Online Courses to Take if You Want to Make It in the Music Business

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Hitmaker Timbaland is the latest artist to join MasterClass, an online learning platform that’s tapping into the expertise of celebrities, industry leaders and newsmakers to offer on-demand classes for busy professionals hoping to learn a new ski…

‘Icebox’ Film Review: Child Immigrant Drama Takes Timely Look at Border Crisis

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The end credits provide both the most potent moment and the most superfluous one in Daniel Sawka’s “Icebox,” a drama about immigration which premiered on Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Those credits tick off all the things that happened during the film’s postproduction period: the hard line taken by the Donald Trump administration on refugees fleeing Central and South America, the denial of refugee status to victims of gang violence in their home countries, the no-tolerance policy that has separated families, the children taken from their parents at the border …

Coming at the end of a film that details the plight of a 12-year-old boy forced to flee Honduras because of gang threats, the onscreen fact points turn the wrenching story of one boy into a sad statement on our country’s treatment of those in need, and reinforce just how timely “Icebox” is.

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But at the same time, those credits tell us things we already know, albeit with a few more details thrown in. It is impossible to watch “Icebox” and not be thinking about children in cages along our Southern border; current events would hang heavy in the minds of everyone who watches it even without the reminder that comes at the end of the film.

Anthony Gonzalez plays Oscar, a Honduran boy we meet writhing on a hard floor as gang members forcibly tattoo his chest with their logo. If he stays in Honduras, he’ll be putting himself and his entire family at risk unless he joins the gang — so he flees in the middle of the night for the United States, placing his fate in the hands of smugglers who clearly care not a whit for the safety of those they escort.

Separated from his group after crossing the border, Oscar is spotted by a drone and apprehended by border agents, who take him to a giant Arizona detention center for children. He’s eligible to be released into the custody of a relative, but his uncle in Arizona was also undocumented when he crossed the border, and he’s too terrified to come collect Oscar.

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Stuck in a system he doesn’t understand without the means to escape, Oscar spends his nights huddled beneath a thin blanket with dozens of other children behind a chain-link fence; this might not literally be a cage, but that’s how it feels. He spends his days trying to figure out how to persuade his uncle, who won’t even answer the phone, to get him out, barely comprehending that he’ll also need to appear in court and make a case to stay in the country.

For viewers in today’s political climate, Oscar becomes a stand-in for every child currently in ICE limbo. We’ve seen these stories in YouTube clips or nightly-news segments; now we live with one for 90 minutes that bring home the futility of the situation, and the lack of humanity that produced it.

The film began as a short student film that the Swedish-born Sawka made at the American Film Institute. But he adapted it for a feature with the help of some heavy hitters, including producer James L. Brooks and his Gracie Films production company, as well as composers Steve Mazzaro and Hans Zimmer.

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“Icebox” is not a nuanced exploration of the issues, and in some ways it may pull its punches: It is, after all, “TIFF Kids approved,” according to the festival website. Sawka is looking less for outrage than for compassion — though viewers may well find themselves feeling both of those things, along with a hefty amount of frustration that it has come to this.

The film is a political statement, to be sure, but more than that it’s a personal story haunted by today’s headlines.

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Nominated Composers Take Center Stage at Oscar Concert

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With this year’s round of Oscar campaigning finally over and the ballots all in, members of the film scoring community got to take a long, congratulatory breather with a celebratory concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Wednesday night. Presented by the Academy, the Oscar Concert offered a stirring evening of music from the […]

Academy Takes Over Disney Hall for Spectacular Oscar Concert

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Three directors, four songwriters, four composers, a handful of publicists and dozens of Oscar voters were on hand for a gala gathering on Wednesday night at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles – but for the first time in months, that collection of people came together on a night that involved no Oscar campaigning whatsoever.

That’s because voting ended on Tuesday, making Wednesday’s “Oscar Concert” an event that couldn’t be anything but a showcase and celebration of the five Oscar-nominated scores. The show was performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic in the grand surroundings of Disney Hall, in front of an audience that included last year’s score winner, Justin Hurwitz, and Oscar song nominees Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, Diane Warren and Common.

