NBC Orders Pilot Presentation For ‘Village Gazette’ Comedy Starring Amber Ruffin From Seth Meyers & Lorne Michaels

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NBC has ordered a pilot presentation for Village Gazette, a single-camera comedy from Amber Ruffin, who also will star, Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker’s Sethmaker Shoemakers Productions, Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video and Universal TV.

‘Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Explains To Megyn Kelly Why Blackface Is Racist

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Seth Meyers got some help Tuesday from Late Night writer Amber Ruffin who popped in to explain to Megyn Kelly why her defense of wearing blackface on Halloween was, yes, racist. As we all know by now, during a segment on Halloween costumes on her NBC s…

‘Late Night’ Writer Calls Out ‘Roseanne’s’ ‘Tired A– Episode’ About Muslims

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“Late Night with Seth Meyers” writer Amber Ruffin took aim at “Roseanne” for its controversial episode on May 8 where the title character is suspicious of her new Muslim neighbors.

During her “Minute of Fury” segment on Thursday’s “Late Night,” Ruffin took the ABC sitcom to task for it’s “tired a– episode,” saying, “Roseanne is back and better than ever… at being racist.”

“She didn’t like these people until they proved to her that they were ‘one of the good ones’ by giving her their WiFi password,” Ruffin said. “So what would’ve happened in this episode if they had been mean to her? Which was their right to do. She’d have called the cops and they’d have gone to jail, that’s what the f— what.”

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The episode sees Roseanne spying on her new neighbors, who are of Middle Eastern descent, because she thinks they might be building a bomb. Her character also refers to the country she thinks her Muslim neighbors are probably from as “Talibanjistan,” when they’re actually from Yemen. The episode ended with Roseanne realizing her new neighbors weren’t actually that much different than her all since their WiFi password was “Go Cubs.”

The episode has been criticized for being Islamophobic and promoting harmful, racially-insensitive stereotypes.

Roseanne thinking her Muslim neighbors are terrorists isn’t funny. Not even for a second. Muslims deal with that bigotry on a daily basis. And it’s dangerous.

— Elham Khatami (@ekhatami) May 9, 2018

“That’s what’s wrong with this episode,” Ruffin concluded. “The minorities have to prove themselves to her.”

Barr, for her part, has defended the episode and shot back at reports this week that said ABC was trying to reign her in for next season.

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ABC has been nothing but supportive to me and my show and all of our ideas. The press has misrepresented what ABC President said about our new season.

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) May 16, 2018

ABC has supported my work, has NOT silenced me will NOT censor me or any of that BS. I have NOT been ‘put in my place’ or any of that stuff ppl r saying. ABC supports our new season-unlike anything EVER on TV b4. #Roseanne

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) May 17, 2018

Watch the video above.

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Tuesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” we got a new edition of the show’s excellent recurring segment “Point, Counterpoint,” in which the show’s writers Amber Ruffin and Ally Hord appear to discuss a series of current topics.

The joke of the bit is that Hord will discuss the topics at hand in a very serious manner while Ruffin will then take whatever the last thing Hord said as an excuse to go off on a hilarious non-sequitor. And this time, the debate ended in a joyful display of violence in which Hord and Ruffin got to bond over beating down a mannequin dressed like Meyers.

“It seems that every day that someone within Trump’s world resigns or is fired,” Meyers said to start off the bit. “Is this a sign of a house in chaos or that President Trump finally seems to know the kind of team he needs? Ally?”

“You’re giving him too much credit,” Hord replied. “All this turnover isn’t calculated. It’s the tantrums of a man-child. It’s like if a middle school bully tried to run a PTA meeting. Trump is nothing but a big, fat baby.”

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And then Ruffin took the whole thing in a completely different direction.

“I love, big, fat babies. you see one and you ask, ‘how did you get so fat if all you eat is milk, little baby?’ But they don’t answer because they’re a baby. And when they’re real fat you get to put your finger on their chin and go ‘Hey, hey, hey, it’s Fat Albert.’ It’s the cutest,” Ruffin said.

