Howard Stern Describes Donald Trump’s Rating of Women to David Letterman (Video)

Howard Stern described President Donald Trump’s rating of women to David Letterman, in a clip for the next episode of Letterman’s Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

Stern, no stranger to conducting hot-button interviews, told Letterman that Trump (much like his Twitter feed) has no filter and will answer a question about literally anything. “To me a guest who comes on and says anything that is in his mind, is a great guest,” Stern said. “No matter what I asked, he would answer in a very sincere and thought-out way.”

Stern said he then tried to see how far he could take it. He described a conversation with Trump, where he asked him who he thought were the most attractive women. “Who are the great beauties? If I ask you some names, can you tell me who the great beauties are?”

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Stern said Trump, with a completely straight face, said “the great beauties are not actresses,” who said he only sees “sixes and sevens” from the women in the entertainment industry. According to Stern, Trump even labeled Angelina Jolie a “7,” much to Stern’s befuddlement.

So, who does Trump think gets a “10” on the beauty scale?

“You know who’s a great beauty,” Stern recalled Trump telling him. “My daughter, Ivanka. Now she’s a ten.”

Watch the video above.

The full episode will be available May 31.

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