Outfest Partners with Amazon, Making More Than 60 LGBTQ Movies Available to Stream

Read on: IndieWire.

Outfest and Amazon have announced a partnership making more than 60 official selections from Outfest available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Founded in 1982, Outfest holds the Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival every year and has protected more than 35,000 LGBT films and videos.

“These are challenging times for many and reports of violence against LGBTQ citizens are on the rise,” said Christopher Racster, Executive Director of Outfest, in a statement. “I still believe though in the power of our stories to change that narrative be it for a young teen in Iowa can watch a fully developed LGBTQ character to see a path forward for their own life, to a parent turning on the TV to better understand their child, to the millions who have attended any of our Outfest film festivals over the past 35 years who want to relive a favorite Outfest moment or see something they missed. It is a relationship like this with Prime Video Direct that will carry our stories across the widest network and reach the most individuals.”

Among the films now available to stream are “A Sinner in Mecca,” “Open,” “The Gymnast,” “GBF,” and “Women Who Kill.”