The concert was part of a three-year alliance between the Academy and the Philharmonic, which began last year with the presentation of “Rebel Without a Cause,” “On the Waterfront” and “Casblanca” with live orchestral accompaniment. At a post-concert reception, L.A Philharmonic CEO Simon Woods and Academy CEO Dawn Hudson let it slip that the partnership will culminate next year with the Philharmonic performing live on the Academy Awards, conducted by its celebrated artistic and musical director, Gustavo Dudamel.

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Wednesday’s was the second Oscar-week concert devoted to nominated music, with the first taking place in 2014 at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. But moving to Disney Hall and enlisting the LA Phil, one of world’s greatest and most adventurous orchestras, moved things to a whole new level.

This was also a wildly ambitious program, and one that music-branch governor Laura Karpman said has been in the planning stages since last summer. The first half of the show, curated by Karpman and her fellow governors Michael Giacchino and Charles Bernstein, was dedicated to film scores throughout history, separated by genre and accompanied by film montages: one for “the sound of love,” one for “the sound of fear,” one for “the sound of home,” etc.

These suites, conducted by Thomas Wilkins, typically took music from three or four classic scores and illustrated it not just with scenes from those movies, but from lots of other movies, too. In the “Sound of Home” segment, for example, Nino Rota’s music for “Amarcord” played over scenes from that movie along with “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Last Emperor,” “Dances With Wolves,” “The Sound of Music,” “Parenthood” and several others.

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Later, Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Oscar-winning music for 1938 Errol Flynn swashbuckler “The Adventures of Robin Hood” was also used under scenes from “Casablanca” and “An American in Paris,” Luis Enriquez Bacalov’s “Il Postino” score replaced James Horner’s music from “Titanic,” and Mica Levi’s creepy music for “Jackie” was dropped underneath scenes from “The Shining” and even “Jaws.”

It made for entertaining clip packages, even if it was a bit odd to find an evening devoted to film music essentially making the case that music written for one movie is eminently adaptable to another, and that images we association with one composer can work with the music of a different composer.

But really, the idea was to have fun with mood and genre and to let the Philharmonic show off its range and versatility. The clips also posited an alternate view of movie history, with far more foreign films and movies with diverse casts than you’d typically find on a reel of Oscar-recognized films. Make no mistake, an Academy branch that was once known for being extremely heavy on white men of an advanced age is working hard to present a message of diversity.

If the first half of the show was fun, the second half was the real point of the Oscar Concert. The five nominated scores were introduced by the films’ directors – Guillermo del Toro, Paul Thomas Anderson and Rian Johnson in person, Martin McDonagh and Christopher Nolan on video – and four of them were on hand to either conduct or perform five-to-10 minute selections from their films. The fifth, “Phantom Thread” composer Jonny Greenwood, was not present, but his music was performed.

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For this section, the video screen was not used; we heard the music without seeing the images for which it was written, which marvelously put the focus squarely on five exceptional scores and one exceptional orchestra.

It opened with Carter Burwell’s lovely, evocative and slightly unsettling score to “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Burwell’s suite, which he conducted, ended with soprano Liv Redpath performing a ghostly version of the transcendent early 19th century Irish song “The Last Rose of Summer,” which spotlighted one of the true strength’s of Burwell’s score: the way it is perfectly interwoven with the canny selection of songs that McDonagh uses in the film.

Alexandre Desplat’s “The Shape of Water” score, which followed, was delicate and ravishing; as del Toro pointed out in his introduction, the film’s two main characters don’t speak, so he relied on Desplat to give them a voice.

Introducing the “House of Woodcock” theme from Greenwood’s “Phantom Thread” music, Paul Thomas Anderson said he asked the Radiohead guitarist to “write some music like Nelson Riddle would,” figuring that the combination of that 50’s composer’s style and Greenwood’s “British, depressed and atonal” approach would yield something interesting. Which, of course, it did: The “Phantom Thread” music is gentle and elegant, but with an uneasy sense that something’s not quite right.

It was followed by 51-time nominee John Williams, who got the night’s biggest ovation from the audience and from the orchestra simply for walking onstage – and another ovation for the richly dramatic “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” cue “The Rebellion Is Reborn.”

