Discovery Channel Snares ‘Serengeti’ From ‘American Idol’ Creator Simon Fuller – TCA

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American Idol creator Simon Fuller’s next thing?
In the increasingly dog-eat-dog world of animals-in-the-wild docu-series, Discovery Channel will premiere a six-part series, Serengeti from Fuller and wildlife filmmaker John Downer.
The …

Discovery Channel Pulls ‘Border Live’ After Viewers Vote With Remotes

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You know what viewers don’t want to watch as President Donald Trump shuts down the government to extract their tax dollars for his Border Wall?
Authorities patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border!
Discovery Channel’s ambitious six-part limited se…

Discovery Inks Distribution Pact With Pluto TV

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Discovery has inked a deal with Pluto TV that will see content from the media company be distributed on the ad-supported streaming TV and VOD service.
Discovery is taking select programming from six of its networks — including Discovery Channel, …

Discovery and Science Channel to Document the Five Deeps Expedition in Limited Series

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The Five Deeps Expedition is sending a manned submersible vessel farther and deeper into the Earth’s oceans than ever before, and Discovery and Science channel are turning this voyage into a limited series.

The series, under the working title “Deep Planet,” will have multi-platform rollout across both Discovery and Science Channel properties, and air sometime next year.

“One thing that thirty years of Shark Week has taught us is that there are always more places to explore,” said Nancy Daniels, chief brand officer, Discovery and Factual. “No one has spent more time in the ocean than Discovery, making us uniquely suited to bring this once in a lifetime expedition to audiences around the world.”

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The Five Deeps Expedition is a collaboration between investor and explorer Victor Vescovo of Caladan Oceanic, Triton Submarines, and EYOS Expeditions. A two-person deep sea research submersible has been designed specifically for this endeavor. The vessel, named the Limiting Factor, is the first commercially certified full ocean depth submersible. It will be transported and deployed into the ocean depths by the Pressure Drop, a ship retrofitted exclusively for the expedition.

The scientific mission is being led by scientist Dr. Alan Jamieson of Newcastle University.

“I’ve always loved a great physical and technical challenge and like those currently attempting to push space technology to the limit, I thought it would be a great goal to push the absolute limits of marine technology,” said Vescovo, who will pilot the sub. “Our team includes the brightest and best in engineering and oceanography who have worked to create the most advanced submersible of its kind and will undergo the ultimate series of dive challenges. We sincerely hope to make history both technically and scientifically on this expedition.”

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The mission will include dives to:

  • Puerto Rico Trench (Atlantic Ocean 8,648 meters)
  • South Sandwich Trench (Southern Ocean 8,428 meters)
  • Java Trench (Indian Ocean 7,725 meters)
  • Mariana Trench/Challenger Deep (Pacific Ocean 10,898 meters)
  • Malloy Deep (Arctic Ocean 5,669 meters)

The Five Deeps Expedition is being filmed by BAFTA and Emmy winning Atlantic Productions and one of the world’s leading documentary filmmakers Anthony Geffen.

“This is one of the most significant explorations and scientific expeditions of the last century,” Geffen said. “Each of the dives is like following a moon shot. Our partnership with Discovery Channel gives us the chance to bring millions around the world into the cockpit of the submersible and provide them with a viewing experience unlike any before it.”

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Discovery to Re-Air Burt Reynolds ‘Fast N’ Loud’ as Tribute to Late Muscle Car Lover (Exclusive)

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Discovery Channel plans to honor the legendary Burt Reynolds, who passed away yesterday at the age of 82, with a special rebroadcast of the muscle car-loving actor’s “Fast N’ Loud” episode, TheWrap has learned exclusively.

The network will rebroadcast the special two-hour installment featuring the late star and a replica of the iconic “Smokey and The Bandit” ’77 Trans-Am this Saturday, Sept. 8, at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Per Discovery, this two-part episode, Richard Rawlings and his Gas Monkey crew are hired to help build the legendary vehicle. Rawlings, who is a huge fan of the renowned actor, along with fellow builder Aaron Kaufman head to Jupiter, Fla., with the Bandit-style Trans-Am in hopes of getting Burt Reynolds to help Rawlings win a big bet against an old rival.

