‘Veep’ Scene (Video)

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Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel — Julia Louis-Dreyfus saved the blooper reel from her favorite-ever “Veep” scene for the other Jimmy, Fallon. Or probably it just worked out that way.

On Thursday, the “Seinfeld” alum brought “The Tonight Show” outtakes from a classic and intimate Season 6 moment her character Selina Meyer shared with co-star Tony Hale’s Gary Walsh.

“I brought it as a gift,” Louis-Dreyfus told her latest late-night host. “Merry Christmas.”

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In the clip, Meyer is uncharacteristically caring for Walsh after his heart attack, which followed her own heart attack earlier in the episode. In a rare moment of affection, Meyer makes a meal for Walsh, who is recovering in her basement. Unfortunately, the food — much like Gary and Selina earlier — has taken a turn for the worst.

“We could not get through [the scene],” Louis-Dreyfus tells Fallon’s NBC audience. “I was so close to him, and the food was rancid that I gave him — literally rancid.”

In the footage itself, JLD couldn’t stay in character as Meyer very much.

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“F–k me,” she appears to say in the censored-for-broadcast outtake. “How am I supposed to endure this bulls—t?”

“I’m sitting next to a circus act,” the on-set HBO star adds.

Watch the video above.

“Veep” returns to HBO with its seventh and final season on March 31.

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Jimmy Fallon Debuts His Really, Really Excitable Beto O’Rourke Impression (Video)

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Jimmy Fallon debuted his Beto O’Rourke impression on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” when he probably had to pound Red Bulls to keep his energy up that high. Chill with the hands, dude.

In announcing his 2020 Democratic candidacy for president of the United States of America, Fallon’s Beto described himself as being “sort of like if a compassionate head-nod turned into a person,” and “if your friend’s hot dad had the energy of a golden retriever.”

The whole time his hands were going crazy. God bless “Beto’s” wife, who pretty much hung on to her hubby’s arm for dear life throughout the entire sketch.

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Watch the video above.

For comparison’s sake, here is what Fallon was spoofing:

I am running to serve you as the next president. The challenges we face are the greatest in living memory. No one person can meet them on their own. Only this country can do that, and only if we build a movement that includes all of us. Say you’re in: https://t.co/EKLdkVET2u pic.twitter.com/lainXyvG2n

— Beto O’Rourke (@BetoORourke) March 14, 2019

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Even President Trump, whom O’Rourke hopes to face and defeat in 2020, noticed the hands thing.

When asked what he thought of Beto’s (real) announcement, Trump replied, “Well, I think he’s got a lot of hand movement — I’ve never seen so much hand movement. I said, ‘Is he crazy or is that just the way he acts?”

“I watched him a little while this morning… and I’ve actually never seen anything quite like it,” he continued. “Study it. I’m sure you’ll agree.”

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Watch Trump’s reply below.

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‘Beto O’Rourke’ And His Hysterical Hands Announce 2020 Bid On ‘Tonight Show’

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Tonight show opened with a message from Jimmy Fallon playing one very over-caffeinated Beto O’Rourke – newest Dem White House hopeful.
“Hi, I’m Beto O’Rourke and I’m excited!” he shouted, flinging his arms about while his  “wife&#8221…

Jimmy Fallon Hooks Mark Ruffalo Up to a Lie Detector to Uncover ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Secrets (Video)

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Jimmy Fallon knows that of all the Avengers, Mark Ruffalo is probably the worst at keeping secrets. Ahead of the new trailer for “Avengers: Endgame” dropping this morning, Fallon hooked the actor who plays Bruce Banner up to a lie detector in order to extract any “Endgame” secrets.

“I don’t want to get fired again,” Ruffalo said, referring to the last time he appeared on “The Tonight Show” when he revealed that the title of the new movie was “Endgame.” The title was bleeped, but internet sleuths figured it out anyway. Ruffalo even inadvertently said during a junket that everyone dies at the end of “Infinity War.” No one believed him, but they should have based the look on Don Cheadle’s face during Ruffalo’s reveal.

