‘Schooled’: ‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Brett Dier Cast in ‘The Goldbergs’ Spinoff


“Jane the Virgin” star Brett Dier has been cast in “The Goldbergs” spinoff, “Schooled,” ABC announced Wednesday.

Tim Meadows, Bryan Callen and AJ Michalka already star in the 1990s-set sitcom, which follows the teachers of William Penn Academy. Meadows plays Principal Glascott, Callen plays Coach Mellor and Michalka plays teacher Lainey Lewis. Despite their eccentricities and crazy personal lives, these school leaders are heroes to their students.

Dier will play CB, a young and energetic teacher inspired by “The Goldbergs” series creator Adam F. Goldberg’s real-life favorite teacher.

Marc Firek serves as writer on the series, based on a story by Firek and Goldberg. Goldberg, Firek and Doug Robinson serve as executive producers on the Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios series.

Dier is known for playing Michael Cordero Jr. in The CW series “Jane the Virgin,” and has also appeared in “Pretty Little Liars” and “Ravenswood.”

Deadline first reported the news.

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ajfkjsh EXCLUSIVE: Jane the Virgin fan favorite Brett Dier is joining ABC’s upcoming Goldbergs spinoff series, Schooled, as a new series regular opposite Tim Meadows, Bryan Callen and AJ Michalka. The series, slated for a 2019 launch, comes from The Goldbergs creator/executive producer Adam F. Goldberg, executive producers Marc Firek, Doug Robinson, Sony Pictures TV and ABC TV Studios. Written by Firek based on a story by him and Goldberg, the spinoff is set in 1990-something and…

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‘Jane the Virgin’ Showrunner Reveals When We’ll See Michael’s Funeral


(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not watched Monday’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.”)

“Jane the Virgin” went easy on the flashbacks of the immediate aftermath of Michael’s death in the first episode since the show jumped ahead three years into the future.

That’s to say, we only got one brief glimpse of a mourning Jane (Gina Rodriguez) having trouble getting out of bed two weeks following Michael’s (Brett Dier) death.

But, as showrunner Jennie Urman told TheWrap, this was designed so the show can keep revealing more about the moments following his death and the missing years in the episodes going forward.

“We go back to the three years we skipped throughout this season, so it’s not something we wanted to do all at once,” she said. “I really wanted to come in three years later with the feeling that everybody’s in a new place, for the audience to feel like the show still has that buoyant, light quality. We really handpicked those moments where she goes back and thinks about Michael and we think about Michael so that they’ll be more impactful when it comes up.”

Urman also discussed the new character dynamics that have been revealed in the three-year time jump and how confident she is that she’ll get to the eventual endgame for the show she has in mind.

Will we see more of the immediate aftermath of Michael’s death, like his funeral?
You’ll see a little bit of the funeral in the next episode.  And you’ll see different moments from Jane’s  recovery throughout the season.

Do you know exactly what happened in the three years we skipped or did you approach the time-jump in terms of where you needed the characters to be in the present in order to tell the story going forward?
Both, I would say. We haven’t mapped out every single day of those three years, but we know the big moments for all of them, so we can go back to those touchstones as we unwind the rest of the season. We have a timeline and moments we know certain moves happen, that will become more relevant, and we’ll start to show you more of as the season goes on.

Michael’s death was very clearly foretold by the narrator. Have there been any other hints dropped about things to come that maybe people have missed?
There are hints throughout the show of various things, but we kind of put them in there and we like to see who picks up on what. That was the biggest one we were foreshadowing. The rest, you have to watch closely.

Is there another big foreshadowing moment coming?
There is not another big giant life-changing event coming up for Jane, no. It’s more the narrator, who he is, things about him; those are the things if you watch closely, you might start to pick up on.

Speaking of the narrator, he says “I totally forgot about her” in regards to Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) new girlfriend (played by Minka Kelly). What can you say about her character?
She’s someone he’s been dating for about a year, and she’s someone that both Jane and Petra (Yael Grobglas) like, so that’s saying something. You’ll see that she and Rafael got together at a very specific moment in his life, and you’ll start to see more of their relationship as we continue forward.

Jane calls Rafael her best friend and texted him instead of her mom during a moment of crisis at her reading. Is this just a natural progression of their relationship or is she not as close to her family anymore for some reason?
No, she’s still very close to her family. But Rafael was really there for her after Michael’s death, and after he got back from prison, they really hit just a great friendship and parenting groove. So it’s not that she’s not close to her family, it’s just that she’s older and she’s very close to the father of her baby now.