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“John is a legend, but he doesn’t work like a legend,” said director Johnson. “He works like a little kid sprinting toward a playground because that’s where the toys are.”

And while you might think it’d be tough to follow John Williams, Hans Zimmer did just that with the monumental “Home” from “Dunkirk.” Nolan said he wanted music that was completely integrated with the film’s sound effects and picture, and in fact the composition began with aircraft noises before building to a deep, massive and doomy throb that became bigger and bigger before yielding to a beautiful, yearning and melodic coda.

It brought the house down without detracting from anything that had come before it. Instead, the entire post-intermission section was simply a vivid showcase for the orchestra’s versatility, and a spectacular listening experience that flowed from the acoustic intimacy of “Three Billboards” to the metallic thunder of “Dunkirk.”

And while seeing Dudamel and the Philharmonic on the Oscar stage next year will no doubt be a treat, the real lesson of Wednesday’s Oscar Concert was that the Academy shouldn’t wait another four years to do this again. Instead, they should immediately book that hall and sign up that orchestra for an encore next February.

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Will Alexandre Desplat Take Home Another Oscar? A History of Score Wins

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Will French composer Alexandre Desplat win best original score award for “The Shape of Water,” as most Oscar prognosticators are currently predicting? As more than 7,300 eligible Academy members cast their ballots this week, they are mulling over the musical categories as well. Competing with Desplat is Jonny Greenwood’s score for “Phantom Thread,” Carter Burwell’s […]

Hans Zimmer Set Out After Complete Fusion Of Sound And Image With ‘Dunkirk’

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Embarking on a storied creative partnership with Christopher Nolan over a decade ago, Hans Zimmer always shared with the director one particular desire: to compose a score that would fuse completely and irrevocably with the image.
“I think on this one, we’ve come as close as anybody ever has,” Zimmer says regarding Dunkirk, Nolan’s Best Picture contender, which took eight Oscar nominations last month. “When I read Chris’ script, I knew that this was going to be a bold and…

Oscar Parties 2018: The Top Invites, Events and Nominee Gatherings

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This preview focuses on private, invite-only events aimed at a professional industry audience of stakeholders in the Academy Awards.

As soon as Oscar voting closes on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 5 p.m. PST, the Academy’s prohibition on “non-screening events” ends. Party season begins again. Here’s a first look at the top gatherings of nominees and creative ensembles before and after Jimmy Kimmel hosts the big show on Sunday, March 4.

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The Oscar Concert with the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Logline: The great Michael Giacchino (an Oscar-winning Academy Governor) led a team making fresh arrangements of this year’s nominated scores. The L.A. Phil will perform them live with film clips.

Tickets: Unlike everything else from here down, this is open to the public. Tickets start at $43.

Vanity Fair, Barneys New York, and Sony Pictures Classics’ Cocktail Party
Chateau Marmont

Logline: Cocktail with one of the season’s buzziest films, “Call Me by Your Name,” while servicing one of the mag’s many advertising clients touching Oscar week.

Global Green’s 15th Anniversary Oscar Party
Neuehouse Hollywood

Logline: The CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will be honored but the Oscar-winning environmentalist himself is not expected. Stepping into the spotlight instead: Sophia Bush, Elisabeth Röhm, Sharon Lawrence and Ed O’Neill.

Thursday, March 1

Cadillac Celebrates the 90th Academy Awards
Chateau Marmont

Logline: Michael Patrick’s soiree always draws a mix of familiar faces (Zoe Saldana, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Watts, Joel McHale) and some news ones (Angela Sarafyan, Jay Ellis) at one of the most social industry gatherings of the week.

Connection: As the Academy’s official wheels, Cadillac will be shuttling nominees and presenters across town all week to many of the events listed below.

Gersh Oscar Party
Chateau Marmont Penthouse

Logline: The agency and Tequila Don Julio 1942 will raise a glass to the agency’s nominees Allison Janney, Sam Rockwell and Richard Jenkins.

Lookout: I don’t envy the elegant face of the Chateau, Anya Varda, and her team that night. March is coming in like a lion.

