Trevor Noah Spotlights Bill Clinton’s Mortified Co-Author During Botched Book Tour (Video)

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At the end of a run-down through news that “The Daily Show” didn’t have time to cover, Trevor Noah talked about who he really feels bad for because of Bill Clinton’s botched book tour — Clinton’s co-author James Patterson.

Former president Clinton and Patterson are currently making the talk show rounds in support of their jointly-written airport novel “The President Is Missing,” a thriller about a U.S. President who, well you can read. But the news out of these talk show appearances hasn’t been about the book itself. Instead, it’s been about how badly — really, really badly as it turns out — Clinton is at answering questions about his past sexual conduct in light of the #MeToo movement.

“You know who I really feel bad for?” Noah asked. “President Clinton’s co-author. Think about it — that poor dude just wanted to promote a book. But now, he has to sit there, quietly, through every interview, and watch the disaster unfold. And the look on his face in every interview… well just see for yourself.”

Noah then rolled a supercut from various television interviews the duo have done, in which Clinton fails again and again and again to have a good answer to any of the tough questions, and a stonefaced Patterson looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. It’s excruciating as it turns out, and you can watch the whole Clinton-Patterson segment above, starting at around the 4-minute mark.

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