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Discovery will also offer the special “Fast N’ Loud” on their multi-platform apps, Discovery GO, which are free to viewers with their paid TV subscription.

Reynolds, who has starred in films like “The Longest Yard,” “Boogie Nights” and “Deliverance,” died of cardiac arrest on Thursday.

The actor received an Oscar nomination for his role in 1997’s “Boogie Nights,” and also had major roles in movies like 1982’s “Best Friends,” 1977’s “Smokey and the Bandit” and “The Man Who Loved Women” (1983).

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Reynolds was filming Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” before his death.

Watch a clip from the episode above.

The “Fast N’ Loud” episode featuring Burt Reynolds will air Saturday at 9 a.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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‘Fast N’ Loud’ Star Aaron Kaufman Plays in the Dirt on ‘Shifting Gears’ Season 2 Teaser (Exclusive)

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Discovery Channel has renewed “Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman” for a second season, and TheWrap can exclusively report the sophomore run’s Sept. 24 premiere date. We’ve also got your first look at the upcoming season.
This ye…

NASA Documentary ‘Above And Beyond’ Launching In Theaters Ahead Of Discovery Premiere

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Discovery Channel’s documentary Above and Beyond: NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow will get a limited theatrical release ahead of its October premiere on the cable net. Watch a clip of the film above.
Fathom Events has set screenings for September 29 a…

Shark Week Attack: Discovery’s Sunday Primetime Shows Lead All Networks In Key Demos

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Shark Week is doing quite swimmingly in its 30th year. Discovery ranked No. 1 in Live+3 among all TV networks — broadcast and cable — with its Sunday night primetime lineup of dorsal-finned shenanigans that featured Shaquille O’Neal a…

Adam Savage Promises More Duct Tape Scrutiny In ‘Mythbusters’ Reboot – TCA

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Only two short years after his tenure on MythBusters ended, Adam Savage was not thinking of participating in the reboot, saying that after 14 years of 40 weeks a year, he was happy to take time off. “It wasn’t something that ever crossed my mind,&#8221…

Adam Savage’s Simple Reason for Returning to ‘Mythbusters’ World for ‘Mythbusters Jr’: ‘The Word Junior’

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Adam Savage has been away from the “MythBusters” franchise since the long-running Discovery channel series aired its final episode on March 6, 2016. And he didn’t expect to be coming back anytime soon (having steered clear of the Science Channel reboot).

But the ultimate science nerd told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday why exactly he agreed to come back for the upcoming “MythBusters Jr.” spinoff and the answer is short and sweet: “The word junior.”

“You know, I stayed away from the search and the reboot of ‘MythBusters,’ specifically ’cause 14 years, 40 plus weeks a year, I was sort of happy to take some time off from making the show,” Savage said. “But in the interim, I’ve also turned 51 and my kids left the house — an empty nest. And all of that is part of realizing that it’s time for me to start passing on everything to the next generation. Everything I know needs to move out to the world.”

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“And really, in sort of this little juncture, [Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav] called and asked if I would be interested in hosting ‘MythBusters Jr,’” Savage continued. “And it wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind. But the idea of, it’s not a show about teaching these guys how to do stuff. It’s not a kids’ shows. These are the new MythBusters. And I’m their camp counselor, and their adviser, and, sometimes, their test subject. But the moment I heard that phrase — ‘MythBusters Jr’ — I saw all that. I realized how much potential there is.”

“I’ve always thought of ‘MythBusters’ as an aspirational show, specifically aspirationalist in the terms of, ‘Wow, I wish I could be there doing that, what those folks are doing,’” he added. “And that’s the show that we’re making. It’s like you’re gonna watch them blowing up stuff just as big as we did.”