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Vanity Fair and Lancôme Paris Toast Women in Hollywood
Soho House

Logline: Oscar week doubles as a debut for Graydon Carter’s successor, new top editor Radhika Jones. The high-end cosmetics brand will make a donation to Time’s Up on behalf of the guests, who include Ava DuVernay.

Universal, Focus Features and DreamWorks Animation Oscar Nominee Celebration Dinner

Gary Oldman and Leo DiCaprio buddied up at the Chateau at a party for “Darkest Hour” earlier this awards season. (Focus Features)

Logline: There’a pile of nominees and nominations here with Focus having a banner year (“Darkest Hour,” “Phantom Thread,” and “Victoria & Abdul”).  A year ago, Universal was not scheduling Oscar week plans for “Get Out,” but after Jordan Peele’s commercial and critical hit took off, that all changed.

Friday, March 2

British Consul General Michael Howells’ Film is Great Reception
British Consul General’s Residence in Hancock Park

Logline: Don’t tell the ultra-nationalist xenophobes. The foreigners are already here.

There are U.K.-born nominees in 17 of the 24 Oscar categories and representation in five of the top races: Best Picture (“The Darkest Hour,” “The Phantom Thread,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”), Best Actress (Sally Hawkins), Supporting Actress (Lesley Manvill), Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya, Daniel Day Lewis, Gary Oldman), and Director (Christopher Nolan).

Feature: Host Michael Howells gave one of the best speeches of this awards season at BAFTA’s Golden Globes weekend Tea Party. Take note and shut up when he addresses his backyard.

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Pours: Even the bar is British. Sponsors include Silent Pool Gin, Aberlour Whiskey, Chapel Down (English Sparkling Wine), Seedlip (non-alcoholic spirit) and Fever Tree tonics.

Emma Stone hosts Women in Film’s Celebration of the 2018 Female Oscar Nominees
Crustacean, Beverly Hills

Power Women: Emma Stone and Patty Jenkins in a Party Report file photo from the AFI Life Achievement Award. (Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Logline: The reigning Best Actress winner (and in the famous flub, also announced as the Best Picture winner) joins Women in Film president Cathy Schulman and the community of female nominees from both sides of the camera.

The industry’s reckoning of institutionalized gender inequality and systemic sexual assault engulfed Hollywood, and Schulman’s been sounding the alarm for years. How WiF addresses the state of the industry on its biggest weekend will set the tone for what happens as as we turn the page to a new “industry year.”

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Friday evening, Private Residence

Who’s Who: Kobe Bryant, the champ of this year’s Oscars gatherings, should be there. Add nominees Denzel Washington, Octavia Spencer, Laurie Metcalf, Guillermo del Toro, Dee Rees, Christopher Nolan, Luca Guadagnino, Hans Zimmer, James Mangold and Michael Green to the list and call it a top crowd.

Bonus: The agency will also raise a glass to nominated projects “Call Me by Your Name,” “Mudbound” and “The Square,” all of which hail from Endeavor Content.

Saturday, March 3

Film Independent Spirit Awards
A Tent on the Beach: 1550 Pacific Coast Highway Lot 1 North Santa Monica

(Mikey Glazer)

Logline: The industry’s booziest daytime bash of the year. Everyone heeds Film Independent President Josh Welsh’s mantra to “leave the thank-you notes at home,” adding to a celebratory day that begins in the lounges outside the main tent as early as 11 a.m.

Sony Pictures Classics Annual Oscar Nominees Dinner
Nordstrom Local on Melrose Place in West Hollywood

January 2017 at Sundance: Luca Guadagnino, Michael Stuhlbarg, Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, Walter Fasano (TheWrap)

Why they will be smiling: This is the finish line. The “Call Me by Your Name” troika — Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, and director Luca Guadagnino — end the 14-month promotional tour that started back at Sundance 2017.

Other Nominees: SPC will also toast its two foreign language nominees, “A Fantastic Woman” (from Chile) and “Loveless” (from Russia).

MPTF’s Annual “Night Before”
Fox Studios

Logline: The MPTF is where the gatekeepers and power brokers in the industry convene on the night before the Oscars. This is an invite worth fighting for. Make a big donation and step in to Jeffrey Katzenberg’s circle.

