Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Jane Birkin Cast in VR Series ‘Spheres’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Jane Birkin are set to narrate Eliza McNitt’s science-themed VR series “Spheres,” which is executive produced by Darren Aronofsky. The English version of “Spheres,” an interactive journey inspired by the…

‘Manta Ray’ and ‘Bulbul Can Sing’ win Mumbai Festival Prizes

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Phuttiphong Aroonpheng’s “Manta Ray” won the Mumbai Film Festival’s Golden Gateway award in the international competition on Thursday. It previously won best film at Venice’s Horizon section and has toured the Toronto, Thessaloniki, San Sebastian festi…

‘Wildlife,’ ‘The Bangle Seller’ in Competition at Mumbai Film Festival

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Paul Dano’s directorial debut “Wildlife,” which has had considerable festival play including Sundance, Cannes and Toronto is among the titles in the international competition at the 20th Mumbai film festival. The festival runs Oct. 25 to Nov. 1, 2018. …

The Evolution of Mila Kunis, From ‘That ’70s Show’ to ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ (Photos)

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At age 10, Ukraine-born Mila Kunis landed a small role in the 1995 short movie “Make a Wish, Molly” about a Russian Jewish girl newly arrived in the U.S.
Kunis also played small parts in mid-’90s TV shows like “Baywatch.”

Darren Aronofsky’s ‘One Strange Rock’ Renewed for Season 2 at Nat Geo

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Nat Geo has picked up a second season of “One Strange Rock” from Darren Aronofsky and Jane Root, the network announced on Wednesday.

It is currently unclear if Will Smith will return as host for the second season.

The documentary series is the extraordinary story of Earth as told through the unique perspective and personal memoirs of an elite group of astronauts who have seen the planet from space. Season 2 is scheduled to begin filming in February 2019.

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The first 10-episode season of “One Strange Rock” premiered in March and became the network’s fourth most watched series globally, with 81 million viewers.

Root, Peter Lovering and Arif Nurmohamed serve as executive producers for Nutopia. For Protozoa Pictures, executive producers are Aronofsky, Ari Handel and Scott Franklin. Matt Renner executive produces for National Geograpic.

“The tremendous success of ‘One Strange Rock’ is a testament to the power of innovative storytelling and an exceptional creative team. With the creative vision of Darren Aronofsky and the expertise of Jane Root and Nutopia, ‘One Strange Rock’ stretches the traditional boundaries of science and natural history programming,” said National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe. “It takes viewers on a breathtaking visual adventure that not only entertains, but also amazes and surprises.”

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“With National Geographic and the wealth of talent and experience of Jane and Nutopia, we took on this ambitious project to give audiences a new perspective on our living planet,” said Aronofsky. “There was so much more we wanted to cover in the first season and couldn’t. I’m grateful we now have the opportunity to bring more of the beauty and wonder of our planet to the screen.”

“There’s just so much more to tell, and to be able to continue the epic story of ‘One Strange Rock’ is incredibly thrilling,” said Root. “We set out to make science and the world relevant to viewers, and with the creative talents of Darren and his team, we did just that — in this epic and visually stunning journey.”

The Hollywood Reporter was first to report news of the renewal.

More to come…

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Anthony Bourdain Performed Bhutan Death Ritual for Final ‘Parts Unknown’ Episode

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Before his death, Anthony Bourdain discussed the meaning of life and performed an ancient “death ritual” with director Darren Aronofsky while filming the finale of “Parts Unknown.”

The episode, which aired on CNN Sunday, tracked Bourdain and the “Black Swan” director during a journey through Bhutan in South Asia. The renowned chef, also a Buddhist, touched on the country’s relationship with death in one scene, where a man tells Bourdain Buddhism implores its followers “not to take things too seriously. This is, in fact, an illusion.”

“Life is but a dream,” responded Bourdain.

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“It is considered enlightening and therapeutic to think about death for a few minutes a day,” he added, while narrating a shot overlooking a Bhutanese mountain range.

Aronofsky, writing about his friend for CNN, said a “death ritual” scene filmed for the episode was “ironic,”  even considering it was shot six months before Bourdain’s suicide.

“It seems ironic now that on our last day of shooting we performed a Bhutanese death ritual,” said Aronofsky. “We debated the fate of the country, the fate of the world. He was perplexed as to how mankind’s endless hunger to consume could be curtailed. ‘Don’t we all want flat screen TV’s?’ he asked.”

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The finale followed Bourdain and the “Black Swan” director as they mingled with goat herders and ate in Thimphu, the country’s capital. Aronofsky — who told CNN he first met Bourdain by direct messaging on Twitter in 2014 — said the journey helped solidify their friendship.

“Bhutan was where I really got to know Tony,” said Aronofsky. “There, I became aware of his utter lack of vanity. He never adjusted his hair or gave a damn about makeup or a lighting setup.”

The prominent host and chef’s death at the age of 61 rocked millions of fans earlier this month. Bourdain’s body was found in  in a hotel room in a Strasbourg, France, where he was shooting an episode for “Parts Unknown,” now in its 11th season.

“His death is incomprehensible. I don’t know how to process him being gone,” Aronofsky wrote of the late author and TV host.

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CNN anchor Don Lemon paid homage to Bourdain before the season finale on Sunday: “Anthony Bourdain was our window to the far-flung places of our planet, but he had a way of making what was so foreign seem so familiar by the time he was done weaving his words around the story.”

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Darren Aronofsky Says Science Series ‘One Strange Rock’ Is the Flip Side of ‘Mother!’