More to come…

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Howard Swartz Returns To Discovery Channel As SVP Production & Development; Jon Bardin Upped To VP Role

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Former Discovery Channel exec Howard Swartz is returning to the network as Senior Vice President of Production and Development. In addition, Jon Bardin has been promoted to Vice President of Documentaries and Specials at Discovery.
In his new role, Swa…

‘Hard To Kill’: Discovery Docuseries About Dangerous Jobs Set For Summer; Watch The Promo

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EXCLUSIVE: Discovery is doing some dangerous work this summer. The cable net has set a July 31 premiere date for Hard to Kill, a new docuseries that sees an MMA fighter/military man tackling some of the toughest job ever. Watch a promo above.
The show …

John Walsh Investigation Series Set At ID; Discovery Greenlights ‘Undercover Billionaire’

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John Walsh is set to topline a new series for Investigation Discovery. In Pursuit with John Walsh is described as a real-time investigation series that mobilizes ID’s audience to actively engage in the pursuit of justice.
Backed by decades of victim advocacy with a mission stemming from his own personal tragedy, In Pursuit utilizes Walsh’s experience in the field coupled with a call center able to help law enforcement find leads in real time, according to ID. Produced by…

Steven Spielberg & Alex Gibney Team On ‘Why We Hate’ Docuseries For Discovery

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Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney are teaming to executive produce Why We Hate (working title), a six-part television event series the probes the human capacity for hatred and how we can overcome it. It’s slated for a 2019 premiere on Discovery Channel.
Drawing on research in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and history, the series traces the evolutionary basis of hate and uses stories from both past and present to reveal the nature of the primal and universal…

Discovery Sets Egyptian Archeological Docuseries ‘Valley Of The Kings’

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Discovery has given the green light to Valley of the Kings, a docuseries which goes inside the first major excavation in Egypt in a generation.
Valley Of The Kings takes place at Egypt’s famed burial ground of the pharoahs in a search for the lost tomb of an ancient royal. Led by renowned archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, the crew of more than 100 Egyptian workers are digging in the largely untouched western portion of the valley, where leading archaeologists believe several…

Discovery Orders Steven Spielberg, Alex Gibney Docuseries ‘Why We Hate’

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The Discovery Channel is about to tackle a tricky topic with filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney: hatred.

The network has ordered a six-part docuseries, with the working title “Why We Hate,” from the pair, which examines the origins and dangers of hate, Discovery announced Friday.

“Getting to the root of the human condition is something I find not only fascinating, but absolutely necessary in understanding who we are,” states Spielberg. “With the team in place, we delve into historical and modern-day stories of hate, traveling around the globe to uncover its mystery in others and in ourselves. If we understand why we act the way we do, we can change the way we act. That is what we are uniquely capable of as human beings.”

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The project hails from Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions in association with Escape Artists for Discovery Channel, and went into production earlier this year. Sam Pollard (“Sammy Davis Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me”) and Geeta Gandbhir (“Love the Sinner”) will co-direct the docuseries, which is slated to air on Discovery in 2019.

“When I think about the name of the network Discovery, it connotes a sense of curiosity about the world,” explains Gibney. “This is not a series that simply documents something that’s happening, it’s an inquiry –  an attempt to understand why we hate, through the science, and through a sense of common humanity. Hate is in our DNA. If we begin to understand this, that’s how we begin to get to a point of being able to hope that we can overcome hate.”

“Why We Hate” will draw on research in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and history, to trace the evolutionary basis of hate and use stories from both the past and present to reveal the nature of this primal and universal emotion.

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The television event aims to reveal contemporary links to ancient behavior and use science as a basis for explaining the nature of hatred and the human mind.  At the heart of the show is this question: If we can figure out why we hate, where hate originates, and how it is amplified, can we find a way to prevent it?

“To say we are excited to work with Steven, Alex, Geeta, and Sam is an understatement,” says Nancy Daniels, Chief Brand Officer, Discovery and Factual. “Understanding the why behind our actions can help us change those actions. That leads to a hopeful future for us and generations to come.”

“Why We Hate” is executive produced by Spielberg, Gibney, Frank Marshall, Stacey Offman, Richard Perello, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Yael Melamede, Erica Sashin and Steve Tisch. Jon Bardin and David McKillop will executive produce for Discovery.

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Variety first reported the news.

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