Sign of the times: YouTube joins the list of blue-chip corporate sponsors.

Oscars Viewing Parties on Sunday, March 4

*Top Invite* – 2018 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party
Custom built complext in West Hollywood Park

Logline: The most choice invite if you’re not seated in the first 15 rows of the Kodak Theatre itself.

Do: drink top-shelf champagne and feast on cuisine from a Michelin three-star restaurant in Spain with a great cross section of Hollywood.

Don’t: Don’t try to take any pictures of Sir Elton or stand too close to his head table. You may be excused for asking frequent guest Robert Kraft what happened in the Super Bowl. By 8:45 or so, trophy winners start pouring in as the telecast on screen comes to you.

Charity Component: Contributing to the EJAF mission, presenting sponsor BVLGARI is donating a 13 carat white gold diamond necklace, the “BVLGARI DIVISSIMA” to the live auction.

Wow Booking: Greta Van Fleet. This is a return to prime form for the EJAF, welcoming a big up-and-coming band heralded as a savior of guitar rock, not a nostalgia act. Because all 42 of the headlining dates on their first U.S. tour sold out in advance and they’re headed to Coachella, the four Michigan boys are a choice dessert on the evening.

Byron Allen’s Second Annual Entertainment Studios Gala
Beverly Wilshire

Logline: Katy Perry and Jamie Foxx will perform at the benefit for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Last year’s inaugural event raised $1 million, and “Byron hopes to raise even more again this year,” a rep for Entertainment Studios tells the Party Report.

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IMDb Live Viewing Party
Neuehouse in Hollywood

Logline: This is part party, part live broadcast. Dave Karger, Kevin Smith and other IMDb talent will provide live commentary on the show that will stream across IMDb platforms.

Guests: About 300 industry types.

Notables: Last year, Issa Rae and Aisha Tyler were among the crowd about a mile away from the actual show.

Mercedes-Benz Viewing Party
Four Seasons, Beverly Hills

Logline: The Four Seasons is an Oscars week base camp, so this is sort of like watching the golf tournament from the clubhouse. Last year was a mixed bag of names from Housewives (Kandi Burruss) to 1980s basketball star Ralph Sampson, to ESPN’s man in L.A., Stan Verrett.

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Nordstrom Local Oscar Viewing Party for the Fashion Industry
Nordstrom Local on Melrose Place in West Hollywood

Logline: With New York’s fashion week two weeks in the rearview mirror, the style set can kick back here before hitting the after parties.

Oscars After-Parties

The Academy’s Governors Ball
Dolby Ballroom above the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood and Highland

Logline: They have a lot of “make-up” homework to do after last year’s Governors Ball drowned in the surreal wake of the Oscars envelope flub.

Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills

Radhika Jones (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Logline: It’s the first outing for new Editor-in-Chief Radhika Jones (above). She steps into the bridge of a ship that Graydon Carter built and is already making waves. On Feb. 15, a round of layoffs included Jane Sarkin and Beth Kseniak, two founding mothers of VF Oscar night that has been the “toughest invite in town” over the past 24 years.

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On the brighter (or sadder?) side of “recently separated” news, single Jennifer Aniston should be there. Forget the Brad Pitt sequel rumors. Please, let her show up with Angelina Jolie.

Details on other late night soirees to come.

Please send invites, updates, and details to the party and event contributor Mikey Glazer here.

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‘Insecure,’ ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Take Top Honors at Guild of Music Supervisor Awards

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The 8th annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards was “the Season Kent and Kier Lehman show,” according to GMS president Thomas Golubic, acknowledging the multiple trophy winners at the group’s Thursday night ceremony at the ACE Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Following a rousing opening number by U.K. rock band Yungblud, Kent took the first award of […]

Blade Runner 2049’s director thinks he knows why it didn’t score a Best Picture nomination

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Blade Runner 2049 was a resounding success in every way save financially. The ambitious, artistically challenging sequel to a 35-years-prior film managed to dazzle audiences while also creating admirers out of those who weren’t even necessarily big fans of the original. But one group that didn’t love it were Oscar…

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Oscar Nominations: Score and Song Surprises Include a Taylor Swift Snub

