Netflix Programming Chief On Cancelling ‘Everything Sucks’, Rescuing ‘Lucifer’ & ‘Shadowhunters’ Future – TCA

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Netflix’s April cancelation of coming-of-age dramedy Everything Sucks after one season triggered an outpouring of fans who called on the Internet network to reverse its decision.
The 1990s-set series premiered to mixed reviews but developed the p…

‘Everything Sucks!’: Cast And Producers React To Series’ Cancellation By Netflix

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The cast, producers and fans of the Netflix comedy/drama Everything Sucks! will not let the series go gently into that good night of cancellations. Reactions were fast and furious online to the news that the 1990s-set series from writers Ben York Jones (Like Crazy) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date) was being axed by Netflix after one season.
Created by Jones and Mohan, the series followed two groups of high school misfits, an A/V club and a drama club, who collide in…

‘Everything Sucks’ Canceled After One Season on Netflix

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Netflix has canceled the coming-of-age comedy “Everything Sucks” after one season, TheWrap has confirmed.

The comedy, from creators Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan, followed two groups of high school misfits, an A/V club and a drama club as they collide in 1996 Oregon.

Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Winston starred in the series as two teenagers who lead a group trying to make a movie together after the high school play is canceled. Patch Darragh, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Rio Mangini, Quinn Liebling, Sydney Sweeney and Elijah Stevenson also starred.

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On Twitter, the show’s official account noted the cancelation with appropriately 90’s-level detachment:

This is Boring High, signing off. <3

— Everything Sucks (@EverythingSuxTV) April 6, 2018

Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg also served as executive producers on the series alongside Kennedy and Winston.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news.

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‘Everything Sucks’ Canceled After One Season At Netflix

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Netflix has canceled coming-of-age dramedy Everything Sucks after one season, Deadline has confirmed.
The 1990s-set series, a Netflix production, hailed from writers Ben York Jones (Like Crazy) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date) and producers Midnight Radio. It had premiered to mixed reviews.
Created by Jones and Mohan, the series followed two groups of high school misfits, an A/V club and a drama club, who collide in 1996 Oregon. It starred Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Winston…

‘Everything Sucks!’ Canceled After One Season at Netflix

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Well, that certainly does suck. Variety has confirmed that Netflix has canceled comedy series “Everything Sucks!” after just one season. The series followed two groups of high school misfits from the A/V club and a Drama club who collide in 1996 Oregon. It starred Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Winston, Patch Darragh, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Sydney Sweeney, Elijah Stevenson, […]

Ready Player One’s real nostalgia trip is to an era when critics didn’t hate pop-culture references

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Get ready for a blast of crazy pop-culture nostalgia: Remember when pop-culture references weren’t considered a creative cheap shot? There was a time when a well-timed zinger about an old TV show or a recent movie was considered refreshing, rather than about on par with the band name-checking the town that they’re…

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Everything Sucks!, but Netflix’s ’90s-set, coming-of-age comedy is just okay

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A period setting can be both sandbox and trap. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the ephemera of yesteryear, be it the stylish silhouettes of bygone fashions, the fond associations with a favorite toy, or the nostalgic rush of a half-forgotten commercial jingle. The challenge is in letting the past inform the work…

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‘Everything Sucks!’ Trailer: Nerdy Outsiders Join Forces To Endure High School In Netflix Dramedy

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Netflix has released the official trailer for Everything Sucks!, a half-hour coming-of-age dramedy from writers Ben York Jones (Like Crazy) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date) and producers Midnight Radio.
Set in the real-life town of Boring, Oregon in 1996, Everything Sucks! revolves round Boring High School’s A/V Club and Drama Club— two crews of nerdy-edgy outsiders, who join forces to make a movie and endure the purgatory known as high school. Peyton Kennedy (American Fa…

‘Everything Sucks!’ Creators Talk Making the ’90s Show ‘As Honest as Possible’

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At last night’s New York premiere of the upcoming Netflix series “Everything Sucks,” which was held at AMC 34th Street, series co-creators Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan explained to Variety why they decided to set their story about frustrated small-town teenagers in the ’90s. “We come from the world of independent film, and everything […]

Here’s Everything Coming to and Leaving Netflix in February

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If you’re itching for winter to end, don’t worry. February should go by in a snap thanks to all of the Netflix you’ll be watching.

We get it, we love rewatching “The Office” too, but expand your horizons with the tidal swell of new original programming hitting the streaming service next month, from docu-series to reality TV. The reboot of “Queer Eye” premieres Feb. 7, featuring a brand new Fab 5: Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine), Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming) and Tan France (Fashion).