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This story about “One Strange Rock” first appeared in the Miniseries/Movies issue of TheWrap’s Emmy magazine.

On the surface, a mad and violent fever dream starring Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have much in common with a 10-part science documentary from National Geographic — but the 2017 movie “mother!” and the NatGeo series “One Strange Rock” both preach the importance of taking care of the Earth, and both are from the imagination of producer and director Darren Aronofsky.

“It’s kind of funny that they came out within a year of each other,” said the New York-based filmmaker, who directed “mother!” and executive produced “One Strange Rock.”

“They’re both dealing with the same thing but from completely opposite ways — one’s a cautionary tale and one’s a celebration of our home. Personally, I like that they came out so close together.”

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Aronofsky began working on “One Strange Rock” three years ago, when it was brought to his attention by former Fox Searchlight exec Peter Rice. The idea was an enormous one: In 10 one-hour episodes, showcase our planet in all its complexity.

“It was an incredibly overwhelming project in its scope and ambition, to try to combine all the sciences to create a portrait of our communal home,” Aronofsky said. “Since Buckminster Fuller, there’s been this concept of Spaceship Earth: We’re all on a spaceship together, on this pale blue dot floating in this empty void, and all the systems are connected.”

A key, he said, was to use eight astronauts as the series’ guides to the planet. “There are only about 500 people who’ve been able to leave the atmosphere and look back down on the Earth,” he said, “and all of them that I’ve talked to have the same experience: They stop thinking they’re from Iowa or the United States and start thinking they’re earthlings.”

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Narrated by Will Smith, each episode tackles a different aspect of the planet, from the production of oxygen to the development of the human brain. “I feel like doing all the different sciences — astronomy, geology, biology, chemistry, anthropology — is almost like going to the table of contents in an issue of National Geographic, which has four or five stories and each story is so vibrant,” said Aronofsky, who was a huge fan of the magazine growing up in Brooklyn.

“That’s why for all of our subtitles and logos, I asked them to stick with that same yellow that’s in the National Geographic logo. It was a homage to National Geographic because it was such a significant part of my childhood.”

The director said he enjoyed the experience of working on his first nonfiction project, but mostly loved that it gave him another chance to tell stories related to his passion for the environment.

“I feel like science continues to be under attack,” he said. “It’s being politicized, and yet we live and die by science in so many ways. Putting it out there that science is great, science is cool, science is exciting, is really a part of my mission.”

Read more of TheWrap’s Miniseries/Movies Emmy issue here.

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‘Rock’ Stars: Darren Aronofsky, Will Smith & Jane Root Join Forces On Emmy-Contending Doc Series On Planet Earth

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One Strange Rock may qualify as one of the most ambitious documentary series ever brought to television. Its purpose, after all, is to tell nothing less than “the story of Earth.”
“It’s not a show just about animals. It’s not a show just about people,”…

‘Black Panther’ Cinematographer Rachel Morrison to Be Honored by AFI

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Rachel Morrison, cinematographer on films like “Black Panther” and “Mudbound,” will receive the 2018 Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni medal from the American Film Institute.

Morrison made history this year as the first woman ever nominated for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for her work in “Mudbound.” She was also the first woman to shoot a Marvel Cinematic Universe film with “Black Panther.”

Her other credits include “Fruitvale Station,” “Cake,” “Dope,” “What Happened, Miss Simone?” and “Confirmation.”

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Morrison, a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, has won a New York Film Critics Circle Award; she has also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy and an ACD Award.

The Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal honors creative talents who embody the qualities of the filmmaker, who earned a total of 28 Academy Award nominations and an Oscar for Best Director for “Patton” in 1970.

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Previous recipients include Patty Jenkins, Darren Aronofsky, Terrence Malick, Amy Heckerling, Anne Garefino, Steven Rosenblum, Todd Field and most recently, Frederick Elmes.

The presentation is set to take place at the AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute to George Clooney in Hollywood, California on June 7.

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Patti Smith Narrates Darren Aronofsky’s VR Experience ‘Spheres: Pale Blue Dot’

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American singer/songwriter Patti Smith narrated an episode of Darren Aronofsky’s virtual reality experience Spheres.
The three-part series, which is directed by Eliza McNitt, made headlines earlier this year when the VR financing and distribution venture CityLights announced it would acquire Spheres in a seven-figure deal. That represented a milestone for the emerging medium, which had never sold at a major festival.
Jessica Chastain narrated the first installment, Spheres…

Darren Aronofsky Promises ‘One Strange Rock’ Will Blow Your Mind – The Contenders Emmys

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Darren Aronofsky signed on to the docuseries One Strange Rock to give viewers a glimpse of planet Earth like they’ve never seen before.
The ten-part National Geographic series, which is produced by Aronofsky and hosted by Will Smith, tells the story of Earth and explores the fragility of Earth and explores how everyone on the planet has something in common, with the help of astronauts who have traveled to outer space.
“I’ve always loved these kinds of portraits of our…

Sony Pictures Pushes Matthew McConaughey’s ‘White Boy Rick’ Back a Month

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Sony Pictures’ “White Boy Rick,” starring Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Bel Powley, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, will now be released wide Sept. 21, a month after its original release date of Aug. 17. The movie will also get a limited release on Sept. 14. This marks the second time “White Boy Rick” was delayed; it […]

‘One Strange Rock’ EPs on their ‘Wild’ Experience, Working with Will Smith

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Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky knows more than a few things about creating big, bold, eye-catching images on-screen designed to heighten the emotional experience for a viewer. But he also knows that today’s audience often consumes their media on small screens, like their smartphones. So when he set out to executive produce his first project for television […]