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Two major figures in pop music, songwriter Diane Warren and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, could walk away with their first Academy Awards as a result of today’s nominations in the music categories. There were no major surprises in the original song race and only one minor surprise in the score category. Oscar’s music branch confirmed […]

Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Docu On Mormon Treatment Of LGBTQ Community Gets HBO Deal: Sundance

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EXCLUSIVE: In the first deal for a film premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, HBO Documentary Films has acquired U.S. TV rights to Believer, a Dan Argott-directed documentary that follows Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds as he investigates how the Mormon Church treats its LGBTQ members and how policies of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints that essentially shun same-sex marriage factors into a skyrocketing suicide rate among teens in Utah over the…

Coachella 2018 Lineup: 15 Surprises and Snubs

Read on: TheWrapTheWrap.

Because the Coachella 2018 headliners leaked weeks ago – with Eminem and The Weeknd joining the previously booked Beyoncé – let’s leave them out of this conversation.

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Beyond the top heavy lineup of three radio-friendly pop fixtures, the rest of the lineup is heavy on hip hop, represents a surge towards gender parity with women artists across all genres, and hints at a format change for the volatile dance-centric Sahara tent with no obvious headliners that fit in to the “big EDM” template.

Here are 15 of the biggest snubs, surprises, and unanswered questions arising from Goldenvoice’s early lineup drop.

Surprise: Jamiroquai

This is not “Virtual Insanity.” The over-35 festival crowd will appreciate lead singer Jay Kay’s 90’s throwback as well as Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, someone nobody saw coming.

Snub: No Heir for Hans Zimmer

After Hans Zimmer stole the show last year with a full orchestra on the Outdoor Stage, Goldenvoice seemed to have struck a popular quirk nerve. They should have stuck with an annual “stunt booking,” something the Oscars and even the WWE pull off on their biggest nights.

While Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared in some longshot lineup theories, there doesn’t seem to be any truly bizarre artist like Zimmer or the 2008 lecture given by Sean Penn.

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Welcome Change: Women in Hip Hop and R&B

Happy for so many artist on that Coachella Lineup especially the Woman in Hip Hop & R&B man

Cardi B
Princess Nokia
Dej Loaf
Jorja Smith
Alina Baraz

Woman are leading the charge I don’t wanna hear Now that There isn’t other woman in Hip Hop #COACHELLA2018

– SEAN. U (@SeanAPEx) January 3, 2018

Also Read: 300 Hollywood Women Launch Time’s Up Initiative to Combat Sexual Harassment, Gender Imbalance

Surprise: Cardi B’s Marquee Billing
The former “Love and Hip Hop” star had the first song by a solo female rapper to reach #1 in 19 years, dethroning Taylor Swift from the top of the charts. For that banner year, she was always going to get the call for Coachella.

Though she put out prior mixtapes, Cardi’s musical resume is amongst the flimsiest of any “second liner.” She lands a high spot on Sunday, ahead of more established acts like Miguel, LANY and French Montana.

There will be a fair amount of time to fill after she plays “Bodak Yellow.” Her fiancé Offset (from Migos) plays on the same day and they could collaborate.

Snub: Kesha

A huge album in 2017 and a headline grabbing guest appearance at Coachella with Zedd in 2016 (while she was in recording contract purgatory) suggested that she would be on the poster. An early evening set in the timeslot that SIA dominated would have gone over well with both diehard “Rainbow” fans and the casuals.

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Surprise: Chloe x Halle

The teen sisters are media darlings, beloved by Michelle Obama (who invited them to play the White House lawn) to recently opening for Hillary Clinton at the Teen Vogue summit in Los Angeles. They have one of the highest Q scores for a group wallowing on the second to last line of Saturday’s lineup.

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Surprise: Guess Who’s Back?
That’s one of headliner Eminem’s most famous lines. It’s also how Goldenvoice began their email blast announcing the lineup.

The bigger returnee story though is all the mid-to-low level acts that played the Empire Polo Grounds within the last few years that are getting a second shot, absent major breakthroughs in their careers in the interim.