Fallon first asked if The Hulk is actually a shape-shifting Skrull alien, as revealed in “Captain Marvel.” Survey says…Ruffalo’s lying when he says he can’t answer that.

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Next up, are there any secret clues in the trailer we haven’t uncovered yet, Fallon asked. Ruffalo said no, which was a “lie,” but then Marvel dropped a new trailer Thursday morning, which makes it all moot anyway. “This is BS,” Ruffalo shouted.

Then Fallon asked if Bruce Banner and Black Widow will get together romantically. The needle moved furiously again. Ruffalo then got one right when Fallon asked if Cheadle is sexier than he is.

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Finally, Fallon asked if everyone who got snapped by Thanos was actually gone, or if they could come back? Ruffalo pleaded the fifth and snapped himself to end the segment.

Watch Ruffalo’s segment on “The Tonight Show” from Wednesday above.

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Angry Jay Leno Interrupts Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue to Get a Few Things Off His Chest (Video)

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Jay Leno is mad as hell, and he’s not taking it anymore. The former host of “The Tonight Show” hijacked Jimmy Fallon’s monologue on Wednesday to get a few things off his chest.

Here was Leno’s angry opener: “There is this annoying trend in advertising — especially on cable — where they want you to get to know the non-celebrity spokesman for whatever the product is. There’s one running on CNN right now. It says, ‘Bob is 68 years old, Bob has hemorrhoids. Learn more about Bob’s story on hemorrhoids.com.’ I don’t want to know Bob’s story, OK?”

“How empty is my life that I have time to go to this website?” he continued. “Hey, if I want to see hemorrhoids, I can stand in the bathroom with a hand mirror, OK?”

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The ranting comic then tied his hemorrhoids material into a medical marijuana joke. The uncharacteristically pissed-off car collector then gave it to Apple, Amazon, and our city of angels, Los Angeles.

Watch the video above.

Before “Tonight” even taped, Leno was already making Wednesday headlines. Appearing on the third hour of yesterday’s “Today” show, Leno lamented the “one-sided” approach he believes present-day late-night hosts take with political material.

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“When people see you as one-sided, it just makes it tough,” Leno said. “I did it when Clinton was horny and Bush was dumb. It was a little easier. Now it’s all very serious. I’d just like to see a little civility come back to it.”

President Trump applauded Leno on Twitter for those remarks.

“Actually, the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me, unwatchable,” Trump tweeted. “But remember, WE are number one – President!”

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Last time everyone’s favorite Hulk Mark Ruffalo did press for an Avengers movie, well, it didn’t go well. At least not for the Watchers at Marvel, who themselves hulked out a bit when Ruffalo, alongside the more locked-down Don Cheadle, endearingly blu…

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Games Are Coming to NBC Primetime With ‘That’s My Jam’ Series Order

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Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Musical Impressions” bit from the “Tonight Show” is getting into its own unscripted series on NBC.

Titled “That’s My Jam,” the show received a 10-episode order and will feature a new cast of celebrities each week participating in an hour-long competition inspired by the improvised segment in which contestants spin a wheel and have to sing a song in the style of a randomly chosen pop culture icon.

Fallon will executive produce and the show will feature musical games in the spirit of celebrity-challenge segments like “Musical Genre Challenge” and “History of Rap.” Jeff Apploff will serve as the series’ showrunner.

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“We love playing these games on the show and it’ll be fun to see it taken to the next level,” Fallon said in a statement.

“Jimmy reinvented the late-night genre with his one-of-a-kind celebrity game segments that show our favorite stars at their most clever, creative and relaxed,” Meredith Ahr, president of Alternative and Reality Group at NBC Entertainment, said. “We’re thrilled to bring viewers a new set of games and create a weekly party that is just as much fun to watch as it is to play along.”

