Rachel McAdams: ‘Disobedience’ Sex Scene With Rachel Weisz Was Unlike Any I’ve Experienced With Male Actors

There’s a reason critics are calling the love scene between McAdams and co-star Rachel Weisz one of the best sex scenes of the year.

[Editor’s note: The following article contains minor spoilers for “Disobedience”]

Rachel Weisz has already weighed in on the much-discussed “Disobedience” sex scene, calling it a fundamental and empowering moment for the characters played by Rachel McAdams and herself, and now McAdams shares her thoughts on the scene everyone can’t stop talking about. The actress joined Weisz for a joint interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which she agreed the sex scene serves an integral role to her character’s development. McAdams’ Esti, an Orthodox Jew, has been repressed by her religion. The sex scene is the first major moment of freedom for the character.

“Often, you’re trying to decide if it’s gratuitous or not. But this scene felt so integral to the plot and moving the story forward,” McAdams said. “The characters need this release to open up. There was energy to that scene that I haven’t experienced in any other sex scenes [with men] in my career. There was camaraderie to it. We both felt safe and free. All those things that you love about being a woman, you get to be with [in the scene].”

“Disobedience” director Sebastián Lelio storyboarded the entire sex scene so the actors knew exactly what it would look like and whats shot would be included. The one moment many viewers won’t forget finds Weisz spitting into McAdams’ mouth, an action that made headlines after the film’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.

“I was excited that Sebastián was doing something new. It’s provocative and brings the audience into something intimate,” McAdams said about the moment. “The makeup department tested out different flavors of lube the night before to use as the spit. We settled on lychee-flavored!”

McAdams said the sex scene was filmed on a closed set. Despite being aware at first of everyone in the room “who’s clothed, holding a boom, and snacking on trail mix or whatever,” it occurred to McAdams that the sex scene was just another scene they had to film, one that should be as vulnerable as any scene being filmed for the movie.

“Everyone was very quiet and there was such warmth in the room. It was a wonderful day,” McAdams said. “[I] realized that I was doing a scene like any other scene. They should all make you feel vulnerable, some more than others, but they should all be risky. In became another day at work, in that way.”

When asked if it was challenging to play a lesbian character, McAdams said she never thought about Esti being different from that perspective.

“I knew we were telling a lesbian story and that was necessary to concentrate on, but beyond that it’s just humans being with humans,” McAdams said. “I didn’t’ think of it as gay versus straight, only in that there was unfair oppression of their love and sexuality…I don’t think I concentrated on that so much.”

“Disobedience” opens in select theaters Friday, April 27.

Joss Whedon Still Loves His Controversial ‘Wonder Woman’ Script: ‘People Say It’s Not Woke Enough’

Whedon’s script leaked online in June 2017 and was accused of being sexist, but the director says he loved his idea for the film.

Just as Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” was opening in theaters to critical and commercial success, Joss Whedon’s 2006 script for the film leaked online. The June 2017 leak didn’t go well for the “Avengers” director, who received backlash for writing what many believed to be a sexist Wonder Woman story.

Whedon’s version took place in modern day and was accused of focusing more on Diane Prince’s male co-star, Steve Trevor, than the hero herself. Whedon, however, stands by his script, defending it in an interview Vanity Fair at the premiere of “Avengers: Infinity War.” Nearly one year after the scrip leak, Whedon still has a hard time understanding which parts of his script caused problems with readers.

“I don’t know which parts people didn’t like but I went and re-read the script after I heard there was a backlash. I think it’s great,” Whedon said. “People say that it’s not woke enough. I think they’re not looking at the big picture. It’s easy to take one phrase out of context, and [I wasn’t] the most woke individual who ever lived at that time, 10 years ago. But I was in there swinging and the movie has integrity and the characters have integrity and I stand by it.”

Whedon has no hard feelings against Jenkins and told Variety that he loves what the director did in her live-action adaptation of the comic. He said Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” was so good that he didn’t even think about his own script while he was watching the film.

“I had such a good time that I didn’t think about my script,” the director said. “And I’m the person who should of hated it, because I really loved my script. I totally forgot I had written one, I just had a great time.”