Jane, Rafael and Petra are this little family now. How long can they maintain that?
They have a Saturday morning tradition now, as we find out, and it is like they are a family. It’s not like everything is easy. Jane and Petra are still very different people, very different struggles. But they have made a pact to be there for each other through the most difficult of times. So they’re closer, but they also still have their tensions and anxieties. But underneath it all, they’ve accepted that they’re family to each other now and they’ll be there for each other.

I don’t think anyone would have been shocked if that had been Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Darcy’s (Justina Machado) real wedding. They were getting along so well last we saw them. Why the fake out?
In the next episode, we’ll learn a little more about them and why their relationship turned so bitter. I just love Justina and I love her and Jaime together, so that’s a relationship and a dynamic and a character we’ll keep exploring.

This time jump kicks off “Part Three” of the “Jane the Virgin” story. Do you know exactly how many episodes you’ll need in order to tell the rest of the story, and how confident are you that you’ll get the chance to do it?
I know what I need, and I hope that I’ll get to tell it. I feel pretty confident about it, but I have to talk to everybody about the timeline.

“Jane The Virgin” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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‘Jane The Virgin’ Creator’s Open Letter To Fans: “This Was A Devastating Episode For Us To Write”

ajfkjsh SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about last night's eventful episode of the CW's Jane The Virgin. Jane The Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman has reached out to fans following the shocking plot twist in last night’s episode. Urman details the thought the process behind the decision and describes “the magic of Brett Dier,” who portrayed the love of Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) life. Here is her letter in full. Dearest Jane Fans – I want to begin this letter by telling…

‘Jane The Virgin’ Showrunner on Shocking Twist: ‘A Decision Made Very Early On’


(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not watched Monday’s episode of “Jane the Virgin,” “Chapter Fifty-Four.”)

Well, it finally happened: The moment plenty of “Jane the Virgin” fans have been dreading since an ominous voice-over from the narrator way back in Season 1.

On Monday night, in the tenth episode of Season 3 of the Gina Rodriguez-led CW dramedy, Jane’s husband Michael (Brett Dier) collapsed and died during his LSAT exam.

It was a shocking moment, and yet one that had been foretold in Season 1, when the narrator (Anthony Mendez) told us that Michael would never stop loving Jane: “For as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did.”

“Jane” showrunner Jennie Urman took to Tumblr to share her thoughts and reasonings behind Michael’s death.

“It was also a decision made very early on, when I thought about our story as a whole,” she said, after praising Dier’s performance. “And even in season one, I knew it would be a hard thing to actually do, which is why there was a line (which many of you noticed) about how Michael would never stop loving Jane… Honestly, I put that line into the script at the last minute to hold our feet to the fire, to make sure we went through with it. Because even back then, the writers could all see the magic of Jane and Michael together.”

Urman also revealed that Dier’s performance of the character changed the timeline of Michael’s death – he was originally supposed to die much sooner – and explained why the show did a three-year time jump at the end of the episode.

“We’ll be flashing back to those three years and filling in gaps, but mining emotions realistically is something we work hard on and we knew the immediate pain of that loss would overwhelm our storytelling,” she said. “After talking to grief counselors, this felt like the right time to reenter Jane’s journey. She’ll always feel Michael’s absence (and trust me, we will too), but it opens up our storytelling in new and exciting ways, while allowing for the light and bright Jane world that we love to write.”

See Urman’s full note to fans here.

“Jane The Virgin” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 3 Premiere Reveals Michael’s Fate, Xo’s Baby Decision


(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if you have not watched Monday’s Season 3 premiere episode of “Jane the Virgin.”)

Michael lives!

After an excruciating summer hiatus and 40-minute season premiere, “Jane the Virgin” finally revealed that Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) new husband Michael (Brett Dier) will recover from the gunshot wound he suffered in the Season 2 finale.

“This is always what was going to happen,” Urman told reporters following a screening of the episode. “Michael was never going to die in the finale.”

The cliffhanger lasted almost the entire episode, with Michael’s life hanging in the balance and Jane forced to make a decision between a risky surgery that could kill him, or increasing the odds of paralysis without surgery.

