‘Eurphoria’: Zendaya To Topline HBO Teen Drama Pilot Based On Israeli Hit, Storm Reid, Maude Apatow & Eric Dane Co-Star

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Zendaya is set to lead the cast of Euphoria, the HBO pilot based on the Israeli “Kids-meets-Trainspotting” teen drama series. HBO programming president Casey Bloys unveiled the pilot order in March at the INTV conference in Jerusalem.
The pilot, to be …

TNT’s ‘The Last Ship’ to End After Season 5

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“The Last Ship” will air its last season this summer.

The TNT drama led by Eric Dane will end with its upcoming fifth and final season, Turner chief Kevin Reilly told reporters during the network’s 2018-19 upfront presentation to advertisers in New York City Wednesday.

“The Last Ship” centers around the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James as its captain Tom Chandler (Dane) and crew navigate life following a global catastrophe that nearly kills off the world’s population. The cast also includes Adam Baldwin, Bridget Regan, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neitling, Christina Elmore, Jocko Sims, Bren Foster, and Kevin Michael Martin. The series is based on William Brinkley’s novel.

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The series was renewed for a fourth season in July 2016, followed by a Season 5 renewal that September. Both of those installments were 10-episodes and shot back-to-back.

TheWrap heard Reilly reveal the news when he was asked by a reporter if this upcoming installment would be the series’ last. “Yea I think we’ve announced that haven’t we,” he said. When the journalist told him the network hadn’t yet confirmed the news, Reilly added, “Oh, well now we did.”

“The Last Ship” hails from Turner-owned Studio T in association with executive producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form’s Platinum Dunes banner. Co-creators Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane also executive produce, along with director Paul Holahan. Kane and Steinberg served as the series’ co-showrunners for the first three seasons, with the former running the ship for the last two by himself.

Tim Baysinger contributed to this story.

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‘The Last Ship’: Season 6 Of TNT Drama Series Considered A Long Shot

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TNT’s action drama The Last Ship is currently airing its fourth season and already has Season 5 in the can. But I hear a sixth season is unlikely.
There were a flurry of rumors about The Last Ship coming to an end last week when cast member Travis Van Winkle posted (and subsequently deleted) an Instagram note about wrapping production on Season 5, which he referred to “series wrap,” reminiscing on the show’s five-year run. While the network issued a statement to dispel…

‘The Last Ship’ Season 4 Trailer Unveiled At Comic-Con

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TNT gave Comic-Con attendees a glimpse at the upcoming season of The Last Ship, releasing a new trailer for Season 4 at the San Diego confab Sunday.
Eric Dane, Bridget Regan, Adam Baldwin, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle, Marissa Neitling, Christina Elmore, Jocko Sims, Bren Foster and Kevin Michael Martin star in the series chronicling the aftermath of a global catastrophe that nearly decimates the world’s population.
Over the course of the first three seasons, The…

Common, Peter Cramer Honored at 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

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Rapper Common and Universal Pictures president of production Peter Cramer were among the honorees at the 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball Saturday night. The event, which benefits Chrysalis and its mission to help homeless (an estimated 58,000 in Los Angeles alone — a 23% increase from the previous year) and low-income individuals find and retain… Read more »

The 7 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finales That Left Us Most Emotionally Scarred (Photos)

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Even though practically every Grey’s Anatomy season finale is dramatic as hell, not all of them left us curled up in a ball and a complete emotional wreck.

Here are the 7 that left us just completely shook.

Season 2 “Losing My Religion”

We’re still crying just thinking about this episode.

This is the season where Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) falls in love with her patient Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who has a heart condition and is basically going to die, but Izzie tries to do everything she can — at times even breaking the rules — to save him.

Well the finale consists of Izzie finally accepting Duquette’s marriage proposal — she leaves his room to go get dressed up in a nice gown, and by the time she comes back, he’s dead.

Season 8 “Flight”

To this day, we’re still scared of flying because of this episode.

Pretty much all the characters we love hop on a small plane that ends up crashing and we’re left with Lexie (Chyler Leigh) dying as Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) holds her hand and tells her he loves her. Oh and also Shepherd is missing with a disfigured hand and Meredith is out trying to find him.

This was literally the most dramatically intense episode ever and we will never forgive Shonda Rhimes for her ruthlessness on Season 8.

