Ronan Farrow Signs New Book Deal About Weinstein Scandal Titled ‘Catch and Kill’

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Ronan Farrow will publish a book which will expand on his bombshell reporting on sexual misconduct, publisher Little, Brown, and Co. announced on Friday.

The new book, “Catch and Kill,” is “a deeply personal story about a reporter grappling with how much to put on the line to protect the truth, and a story that expands our understanding of the forces in law, politics, and media that maintained a conspiracy of silence around [Harvey] Weinstein and other men in power committing gross abuses with impunity,” according to Little, Brown.

Farrow has referenced the term “catch and kill” in an April 12 story in The New Yorker about the editorial practices of the The National Enquirer and other tabloids, who buy stories for the purpose of burying them.

“It’s been important to me to keep the spotlight focused on the survivors of sexual violence who risked so much to speak to me and other reporters whose work I admire,” Farrow said in a statement to “I’ve also always said that the questions about the behind-the-scenes mechanics that suppressed these revelations are legitimate — and that, when enough time had passed, and once I had marshaled the evidence needed to tell this story, I would find a way to do so. ‘Catch and Kill’ is that story.”

“Ronan Farrow’s wrenching investigative journalism has given voice to sexual abuse survivors and shaken the conscience of our culture,” said Little, Brown SVP, Reagan Arthur. “But, despite the enormity of the conversation his reporting helped ignite, some of the most astonishing disclosures about what he uncovered are still to come. We’re very proud to be publishing this important book.”

Farrow’s last book, “War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence,” was published by W. W. Norton & Company on April 24. No release date has been provided for “Catch and Kill.”

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