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Nat Geo Wild unveiled three new natural history limited series and two specials at TCA today. “As the only network that is 100% dedicated to celebrating animals and wild places, we take great pride in consistently bringing our viewers powerful and awe-inspiring wildlife specials and series,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo Wild.
“Nat Geo Wild captivates audiences by showcasing jaw-dropping landscapes and animals, and this wildly…

Watch a Baby Duck Try His First Flight on New Nat Geo Wild Show (Exclusive Video)


Wanna watch a duckling attempt his first flight? Of course you do — it’s Friday.

TheWrap‘s got exactly that for readers in our exclusive “America’s Wild Frontier” sneak peek video above. We’ve also learned host-network Nat Geo Wild’s full upcoming natural history slate, which is posted below.

“We’ve been the only network to consistently deliver the most awe-inspiring specials and series from the most passionate and creative wildlife storytellers in the world,” Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo Wild, told us. “Our commitment to the genre and the slate we’re announcing today is what makes us the ultimate destination for jaw-dropping, wildly entertaining programming that has the power to connect family audiences everywhere to the wonder of nature at a time when we need it most!”

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Here are the new series, all in Wild’s own words:

“America’s Wild Frontier” (5X60)
New Series Premieres Friday, March 2 at 8/7c
From the Great Valley of Appalachia and the Badlands of South Dakota to the ice sheets in the Land of Lakes, explore the dramatic landscapes of the great frontier and the wildlife that continues to thrive in America’s heartland. Renowned for some of the most beautiful, wild scenery in the world, the five-part series’ showcases a diverse cast of characters that includes bears, bison, beavers, weasels, wood ducks, and wild horses. Whether it’s among flooded waterways or down on the farm, America’s Wild Frontier reveals that life in the heartland is often fraught with risk and danger for both people and animals alike.

“The Mighty Northwest” (5X60)
New Series Premieres in April 2018
Home to the tallest trees on earth, the last of America’s big glaciers, and a string of towering volcanoes, America’s Pacific Northwest is one of the nation’s most intriguing and mesmerizing natural wonders. In this five-part series, discover the epic meeting of land and sea that attracts some of the biggest marine life on the planet, traverse the Redwood forest–home to an incredible diversity of animals and the tallest living beings on earth, and trek the iconic Rocky Mountains where wildlife thrives despite the harsh climate and steep elevation.

“Wild Russia” (4X60)
New Series Premieres in June 2018
Wild Russia is a stunning adventure across Russia’s unique terrain that extends across 12 time zones with contrasting environments. Celebrate Russia’s most mysterious locations and iconic wildlife in this landmark four-part series that takes you on a journey through the wetlands of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the crystal clear waters of Lake Baikal–the oldest and deepest lake in the world, the icy and pristine landscapes of Siberia, and a little-visited corner of the globe–the Russian Far East. Experience intimate encounters with the incredible species within this expansive country including brown bears, the Baika seal, the Siberian lynx, leopards, tigers and an abundance of bird and fish species.

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‘Zoo Life’: Move Over Matt Damon – Jack Hanna Actually Lives in a Zoo (Exclusive Video)


Matt Damon may have “Bought a Zoo” on the big-screen in 2011 — but Jack Hanna actually lives in one.

The man affectionately referred to as “Jungle” Jack resides in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where Hannah works as director emeritus. New Nat Geo Wild series “Zoo Life” will show viewers exactly how that works with a behind-the-scenes tour coming this June — and TheWrap‘s got your first look at how all that will look.

“I’ve traveled all over the world and seen the most amazing animals, but nothing compares to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium,” said Hanna. “‘Zoo Life’ has filmed things here that I haven’t seen in 40 years of television. Prepare to be amazed.”

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“Zoo Life” showcases the bonds between caretakers and animals — like when a flamingo gives her caretaker a hug and does a “happy dance” whenever she sees her, per the National Geographic-owned cable channel. There are other surprising moments, too: Fans will learn that the zoo uses dogs as companion animals and has the only giraffe blood bank in the country. Later, emergencies force the staff to drop everything to rescue 16 parrots, and two manatees are returned to the wild after rehabilitation at the zoo.

“More than 175 million Americans visit a zoo every year but nothing compares to the behind-the-scenes experience we deliver,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager, Nat Geo Wild. “Thanks to the Columbus Zoo and their incredible staff, our audience of animal lovers and their families will get an exclusive golden ticket to witness all the extraordinary work, heartwarming stories and inspiring moments most people never see at a place where the passion and commitment to wildlife has to be seen to be believed!”

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“Zoo Life” is produced by Spectrum Productions for Nat Geo Wild. For Spectrum Productions, executive producer is Guy Nickerson and Elaine Pugliese. For Nat Geo Wild, executive producer is Ashley Hoppin; senior vice president of development and production is Janet Han Vissering.

Watch the “Zoo Life” trailer, which is exclusive to TheWrap, above.

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