Remember the “All My Friends are Wasted,” guys from Snakehips? They’re back. So are acoustic crooner Vance Joy, The War on Drugs, Chicago house icon The Black Madonna, and “Electric Love” singer BØRNS amongst others. They are part of the emerging cast (and caste) of “Coachella regulars.” Jason Bentley, L.A.’s music czar who plays every year, will see some familiar faces.

EDM Snub 1: Alesso and “Big EDM”

At just 23 years old, Alesso’s 2015 headlining set in the Sahara was a bombastic highlight. The Swede was heavily tipped to be back this year. More evidence: He has an international smash with Brazilian superstar Anitta (53 million streams), a singer who seemed primed for a “Despacito” inspired U.S. invasion with a slot on the bill. Both were snubbed.

Is the era of “big EDM” over? Read on..

EDM Snub 2: The Vegas DJ’s are AWOL..or are they?
Each year, a smattering of the world’s highest paid DJ’s – those who headline the Vegas clubs – get the call to Indio. There are usually a few delegates from Austin Kramer’s curated Spotify DancePop playlist in the form of a Calvin Harris, Kaskade, Diplo, Avicii, Afrojack, Tiesto, and the Chainsmokers (more on this below). Not here.

In a curious bit of timing, Wynn Nightlife announced 2018 residencies for tech house DJ’s Jamie Jones and Black Coffee today (Jan. 2), just two hours before their names appeared on the Coachella poster.

These are hit producers who could command the dank and dark dance floor in the Yuma tent or after hours underground warehouse party, but are not the type to sell out Encore Beach Club with the vodka bottle buying herds on a 100-degree Saturday afternoon in July.

In addition to evolving Vegas nightlife beyond the fist pumps, this smells like a smart PR move by the team behind XS, Intrigue, and Surrender to front-run the major music news coming later in the day.

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EDM Snub 3: No Chainsmokers
Alex Pall and Drew Taggart were so heavily tipped to be on the lineup that the Coachella subreddit, a relentless online community that tracks touring schedules and social media clues about the lineup all year, had a separate side bet going in their “guess the lineup” contest. Entrants could bet double or nothing on whether the Chains would be a headliner.

An hour after the lineup dropped, the top trending post is a “No Chainsmokers Upvote Partaaayyy,” which 637 users made a special trip to the site to upvote.


Coachella caught the Chains at just the right moment in 2016, setting records with their Sunday night crowds in the Sahara tent. It was the first time that Taggart ever sang live (months before “Closer” and “Paris” would hit). When they dropped their hit “Roses” coming out of a decoy Red Hot Chili peppers intro, the Sahara tent shook. One on-air personality for Entertainment Weekly described the scene by saying that she “feared for her life.”

Surprise: Odesza

The two-piece Seattle melodic percussionists and live instrumentalists released new music last spring. As Coachella vets, their return was widely expected. They were on the podium for least-surprising booking, next to sister trio HAIM.

What is surprising is their billing: They landed second on the bill, signaling a major timeslot on one of the two main stages and framing them in the industry as a half-notch below Eminem as a festival headliner.

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Surprise to Come: Daft Punk?

Every year, Coachella diehards and music bloggers rev up the hype train for a Daft Punk set, whose 2006 set is routinely blogged as the best Coachella set of all time. Every year there is hype. Every year they never materialize.

With the Weeknd now confirmed as a headliner, it opens up the possibility that the two helmet-clad Parisians could revive the performances of “I Feel it Coming” and “Starboy” that they did with the Weeknd on last year’s Grammys telecast.

Snub: Ms. Lauryn Hill

Her shock appearance with DJ Snake last year fostered an itch for the “Doo Wop (That Thing)” singer that many music fans didn’t even realize they had. The former Fugee could have been as high as a sub-headliner.

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Surprise: Rezz
Rezz is a psychedelic glasses wearing 22-year old female DJ on the come up, cosigned by Deadmau5 and Skrillex. While solidly “mid level” talent on many of Insomniac’s all-electronic festival lineups, she was not on anyone’s list of genre-specific performers expected to leap over to the most prominent music stage in North America. She’s a welcome surprise in a big year for women.

Surprise: More artists to come?

Goldenvoice added a caveat to the lineup announcement, giving press an alphabetical lineup “as of January 2nd.” There could be some additions.

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