Fox Launches ‘FN Genius,’ An ‘HQ’-Style Mobile Trivia Game Tailored To Its Live Programming Push

EXCLUSIVE: Fox is rolling out an answer to the viral success of HQ Trivia. Its new mobile video game show, FN Genius, is already live in Apple and Android app stores and has been pitched in sales meetings since May.
FN Genius will officially enter the …

As TV Networks Work To Limit Ad Time, Fox Seeks “Sustainable Solution”

Read on: Deadline.

TV networks are under increasing pressure to maintain profit margins and distribution while also adapting to the expectations of viewers who are swimming happily in a sea of ad-free streaming content.
Fox acknowledged that reality this week, becoming the latest network to state its goal of reducing ad time, joining NBCUniversal, Turner and Viacom in the effort to slim down. Ad chief Joe Marchese said his team would actively explore getting down to just two minutes of ads…