Werner Herzog Is Returning to the Amazon, and He’s Bringing 48 Students With Him for a Filmmaking Workshop

We hope they have better luck than Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre.

35 years after “Fitzcarraldo,” Werner Herzog is returning to the Amazon. He isn’t going alone: 48 filmmakers will follow the one-of-a-kind auteur into the jungle for “Filming in Peru with Werner Herzog,” a 10-day workshop put together by Black Factory Cinema. One hopes their ordeal isn’t as arduous as those faced both on and offscreen in “Fitzcarraldo” and “Aguirre, the Wrath of God.”

The workshop begins on May 1, 2018 and lasts until the 11th, with each participant developing a short film under Herzog’s tutelage; upon completion, Herzog will select the best work for potential inclusion at international festivals. He’s taught similar courses before, often under less conventional circumstances than most workshops, but never in the same location as his two masterworks from 1972 and 1982.

It isn’t for first-timers, however. The workshop’s website notes that the experience will be “eminently practical, so it is essential that participants are autonomous and have knowledge of directing, filming and editing, as well as have access to their own filming and editing equipment (a camera and a computer equipped with an editing program).” Herzog will lead daily master classes as well as dialogues with students; he’ll also name the central topic that participants will center their project around.

The call for participants is already open and lasts until February 7. If, like Herzog, you love the jungle against your better judgment, perhaps you’ll consider answering that call and seeing where it takes you. More information is available here.

Filming in Peru with Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Hosts Practical Filmmaker Workshop In Cuba — Watch Trailer

The workshop is organized by Black Factory Cinema and EICTV, the International School of Cinema and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

Black Factory Cinema, in alliance with the renowned Cuban film school EICTV, are organizing a Filmmaker Workshop next year in Cuba to be hosted by acclaimed director Werner Herzog. For 10 days, 50 participants will have the opportunity to develop a project under the supervision of Herzog, who will share his methods of working, style and technique.

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Herzog emphasizes that the workshop isn’t “film school” and that all participants should have knowledge of directing as well as access to their own camera and editing equipment. “It’s a very practical workshop where you have to write the screenplay, you have to do the filming and the editing,” he says. “Of course in all the steps I will be with you.” Watch the trailer for the event below.

Black Factory Cinema is committed to the creation of alternative spaces for training young filmmakers. This is the fourth consecutive year of Filmmaker Workshops. Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami previously hosted these workshops in Colombia in 2014, Barcelona in 2015 and Cuba in 2016.

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The workshop will take place between March 6 and 16, 2017. Applications are now open and are due by December 20. The list of participants will be published on January 9. If accepted, the tuition is 4,250.00 € ($4,502) and is due on February 3. For more information on how to apply, the event itself and the workshop schedule, visit the official page for the workshop.

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Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s Your Chance to Go to Cuba to Make a Movie with Werner Herzog

This practical workshop, produced by Black Factory Cinema, will bring 50 young international filmmakers to Cuba for a once-in-a-lifetime filmmaking workshop with Werner Herzog.

Ever dream of making a short film with an icon of cinema like Werner Herzog? Well here’s your chance to do just that, in Cuba no less. Black Factory Cinema is now accepting applications for its fourth practical worship, “Filming in Cuba With Werner Herzog.” The company partnered with Abbas Kiarostami over the past three years for similar workshops in cities such as Barcelona and Colombia, and in the wake of his passing earlier this year, Herzog is taking over mentor duties for the fourth installment.

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Now through December 20, filmmakers can apply for one of 50 spots in the workshop. Each artist will get the opportunity to develop a project led under the guidance and supervision of Werner Herzog during the 10-day workshop. Visit the Black Factory Cinema website for an official registration form, plus rules and regulations. Note that a committee will be selecting participants based on quality of previous work, personal motivation, authenticity in narrative research and technical autonomy, among other criteria. Participants will be notified on January 9, 2017.

This year’s workshop will take place March 6-16 in the facilities of EICTV, International School of Cinema and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Head over to Black Factory Cinema to start the application process.


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