Since directing the first two “Avengers” films for Marvel, Whedon went on to help Zack Snyder finish “Justice League.” The director recently left a “Batgirl” project being developed by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

‘The Tale’ Trailer: Laura Dern Is Back in the Emmy Race With HBO’s Acclaimed Sundance Drama

Jennifer Fox’s memory drama was far and away one of the the most acclaimed films at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Laura Dern won her first Emmy last year after six nominations for her supporting turn in “Big Little Lies,” and she’s back in the television awards race this year in a big way thanks to “The Tale.” Jennifer Fox’s memory drama earned universal acclaim at Sundance earlier this year, becoming the most acclaimed title in Park City and selling to HBO Films in a surprise move.

“The Tale” stars Dern as a version of Jennifer Fox. The character finds a short story she wrote for school at age 13, which forces her to re-examine her first sexual experience and confront life-altering questions about how she members her childhood. The supporting cast includes Isabelle Nélisse, Elizabeth Debicki, Jason Ritter, Frances Conroy, John Heard, Common and Ellen Burstyn.

In an A review out of Sundance, IndieWire’s David Ehrlich called the film “a landmark cine-memoir that’s as powerful and profoundly upsetting as any film since ‘The Act of Killing.'” The trailer’s sharp editing teases the film’s free-flowing structure between the past and present. The film is the latest acclaimed HBO vehicle for Dern after the likes of “Big Littles Lies,” “Enlightened,” and “Recount.”

“The Tale” debuts on HBO May 26. Watch the official trailer below.

‘Solo’: Alden Ehrenreich Calls ‘Bullsh*t’ on Phil Lord and Chris Miller Exit Rumors, Confirms He Signed Up for Three Films

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” might not be the only time Ehrenreich steps into Harrison Ford’s famous shoes.

Alden Ehrenreich has been front and center in films directed by the Coen brothers and Warren Beatty, but he’s about to be thrown into the global spotlight with the May release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” The film is world premiering at Cannes next month after enduring much publicized behind-the-scenes drama. Original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired by Lucasfilm after several months of production and Ron Howard was brought in to finish the film. Ehrenreich addresses the director change in a new Esquire profile.

“From the first screen test on, we played around with it a lot. We tried a lot of different things, rethinking behind the scenes,” Ehrenreich said about Lord and Miller’s style. “That was yielding a different movie than the other factions wanted. I knew what I was doing, but in terms of what that adds up to, you’re so in the dark as an actor. You don’t know what it’s shaping up to be, how they’re editing it, so it’s kind of impossible without having seen those things to know what the difference [of opinion] was, or exactly what created those differences.”

The actor said it was “emotional” to find out the directing duo had been let go after months of working with them one-on-one to get the character right. Ehrenreich said he had a “good relationship” with Lord and Miller, and it’s not lost on the young actor that the pair cast him in the role in the first place. As for the rumor that some “Solo” cast and crew applauded upon hearing about Lord and Miller’s exit, Ehrenreich said that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“That’s bullshit,” Ehrenreich said. “For a crew to do that would mean they hated [Lord and Miller], which was not by any stretch the case.”

According to Ehrenreich, the transition from Lord and Miller to Howard went as smooth as possible. He credits the veteran filmmaker for being able to get “everybody enthusiastic” about his direction for the movie at a time when they had just spent months filming Lord and Miller’s version. Everyone on set thought what Miller and Lord had shot was good, so they’re firing cast doubt on both the past and future of the film. Howard helped ease those tensions.

“Everybody’s hackles are raised a bit, and Ron had this ability to come in and deal with morale and get everybody enthusiastic about, A, what we’d already shot, because I think his feeling was that a lot of what we’d already done was really good, and, B, the direction for the next piece of it,” Ehrenreich said. “He knew how to navigate a tricky situation, and almost from the first or second day everybody pretty quickly recharged and got excited again about the movie.”

Howard ended up finishing “Solo” in time for the film to keep its May release date, and it turns out that it might just be the first of many appearances Ehrenreich has as young Han Solo. When asked by Esquire how many “Star Wars” films he signed up for when he accepted the role, Ehrenreich confirmed three: “I don’t know if that’s officially, uh, public,” he said. “But—yeah.” IndieWire has reached out to comment from Lucasfilm and Disney.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” opens nationwide May 25. Head over to Esquire to read Ehrenreich’s profile in its entirety.

Scarlett Johansson: A Standalone Black Widow Movie Needs to be ‘Groundbreaking’ and ‘Incredibly Badass’

Jac Schaeffer was hired by Marvel to pen the script for the film earlier this year.

“Avengers: Infinity War” marks the sixth time Scarlett Johansson has played Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow on the big screen, and it won’t be the last if the actress has anything to say about it. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Johansson expressed interest in continuing to play the character and addressed the reports that Marvel is finally developing a standalone Black Widow film.