Chef David Chang’s food docu-series “Ugly Delicious” will be available to stream Feb. 23, and David Letterman is back with a George Clooney interview on “My Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman.” Netflix adds another unscripted series, “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale,” which will stream new episodes on Sundays.

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On top of that, fresh scripted shows are arriving, too, like “Everything Sucks!,” about teenage life in Boring, Ore., out Feb. 16, and Season 2 of “Marseilles,” out Feb. 23.

“Family Guy” fans,  binge up — Season 1-8 of the animated series leaves Netflix on Feb. 14.

See the full list of what’s arriving — and leaving — Netflix next month below.

Avail. 2/1/18

3000 Miles to Graceland

42 Grams

Aeon Flux

American Pie

American Pie 2

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

Ella Enchanted



How the Beatles Changed the World

John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution


Meet the Fockers

Meet the Parents

Men in Black

National Parks Adventure

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Twelve

Paint It Black

Scream 3

The Hurt Locker

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Z Nation: Season 4

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Avail. 2/2/18

Altered Carbon: Season 1– NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Cabin Fever

Coach Snoop: Season 1– NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Kavin Jay: Everybody Calm Down!– NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Luna Petunia: Return to Amazia: Season 1– NETFLIX ORIGINAL


Avail. 2/6/18

Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers– NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Valor: Season 1

Avail. 2/7/18

Imposters: Season 1

Queer Eye: Season 1– NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/8/18

6 Days

The Emoji Movie

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Avail. 2/9/18

Fate/Apocrypha: Part 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman: George Clooney – NETFLIX ORIGINAL



The Trader (Sovdagari)– NETFLIX ORIGINAL


Avail. 2/14/18

Greenhouse Academy: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Love Per Square Foot – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/15/18

Deep Undercover Collection: Collection 2

Re:Mind: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/16/18

DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 6 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Evan Almighty

Everything Sucks!: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Irreplaceable You– NETFLIX ORIGINAL

First Team: Juventus: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/17/18

Blood Money

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Avail. 2/18/18

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/19/18


FullMetal Alchemist – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/20/18

Bates Motel: Season 5

The Frankenstein Chronicles: Season 1 and Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/21/18



The Bachelors

Avail. 2/22/18

Atomic Puppet: Season 1

Avail. 2/23/18

Marseille: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL


Seven Seconds: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Ugly Delicious: Season 1 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Avail. 2/24/18
Jeepers Creepers 3

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Avail. 2/26/18

El Vato: Season 2

Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards
People You May Know
Sin Senos sí Hay Paraíso: Season 2


Avail. 2/27/18

Derren Brown: The Push – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Leaving 2/1/18


Corpse Bride

Day Watch

Desk Set

Enquiring Minds

Everyone’s Hero

Hard Candy

How to Steal a Million

King Arthur

Magic City: Season 1-2

Night Watch

Open Season: Scared Silly

Perfect Stranger

Project X

Silver Streak

Stranger by the Lake

The Benchwarmers

The Five Heartbeats

The Fury

The Longest Day

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tin Man

Top Gear: Series 19-23

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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Leaving 2/2/18

A Ballerina’s Tale

Leaving 2/3/18

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Leaving 2/5/18

Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace

Hannibal Buress: Live from Chicago

Leaving 2/10/18

Dragonheart: The Shadowed Claw

Leaving 2/11/18

A Little Bit of Heaven

Leaving 2/12/18


Leaving 2/14/18

Family Guy: Season 1-8

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Leaving 2/15/18

12 Dog Days Till Christmas

A Christmas Kiss II

Before I Go to Sleep

Burn Notice: Season 1-7

Christmas Belle

Leaving 2/16/18

Our Last Tango

Save the Date

Leaving 2/17/18


Leaving 2/19/18

An Idiot Abroad: Season 1-3

Leaving 2/20/18

Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious

Leaving 2/21/18

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Leaving 2/24/18

Jane Got a Gun

Leaving 2/28/18

American Genius

Brain Games: Season 3-4

Cesar 911: Season 1

I Am Ali

Miami SWAT: Season 1

The Catch: Season 1

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TV News Roundup: Netflix Releases Premiere Date, Trailer For ’90s Comedy ‘Everything Sucks!’

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In today’s roundup, Netflix announces premiere date for “Everything Sucks!” and PBS is developing a three-part drama with Ruth Wilson.  DATES Netflix will release new series “Everything Sucks!” on Feb. 16. Starring Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Winston, the show follows a 1990s high school, set in Boring, Oregon, and two friends who join forces to make a […]