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NBC has given a 10-episode series order to That’s My Jam, an unscripted music and variety game show inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s viral hit Tonight Show segments “Wheel of Musical Impressions.”
Fallon will executive produce the hou…

Stephen Colbert Grabs Demo Lead From Jimmy Fallon

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Stephen Colbert looks to have finally got a demo ratings lead over Jimmy Fallon that might survive Nielsen updating.
CBS Late Show host already had claimed its first demo lead over NBC’s Tonight Show star back when season stats through November 1…

Stephen Colbert Leads Jimmy Fallon in Ratings for First Season Ever

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Stephen Colbert has dethroned Jimmy Fallon in demo ratings: The “Late Show” now leads the “Tonight Show” (and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for that matter) among adults 18 to 49.

The margin for this season’s current 1-2 rankings is incredibly thin. Considering Colbert has been dominant in total viewers for a while now, this is the very first time he could claim being No. 1 outright.

Based on the latest Nielsen data, Colbert just barely edges Fallon, with a 0.54 demo rating vs. a 0.53. Here’s a more digestible stat: CBS’ “Late Show” is currently averaging 692,000 viewers in that all-important demographic, NBC’s “Tonight” is close behind with 686,000. Jimmy Kimmel is averaging 510,000 audience members per episode over on ABC.

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The Colbert-Fallon race among adults 18-49 is so tight that it will likely go back and forth for the remainder of the season. Jimmy Kimmel is a pretty distant third in both key categories.

It’s worth noting here that Colbert aired reruns last week, which actually works out in his favor as those are omitted from seasonal averages. Fallon aired originals, which are counted. At this point in the season, barring sweeps or another special week, that will generally only hurt.

Back in November, TheWrap and others reported that Colbert’s “Late Show” beat Fallon’s “Tonight Show” in demo ratings for the first week ever. Ultimately, when the data was finalized, that preliminary Colbert victory actually ended up being a tie between the two biggest late-night shows.

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Pete Davidson, John Mulaney Reveal Some Crazy Stories – Including One Involving a Cannibal (Video)

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“SNL” cast member Pete Davidson and this weekend’s host John Mulaney joined Jimmy Fallon in a smokey room on Thursday for some “True Confessions.”

Here’s the way the “Tonight Show” game works: Participants take turns confessing a random fact while the others interrogate them to determine whether it’s a truth or a lie. Each player is armed with one real story and one fabricated one, the others pick which envelope is opened.

Mulaney was up first: “My neighbor was arrested by the FBI for being a cannibal.”

That one can’t be true, right? Think again. Yeah, this is a messed up world.

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After Fallon shared a blackout drunk story, which was also true, Davidson opened Envelope No. 1.

“Lorne Michaels and I went to Jamaica together on vacation for New Year’s,” Davidson recited.

“I … really want that to be a lie,” Mulaney said.

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The story doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons, especially if you know “Saturday Night Live” boss Michaels.

“There’s really nothing in Jamaica that you haven’t duplicated here in the United States,” Mulaney quipped, clearly referring to Pete’s very public pot-smoking habits.

Making the story even less believable, Davidson said this was during his very first season on “SNL.”

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“The first season, you’re never really that close with Lorne,” Fallon reasoned.

“Eight episodes in, a man your senior goes, ‘That kid, Jamaica’?” Mulaney said.

Both guessed it was false. Both were wrong.

Watch the video above.

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Watch John Mulaney Completely Blow His 2009 ‘SNL’ On-Camera Debut (Video)

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John Mulaney, who is hosting “SNL” this weekend for the second time, didn’t quite stick the landing in his 2009 on-camera debut, back when he was a “Saturday Night Live” writer. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon has the video evidence.

Mulaney guested on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” to promote his weekend gig down the hall. While he was there, the stand-up comic shared his “SNL” journey, from failed cast-member audition to present.

Despite not making the cut as a performer, Mulaney was brought aboard as a writer in 2008. The following year, he was called on to be a gloried extra in an Activia Yogurt commercial spoof starring Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Abby Elliott. Mulaney didn’t quite nail that very supporting role — and fans can half-blame Bobby Moynihan for that.

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Playing a clapboard operator, Mulaney did his “Take 1!” line without a hitch — and then he got caught celebrating a little too much.

