Blockchain Network Treeti Partners With Independent Filmmaker Project

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Treeti, a new blockchain network for entertainment business co-founded by former MGM, Sony, and Starz marketing executive Amorette Jones, is partnering with the Independent Filmmaker Project. IFP helps budding filmmakers get their projects off the ground and has supported work by Ava DuVernay, Barry Jenkins, Dee Rees, Ryan Coogler, and Denis Villeneuve among others in […]

Studio Marketing Guru Amorette Jones Launches Blockchain Network For Hollywood

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Blockchain, the technology that underlies digital currencies, is finding fresh application in Hollywood.
Veteran entertainment industry marketer Amorette Jones joined with technologist Matej Boda to build a blockchain-based platform for the film industry. Their new venture, Treeti, would seek to harness the disruptive power of blockchain to create a new way for filmmakers to distribute and monetize their creative projects.
Blockchains are inherently open and secure. The…