‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch Received Multiple Emmy Nominations Even If His Cast Was Robbed

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The return of “Twin Peaks” to Showtime was met with much fanfare after its 25-plus-year hiatus off the air. Sadly, its reception among the Academy was not as warm when it came to the major categories. Thursday morning, it was shut out completely, including in all the acting categories.

That meant that Kyle MacLachlan was snubbed for his portrayal of three different characters — Agent Cooper (as Dougie), the evil Mr. C, and Dougie himself — and Laura Dern’s dramatic turn as Diane was overlooked (although the Academy did honor her with a nod for “The Tale.”) While those are the most egregious omissions, many more cast members were also worthy of nominations, among them are Catherine E. Coulson as the late, great Log Lady and Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer. Alas, that also means that David Lynch wasn’t recognized for his role of Gordon Cole.

It wasn’t a total loss though: The limited series received a total of nine nominations, with David Lynch earning nods for directing and writing, along with partner Mark Frost for the latter.

The groundbreaking “Part 8” rightly earned much of the focus for its mind-blowing tale of how evil entered the world through the atom bomb. IndieWire voted “Part 8” as its top pick for the Best TV Episodes of 2017. Accordingly, the episode received nominations in the cinematography, single-camera picture editing, sound editing, and sound mixing categories.

Beyond just “Part 8,” the limited series also received nods for its overall production design, non-prosthetic makeup, and hairstyling.

The original “Twin Peaks” series on ABC received a total of 15 Emmy nominations and only won two for costume design and editing.