For the second topic, Hord said that Trump’s transgender military ban was just another one of “Trump’s distracting stunts,” to which Ruffin replied that she absolutely loves cool stunts in movies. Which led to the climax of the segment.

“After Joe Biden said in a speech he would have beat Trump up in high school, Trump tweeted that if they did fight, Biden would have gone down hard and fast while crying ahead of the midterms. Is this the sort of leadership we need from either party? Ally?” Meyers asked.

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“It’s like we’ve completely forgotten how a leader is supposed to act,” Hord said. “This country has gone insane. I’ve lost all hope.”

“I know what would make you feel better,” Ruffin replied

“I’m not giving you a hug,” Hord declared stubbornly

“Oh. Well, then, how about a big stunt sequence?” Ruffin asked. Hord liked the idea, and the two immediately began a dramatic fight on stage that eventually involved Hord smashing a vase over Ruffin’s head, Ruffin kicking Hord through a wall, and the two of them teaming up on a mannequin dressed up like Meyers.

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“Take a closer look at this, bitch,” Ruffin said as they threw the mannequin over Meyers’ desk.

The conflict ended with Ruffin pinning Hord’s arm behind her back until she finally agreed to a hug.

You can watch all of “Point, Counterpoint” from Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the video embedded at the top of this post.

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Amber Ruffin To Host 22nd Annual Webby Awards

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EXCLUSIVE: Late Night with Seth Meyers writer and comedian Amber Ruffin is set to host the 22nd annual Webby Awards. Honoring excellence on the Internet and celebrating Internet culture, the Webby Awards will take place at Cipriani Wall Street in New York on May 14.
As a first-time host of the ceremony, Ruffin will serve as a cruise director of sorts for the show. She will also keep all the winners in check, making sure they adhere to the Webby Awards’ 5-word acceptance…

After Alabama, Late Night’s Amber Ruffin has one message for white America: “You’re welcome”

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After black voters in Alabama voted for Democrat Doug Jones and against bigot and accused child molester Republican Roy Moore to the tune of 98 per cent, Late Night With Seth Meyers’ writer, performer, future sitcom star, and general force of charm and delight in the world Amber Ruffin took to the stage for an Alabama…

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Amber Ruffin to Host Writers Guild Awards in New York

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Amber Ruffin, writer and on-air personality for “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” will host the 70th annual Writers Guild Awards ceremony at New York’s Edison Ballroom on Feb. 11. The ceremony, which will be held simultaneously with the WGA West’s show in Los Angeles, will be co-executive produced by Bonnie Datt and Shannon Walker. Ann […]

WGA Awards Sets Amber Ruffin To Host New York Ceremony

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Amber Ruffin, a writer and on-air personality on NBC’s Late Night with Set Meyers, is set to host the 70th annual Writers Guild Awards ceremony on February 11 at the Edison Ballroom in New York.
“I’m so excited to host the 2018 Writers Guild Awards,” said Ruffin, who handles the Late Night segments “Amber Says What?” and “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.” “If you’re looking for hard-hitting satire on sexual assault allegations, Russia and the Republican tax plan — too bad! This is…

Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Amber Ruffin thinks former Bears coach Mike Ditka’s takes are “da worst”

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Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Amber Ruffin is a consistently funny presence whenever the writer and comic pops up to deliver her signature brand of chirpy wisdom about the (invariably awful) news of the day. She memorably took Meyers on a tour of her “safe space” getaway in the 30 Rock offices, a post-Charlottesville…

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Seth Meyers Reveals Alternate Ending to Awful Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad (Video)

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Pretty much everyone not featured on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” hated that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad. Fortunately, the cola manufacturer filmed an alternate ending for such a public outcry.

Seth Meyers shared the new finish Wednesday on “Late Night,” and let’s just say it might push everyone further away from the Sierra Mist maker.

In the NBC late-night show’s version, writer Amber Ruffin takes on the task of handing a white cop the Pepsi. He initially seems receptive — until he calls for backup.

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The Coke competitor has since pulled the Jenner ad, and apologized for falling on its face.

“Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding,” the company said in a statement. “Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

Watch Meyers fix it all via the video above.

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