“Then I walked off camera … and then Bobby Moynihan was there, and it was my first time on-camera,” Mulaney recalled. “So we start high-fiving — like, a lot. Like, way too much for one line.”

“And then I look over and Lorne [Michaels] is starring at us,” he continued, “and then I realize that I’m late and I missed my cue. And I ran back on and was like ‘Take 5!’ It was a full lull.”

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It sure was. Mulaney thought maybe nobody else noticed, but he learned otherwise at the “SNL” after-party that night.

Watch the video above. Sudeikis’ face as he waits for Mulaney is pretty priceless.

Better luck this weekend, bud.

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Weezer Joins Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Gals to Perform Barbershop Quartet ‘Buddy Holly’ (Video)

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Weezer doesn’t care what you say about them anyway, they don’t care about that. That’s probably why the band joined Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Gals on Tuesday to perform a barbershop quartet version of “Buddy Holly.”

Except, you know, if you add three members to that loudly striped singing group it becomes a barbershop septet.

Whatever, it’s a fun version of a dope song — just watch the video above.

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And remember the “Happy Days” tribute “Buddy Holly” music video below. It’s much better than all those covers the band’s been bothering with lately.

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After “blessing the rains” with their take on Toto’s “Africa” last year, Weezer really leaned into the whole cover business. In January, the alt-rock veterans dropped a surprise album full of 10 unoriginal tracks, or as they described it, “It’s us covering everyone else’s hits.”

One of those hits featured on “The Teal Album” is TLC’s “No Scrubs” — which has caused quite a break in the Weezer fanbase on Twitter. It seems some users don’t want no cover of the R&B girl group’s 1999 classic and others would like to sit in the passenger side of Weezer’s ride while listening to the track.

Read all about those mixed reviews here.

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Ben Stiller Dons Panda Suit To For Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Tribute To ‘The Larry Sanders Show’

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In Monday’s Tonight Show homage to The Larry Sanders Show, Jimmy Fallon is surprised to see Ben Still backstage in the panda suit, and checks in on Tina Fey ahead of the taping. The Larry Sanders Show, Garry Shandling’s much heralded skewering of…

Kendall Jenner Eats a Real Crocs Clog on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

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Food or not food? That is the question Jimmy Fallon and Kendall Jenner attempted to answer on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” — and it didn’t always have a delicious answer.

Fallon, who is a self-professed Japanese game show buff, concocted this challenge for himself and the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star/supermodel in which they had to guess if everyday objects were real or made of food.

Jenner made the wrong call in round one, when she chomped on a bright yellow Crocs clog that was definitely just a bright yellow Crocs clog.

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“Nope!” she said, as soon as she tasted it. “Definitely rubber! Definitely rubber.”

Jenner also hoped aloud the Crocs were new — but Fallon wasn’t actually sure.

In the next round, Jimmy guessed a phone wasn’t really a phone and was treated to a chocolate electronic instead that he says was  “actually really delicious.” Oh, and Kendall agreed.

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In the final round, Jenner was stumped yet again by a particularly appetizing-looking Rubik’s Cube, which was really just a toy. In reality, Mr. Potato Head was food. Was that one a little too on the nose?

Gah, our teeth hurt just watching all of this apprehensive chewing.

Watch the video above.

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Will Forte Runs Lines for ‘MacGruber’ TV Series With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

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You’re running out of time to get super excited about the possibility of a “MacGruber” TV series. On Tuesday, Will Forte stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to confirm the great news, and to run a few lines.

“It is true that Jorma Taccone, John Solomon and I last week pitched a ‘MacGruber’ TV series to some place,” Forte told his host and fellow “SNL” alum.

“The content is very powerful,” Forte summed up the direction he wants to take the character, which originated in hilarious “Saturday Night Live” digital shorts and was adapted into a feature-length movie in 2010. “It’s very important.”

He later added adjectives “high-minded” and “complex,” so we need this show.