“I think there’s room for it,” Johansson said with excitement. “The only way to do it would be if it were something that we’ve never seen before that was really groundbreaking and incredibly badass. I think if anyone could make that happen my boss Kevin Feige could. He’s a visionary.”

“I think it could be something really special,” she continued. “Theres a lot of room there. The character has a tortured past, she’s had to make a lot of difficult decisions. She has a lot of trauma. She’s got issues. There’s room to work them all out.”

Anticipation for a standalone Black Widow movie has been building over the last several years. Johansson first played the character in 2010’s “Iron Man 2,” making her one of the veteran members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio announced in January that Jac Schaeffer is penning the script. Schaeffer is a rising screenwriter best known for her Black List script “The Shower.” Plot details about the film are entirely under wraps, although a rumor reported by ScreenRant suggests the film will be a prequel and could co-star Sebastian Stan’s Bucky/Winter Soldier.

Johansson is listed as a cast member in the untitled fourth “Avengers” sequel, which shot during the same time as “Infinity War” and will be released May 3, 2019. “Infinity War” is her second release of 2018 following a voice role in Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs.” You can watch Johansson’s appearance on “Ellen” below.

Jessica Chastain: ‘I Have Felt So Bad’ That Some Women ‘Feel Excluded’ From Time’s Up

Thandie Newton made headlines this month for saying it was “very painful” not to be included in the Time’s Up anti-harassment initiative.

Jessica Chastain is one of the most vocal members of the Time’s Up anti-harassment campaign, and she took to Twitter on April 23 to defend the initiative and express her feelings over the fact that not every woman feels included.

“I have felt so bad that some feel excluded,” Chastain wrote. “I was never asked to join anything, I just came forward to see how I could be of service. No one is unwelcome. The more women that come together, standing shoulder to shoulder, the stronger we are.”

Thandie Newton made headlines this month after she told News Corp that it was “very painful” not to have been asked to join Time’s Up. “I wasn’t hot enough,” the actress said. “I wasn’t mainstream enough and I wasn’t going to be at the Oscars this year, even though I am having a renaissance in my career.”

Asia Argento, who has been extremely critical of Time’s Up for not being inclusive, posted Newton’s comments to her Twitter page and wrote, “More proof, if any was needed, that #TimesUp is an exclusive club (and extended feel-good PR opportunity) for Hollywood elites that shuns survivors.”

Chastain responded to Argento, saying, “I invited you to the first meeting at my house Nov 27th but unfortunately you were out of town. It wasn’t called #TimesUp cuz we didn’t have a name. It was just a group of actresses coming together to see how we could support the brave women coming forward & create lasting change.”

The “Molly’s Game” star went on to praise Argento for being “brave” and starting the movement. Argento accused Harvey Weinstein of rape last October. You can read all of Chastain’s tweets below.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ First Reactions Praise Marvel’s ‘Astonishing’ Epic, Go Crazy for ‘Shocking’ and ‘Unpredictable’ Ending

After 10 years and 18 movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a climax that’s already earning raves from fans.

Marvel has finally unveiled “Avengers: Infinity War” for the press, and the first reactions are overwhelmingly positive. Film critics call the Marvel tentpole “thrilling” and “an astonishing experience,” with IndieWire’s own Jamie Righetti raving that it’s “everything you go to the movies for: Action, romance, humor, heartbreak, it has it all.” The film’s ending, in particular, is eliciting major shock from the press, with everyone adamant that fans avoid all spoilers at every cost.

“Infinity War” brings together the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe after 18 films over the last decade. Heroes from the “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “Captain America,” “Doctor Strange,” “Spider-Man,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchises all team up to defeat Thanos from wiping out half the universe’s population. Thanos is played by Josh Brolin in a motion-capture performance.

While some critics found the movie a bit uneven and “exhausting” (the film runs a giant 149 minutes), nearly everyone agrees the Russo brothers managed to achieve the impossible in bringing so many different film characters together for one climactic tentpole. Even the less-than-favorable first reactions still imply the “amazing ending” makes the blockbuster a must-see.

“I have never heard an audience react to the end of a film like the ‘Infinity War audience reacted tonight,” The Verge film editor Tasha Robinson writes. “It was an astonishing experience. And it’s another reason I want to see the film again in a packed house.”

“Avengers: Infinity War” opens nationwide April 27. Check out some of the first reactions below.