“I didn’t want it to be resolved like the baby kidnapping was, they get him back in the first act and then you’re dealing with the emotional ramifications,” Urman continued, referencing the big Season 1 finale cliffhanger. “This event has bigger emotional stakes for everyone. The healing from such a traumatic event is something we continue to play through. And it has lasting ramifications for the character, which you’ll start to see in terms of if he can return to work, how his life is changed as a result of this. It takes him into a new direction and there are ongoing medical issues that we continue to grapple with.”

Additionally, Michael is not definitively out of the woods just yet. There is still that ominous voice-over forecasting his death from Season 1 to contend with.

“I would say it’s a reliable narrator,” Urman teased ominously. “And we’re going to be dealing with that.”

In another big development, Jane’s mother Xo (Andrea Navedo) makes a definitive decision to have an abortion rather than go through with the unintentional pregnancy that resulted from her one night stand with Rogelio’s (Jaime Camill) nemesis Esteban (Keller Wortham).

“It was a very clear choice,” Urman said of Xo’s no-nonsense approach to the decision. “She didn’t want to have a baby with Rogelio, she’s certainly not going to want to have a baby with Esteban … If Xo were to have that baby, that would be a really strong message that I did not want to send. Which is that a 40-something woman who has raised a child and doesn’t want a baby should have it anyway.

“I didn’t want it to be a really dramatic [thing]. Xo is not tortured. It is not a tortured abortion. It’s not an abortion where she’s unclear about what she wants or unclear about her choice. She’s very clear and I think most abortions are that. I feel like that’s an important thing to reflect on TV as well, like, if you’re sure, you’re sure. And she’s sure.”

“Jane the Virgin” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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‘Jane the Virgin’ Showrunner Teases Season 3, Michael’s Fate


“Jane the Virgin” returns for a third season on The CW with one big question looming: Is Michael dead or alive?

Showrunner Jennie Urman naturally refused to disclose that spoiler during a Q&A with reporters, but she stressed that the premiere episode will uphold the dramedy’s signature balance between comedy and drama, even as it grapples with Michael’s (Brett Dier) fate.

“The juxtaposition between the past and present, learning how they met and where they are now, there are some surprises in there,” Urman teased of the Jane and Michael saga. “It’s a heavy episode but I think we manage to get lightness into it.”

Below, Urman previews more of what’s to come this season on “Jane the Virgin.”

Not Jane’s first love triangle
While she’s been torn between new husband Michael and baby daddy Rafael (Justin Baldoni) for the bulk of the show’s run thus far, this is not Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) first go at a love triangle, as we’ll learn in flashbacks during the premiere.

“You meet somebody from her past,” Urman teased. “Michael had a lot of competition for her affections.”

The showrunner also said there’s a chance we’ll see Jane’s old love, Sam, again in the future.

Sin Rostro is still out there
The drug lord and serial killer who’s plagued Jane and her friends and family is still at large, now with Rafael’s sister Luisa (Yara Martinez) in tow. And we’ve definitely not seen the last of them.

“They are still trying to find Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan),” Urman said. “There will be another event that happens, but we’re spending a lot of the first, I would say, 10 [episodes] with them following up on the things we left hanging at the end of the season.”

Jane the virgin?
The loss of Jane’s virginity is imminent, Urman teased. And they already know how they’ll play with the show’s title if and when that happens.

“It’ll always say ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and there will be a line through ‘Virgin,'” the showrunner said. “And depending on what we’re putting on top of [that episode], that might say, ‘Jane the Guilty Catholic’ or ‘Jane the Person Who Doesn’t Like Her Mom’s New Boyfriend.’ It’s a way of saying people are so much more than sex. So, she is a person with so many different identities and so many different things that make her character interesting and a person. So once we get rid of the virgin thing, we can just open it up to other things that define her.”

Urman also defended the decision to preserve Jane’s virginity through the show’s first three seasons — even after a baby and marriage.

“You don’t want it too quickly gone, because there is a lot of comedy to be done,” she said. “I wanted her to be a married virgin; those kinds of things we wanted to play with as much as possible. We wanted to squeeze all the comedy out of it, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Introducing the narrator
Urman has teased before that the show’s ubiquitous and breakout character — the faceless narrator (Anthony Mendez) — is a real character with a connection to Jane. But we won’t find out who he is anytime soon.

“At the end of the series you’ll find out who the narrator is,” she said. “There is a definite relationship. You learn little bits about the narrator, but it depends on what you’re listening for. Hints are in there. We try to bury them, they’re not real obvious!”

“Jane the Virgin” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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