‘I Love You, America’s Sarah Silverman Talks Importance Of Finding Commonalities & Forging Connections – The Contenders Emmys


Hours before Hulu’s Contenders panel for Sarah Silverman’s I Love You, Americathe final panel of the day—the streaming service announced that the hit variety series will be back for another 11 episodes, to begin airing on September 6—just in time for conversation centering on the midterm elections.
Speaking with Deadline’s Pete Hammond, Silverman first discussed her initial conception of the series, which tries to take an even-keeled look at the current political…

Hulu Renews Sarah Silverman’s ‘I Love You, America’ For Season 2


Hulu has given an 11-episode Season 2 renewal to I Love You, America, the weekly half-hour topical show starring Sarah Silverman, from Funny Or Die. The new season starts September 6.
The straight-to-series project, which got Hulu into the comedy/talk/variety show arena in a major way, discuss the current political/emotional landscape of the country. Here’s the logline: Serving heady concepts in a big, bready, aggressively silly sandwich, Silverman tackles the symptoms of…

Trump asked the Guggenheim for a Van Gogh; they offered him a solid gold toilet, instead


There are burns, and then there are art-world burns—a classier class of well-curated insult, if you will. The former simply bruises the ego, while the latter goes right for a person’s soul, and, apparently, occasionally require an 18-karat solid gold toilet to really pull off. See, as an example, this

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Ellen Page on what the U.S. should—or shouldn’t—learn from Canada


“Moving to Canada” has become a common response for many Americans looking to escape the United States’ political ails. But, in the video above, native Canadian Ellen Page notes that there are many problems the country is currently facing that parallel problems in the U.S., including dealing with their own legions of…

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Sarah Silverman on Joking About Rape: ‘I’m Having a Hard Time Navigating It’


Sarah Silverman has long maintained that taboo topics such as rape should be fair game for comedians, depending on the joke’s angle. But in the wake of sexual misconduct and assault claims against Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood figures, she is open to adjusting her stance.

“It’s a fine line,” Silverman told TheWrap. “People need to be accountable for what they say, but expression has to be allowed as well. It’s a very fine line. I’m having a hard time right now navigating it myself.”

The star of the new Hulu series “I Love You, America,” which premiered Thursday, pointed out that she has worked on projects in which potentially objectionable or offensive material has been suggested by the writing staff, which she feels is an important part of the comedy process.

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“What’s said in a comedy writers room — if we were all held accountable for that! — is crazy,” she continued. “There has to be total freedom in that. That’s how comedy works, how you figure out what is over the line, what feels rotten, ‘let’s cut that,’ what is leaning into the discomfort of something and examining it. It’s difficult with art — I’m not saying there’s a free pass there. I’m just saying it’s hard.”

In her 2013 stand-up special, “We Are Miracles,” Silverman said, “Rape, obviously, the most heinous crime imaginable. Rape jokes are great.” Meanwhile, Jason Momoa apologized this week after taking heat on social media for a resurfaced 2011 clip in which he joked that he enjoyed working on “Game of Thrones” because he got to “rape beautiful women.”

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Silverman told TheWrap that as time goes by, she continues to listen to all points of view on the topic and adjusts her perspective accordingly.

“I have said I like to change with the times,” the “Battle of the Sexes” actress said. “When students are too PC, quote-unquote, I always like to listen to the voice of youth, students, because they tend to be on the right side of  history. But I’ve had the luxury — and I would hope that we give that to many people — to change with new information, to grow, to not just be put in social jail forever but to have room to learn and grow and change and be changed.”

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She continued, “So I don’t know. It’s a murky area, and we don’t have hard black-and-white lines around it.”

“I Love You, America” releases new episodes Thursdays on Hulu.

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Madonna’s Topless 4th of July Tweet Fizzles With Critics


Madonna made a naked display of patriotism on Tuesday, but not everyone was saluting.

The Material Mom posted a topless photo via Twitter on Tuesday to commemorate the 4th of July, a post that drew its share of detractors along with fans.

“AMERICA!!!! ️HAPPy 4th,” the singer wrote, accompanied by a picture of herself sans top, and draped from the waist down in American flag.

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While many commenters commended Madonna‘s sentiment, critics also made their way to the comments section of the tweet.

AMERICA!!! ????????♥️????????♥️????????♥️HAPPy 4th ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/ArBmCB4cNt

Madonna (@Madonna) Madonna/status/882316217121484800”>July 4, 2017

“Put some clothes on woman,” suggested one commenter.

An apparent Donald Trump supporter took the opportunity to remind Twitter that Madonna revealed back in January that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” writing, “remember that time where you said you wanted to blow up the WH. Americans will never forget. You’re un-American. #MAGA”

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“You should not be celebrating the freedom you don’t think we have,” another commenter suggested in response to the image, which appears to have been taken while Madonna filmed her 1990 PSA for MTV’s “Rock the Vote” campaign.

Yet another critic took technical exception to the image, writing, “Fire your photographer bc they dont know how to work a camera bc thats WAY too much exposure and saturation.”

“Grosse [sic],” another detractor hissed. “Nothing new to see here. Nothing the world hasn’t seen. Overrated!”

“Who the f–k is Madonna and why isn’t she in a retirement home?” another asked.

She also got plenty of support, however: one fan gushed, “The real president of the United States.”

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Hulu Picks Up Sarah Silverman Political Variety Show, ‘I Love You, America’


Comedian Sarah Silverman has received a 10-episode straight-to-series order on Hulu for her upcoming show “I Love You, America,” the streaming service confirmed via Twitter on Monday.

Hulu picked up the weekly, half-hour variety and sketch show, which will depict Silverman talking about the current political landscape in the U.S.

Silverman has been outspoken about politics throughout the 2016 presidential election. She was an avid supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination before backing Hillary Clinton in the main election. She spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention to convince Sanders supporters to back Clinton.

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She was blunt to Sanders supporters who were hesitant, or refused, to back the former New York Senator and First Lady. “To the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous,” she said.

In addition to calling out Bernie supporters, she was also critical about Donald Trump’s penchant for name-calling.

“That stuff is for third graders,” she said. “It’s like major arrested development stuff. That’s like ‘I’m still emotionally four and calling people names from my gold-encrusted sandbox because I was given money instead of human touch or coping tools.’”

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In “I Love You, America,” Silverman will be continuing to speak about her political ideals, but will be doing it with others, paying attention to those who might not share her beliefs. Silverman said it was more crucial in today’s current political climate to experience all points of view, including those that might be on the other side of the political spectrum.

The actress will be partnering with Funny or Die for the show. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay — two of the founders of Funny or Die — and Amy Zvi will serve as executive producers, along with Silverman.

This news comes just over a month after the announcement of her new stand up special, which is set to air May 30.

There is no release date yet for the Hulu show.

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