Season 6 “Death and All His Friends”

We were all clutching our hearts and trying not to throw things at our TV during the Season 6 finale — the one with the crazed gunman on the loose literally shooting whomever, whenever on site.

So besides everyone getting shot (Derek, Reed, Alex, Owen, Charles), Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) has to operate on Derek with a gun to her head and Meredith begging the gunman to shoot her instead. By the way, Meredith was pregnant at the time (she ended up miscarrying).

This episode was just stressful.

Season 5 “Now or Never”

So Izzie ends up having brain surgery to remove a tumor from her brain and meanwhile a John Doe is brought into the hospital — he’s rushed to the ER because he pushed a woman out of the way of an oncoming bus and took the hit himself.

While everyone is operating on John Doe trying to figure out who this hero is, Izzie ends up surviving the surgery but flatlines for a while until she’s brought back to life. Good news, everything’s going well so far.

Just kidding — Meredith finds out that John Doe is actually George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) who ends up dying on the operating table.


Season 3 “Didn’t We Almost Have it All?”

Our person, Christina Yang, gets left at the altar by Dr. Preston Burke. That’s all it took to break our hearts into tiny little sad pieces of despair.

He felt like he was forcing Yang to change and was like “OK, nevermind bye.” Not verbatim, but you get it.

Season 9 “Perfect Storm”

OK, aside from the fact that Meredith Grey had to have a C-section in the freakin’ dark due to a power outage from a hurricane, Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) tries to restore power to the hospital and ends up face down in a puddle next to the dangerous electrical things.

Ugh. Why Shonda, why?!

Season 1 “Who’s Zoomin Who?

Given the way Season 1 ended, we should’ve known Shonda wasn’t going to let us have any happy endings to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

So by this point, Derek and Meredith are pretty exclusively having sexual relations and all that jazz and not once did the former mention he had a wife so you can expect everyone’s surprise when Addison Shepherd shows up at the end of the episode, greets the two lovebirds and tells Meredith: “Hi, I’m Addison Shepherd. And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband?”

What a nice way to meet the wife of the man you’re sleeping with and kind of in love with.

‘The Last Ship’ Star Eric Dane Battles Depression, Production Goes on Hiatus

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Production on TNT’s “The Last Ship” has been temporarily docked at the request of its star, Eric Dane, who is battling depression, TheWrap has learned.

Dane, known to most as Dr. Mark Sloan, or “McSteamy,” on “Grey’s Anatomy,” is taking a break from production to deal with personal mental health issues, the network told TheWrap.

“He suffers from depression and has asked for a few weeks of downtime and the producers kindly granted that request. He looks forward to returning,” the actor’s rep told Variety.

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The show, which is loosely based on the novel of the same name by William Brinkley, follows a Navy destroyer after a virus has wiped out 80 percent of the world’s population. “Transformers” director Michael Bay is an executive producer.

Dane plays Captain Tom Chandler, whose wife had died from the virus.

“The Last Ship” was recently renewed for fourth and fifth seasons, which are set to be filmed back-to-back. The fourth season has already wrapped production, according to reports, which means fans of the show won’t have to wait for the premiere, which is set for this summer.

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At the time of its premiere back in 2014, it was one of TNT’s top series debuts, reeling in 5.3 million viewers in its first run and 7.4 million total after the encore presentation. According to the network, “The Last Ship” reaches an average of The Last Ship is reaching an average of 7.1 million viewers per episode across multiple platforms and is one of basic cable’s top summer dramas for adults aged 18-49.

TheWrap did not immediately hear back from Dane’s reps for comment.

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TNT’s ‘Last Ship’ Delays Production Due to Star Eric Dane’s Depression

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The Last Ship, a top-rated show on TNT, will go on a previously unplanned hiatus until after Memorial Day so that star Eric Dane can address ongoing issues with depression, the network has confirmed to Deadline.
TNT last year renewed The Last Ship for a fourth and fifth season, with 10 episodes each, to be shot back to back. The delay would not affect Season 4 episodes, which have already been completed, but has potential impact on Season 5, which is slated to air in the…

‘The Last Ship’ on Production Hiatus as Eric Dane Battles Depression (EXCLUSIVE)

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Production on TNT’s “The Last Ship” has been temporarily shut down at the request of star Eric Dane, who suffers from depression, Variety has learned. The series, which is set to debut its fourth season this summer, is going on a production hiatus through Memorial Day, sources say. “Eric asked for a break to deal with personal… Read more »