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Forte then gave the 30 Rock audience a sweet sneak preview, pulling mini-scripts from his jacket. We’ll set the scene for readers: MacGruber (Forte), Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig, but in this case Fallon) and Piper (Ryan Philippe) have just finished foiling an evil plot. Lovers MacGruber and Vicki are celebrating in a passionate embrace.

MacGruber: “We did it. We did it. Well, my love, now that that’s over, I think it might be time for a little R&R.”

Vicki: “Yeah, I could use some rest and relaxation.”

MacGruber: “No. The other R&R: Ramming and rimming.”

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And, scene.

“We pitched that. We pitched that,” Forte said amid thunderous applause. “We said that in a room to people in suits.”

Watch the video above, because we definitely couldn’t do the moment the full justice it deserves in mere transcription form.

The guy’s a freakin’ genius, MacGruber!

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Adam Sandler Serenades Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Anniversary With Frank Sinatra Parody (Video)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Adam Sandler dropped by “The Tonight Show” Monday to help Jimmy Fallon celebrate five years at 11:35 p.m. “My Jimmy Fallontine” got everybody in the anniversary spirit.

Below are some of the lyrical highlights from Sandler’s Frank Sinatra parody.


“I think it’s pretty cool/you’ve had the same haircut since middle school/and you imitate me with your ‘zabba-dabba-do’”

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“When there’s drug tests at NBC/you give Questlove a sample of your pee/You’re like a younger version of me/except not a Jew”


“Be mine for goodness sake/Break up with Timberlake”

Also Read: Stephen Colbert Calls Out John Oliver’s Suddenly Gray Hair: ‘You’re Decaying’ (Video)

Watch Sandler do his thing via the video above.

We’re not sure it’s enough for Jimmy to kick Justin to the curb.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” debuted on Feb. 17, 2014.

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Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon Almost Die After Blind-Touching a Fake Squirrel, Mashed Potatoes (Video)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Jimmy Fallon put Kim Kardashian West through hell on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” — but at least he was kind enough to go along for the ride.

During last night’s episode of Fallon’s NBC late-night series, the host invited his friend Kardashian West to play a game where they guessed “mystery objects” by touch alone. So they had to blindly stick their hands inside a box to touch something and try to figure out what it was.

She had one condition: no spiders. Fallon couldn’t guarantee that and the two started freaking out and continued to freak out for the rest of the eight-minute segment.

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First, Fallon had to blindly stick his fingers into mashed potatoes and gravy (“ew, ew, EW!”), then Kardashian West petted a fake squirrel inside a concealed box. Fallon took the third hit, touching a REAL lizard and Kardashian West had to put her claws on some king crab legs.

Yes, this proved to be an anxiety-inducing challenge for Fallon and Mrs. West, with them screaming at each other in fear over and over.

They finished off the game together, as they both touched “Tonight Show” announcer Steve Higgins’ head inside a box — and he touched them back.

Watch the video above.

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Conservative Critics Call Out Kimmel and Fallon’s Past Blackface (Video)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Some conservative critics are calling out late-night talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon for not making jokes about Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who has gained national attention for his admission that he dressed up in blackface in the 1980s.

Kimmel and Fallon’s critics argue that the two may not be not condemning or mocking Northam because they have darkened their appearances in the past for comedic performances. The New York Post, Breitbart, and Fox News are among the outlets that have taken note. So has the Washington Timestwice.

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Fallon did a Chris Rock impression back in his “Saturday Night Live” days around the turn of the century. His full hair and makeup included blackface. Multiple people with knowledge of the show told TheWrap that the impersonation was likely done with former cast member Rock’s blessing.

Kimmel wore dark makeup when playing Karl Malone and Oprah Winfrey on “The Man Show,” a series that ended in 2004.

Neither Kimmel nor Fallon have mentioned blackface in their monologues since the Northam news broke. But Fallon has not completely ignored the Northam scandal.

On Tuesday’s show, Fallon joked about the State of the Union, “Pretty much all the Congressional Democratic women wore white. In response, the governor of Virginia said, ‘Oh sure, when they do it, it’s OK.’”

The joke was in reference to reports that Northam appeared in a 1980s yearbook photo dressed as either a Klansman or in blackface. Northam said in a news conference over the weekend that he was not in the photo, but admitted he once darkened his face for a Michael Jackson costume.

The joke comes up around the three-minute mark below:

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Three people with knowledge of Monday’s “Tonight Show” taping told TheWrap that Fallon told a Northam joke at rehearsal, but the quip did not make it to air.

Representatives for NBC and “The Tonight Show” declined to comment.

Fallon taped this week’s Thursday and Friday shows on Thursday, and did not mention Northam or blackface in either taping, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

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Watch Kimmel as Malone below.

Kimmel’s personal rep did not respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on this story. Nor did a rep for “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

We followed up with both to ask if Kimmel brought up Northam or blackface at Thursday’s taping, but did not immediately hear back.

Kimmel and Fallon sure are awfully quiet on the blackface scandals!

— Jack Posobiec ???????? (@JackPosobiec) February 6, 2019


— Michael Savage (@ASavageNation) February 7, 2019

Is #JimmyKimmel #JimmyFallon on vacation. They are as quiet as a church mouse on this “blackface controversy”

Oh wait, didn’t they dress as “blackface” too? https://t.co/MLIANhTZic

— Wayne Dupree ???? (@WayneDupreeShow) February 7, 2019

The comedy potential in Northam absurdly admitting to moonwalking while blacked up as Michael Jackson was endless, but late night comedians ignored it. Wonder why?

Almost like they’re primarily political operatives and comedians second.https://t.co/Masf0clDqy

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) February 5, 2019

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How Gronk Got His Head Cut by a Beer Can at Patriots’ Super Bowl Victory Parade (Video)

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Three-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski has a head injury — but don’t panic, this one is from a beer can thrown at the New England Patriots victory parade, not a hit by the L.A. Rams defense.

The tight end, whose 29-yard catch from Tom Brady in Super Bowl LIII was the only one in the red zone for either team, visited the “Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday night to show off his war wounds.

“The parade, millions of fans showed up to watch you and celebrate you, and you had to go ‘full Gronk’ for them,” Jimmy Fallon marveled.

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“The parade is hands down the best party, it’s the best experience anyone can go through,” Gronkowski, always the MVP of any party, replied. “We had 1.5 million people on the city of Boston, the Patriots Nation is always represented.”

Fallon went on to show a clip of a shirtless, possibly drunk, Gronk catching beers one-handedly while riding a duck boat on Tuesday morning, before breaking out into a full air guitar performance.

“Hold on, I’ve got a story,” the now fully-dressed NFL star said. “There were five of those nipple shots thrown at one time, then five beers are thrown. Everyone in the duck boat is duking and dodging … we’re getting good practice in for next season, then the next thing you know, ‘POW’ — you see that?”

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Gronk then pointed to a cut on his forehead as Fallon had the cameras zoom in around the Lombardi Trophy between them for a better view.

“Full beer can right to the face. I was bleeding all over on the parade on the duck boat. Then my dad is blocking the next shots and karate kicking a beer flying at me.” Thank god Papa Gronk was there to play defense …

Gronk went on to tell Fallon that he wants to set Tom Brady’s daughter up with one of his nephews, and then responded to the often-asked question of whether he’ll be retiring from the NFL this season.

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“There’s buzz everywhere that you’re going to be the next Hollywood action star karate kicking beers – you could be the next John Cena or Dwayne Johnson, would you be up for that?”

“First off, I’ve got to see where I’m at. Right after the season, you can’t make a decision, it’s so emotional. You’ve got to settle down and see how your body responds,” Gronkowski said, while explaining that he was supposed to come on the show Monday but had a shot to his quad and it was too painful. “But I know how to bounce back … always come back stronger.”

Watch the interview in the video above, and see Gronkowski and Fallon “crush” Liam Hemsworth and Jessica Williams in a game of “Catchphrase” below.”

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