‘Come Sunday’ Trailer: Chiwetel Ejiofor Delivers Another Powerhouse Lead Role in Netflix Sundance Drama

Read on: IndieWire.

Despite being an Oscar-nominated lead actor thanks to “12 Years A Slave,” Chiwetel Ejiofor still doesn’t get enough opportunities to lead movies. Let Netflix’s upcoming drama “Come Sunday” be another powerful reminder why that needs to change.

The film, directed by “Maria Full of Grace” and “Complete Unknown” filmmaker Joshua Marston, casts Ejiofor in the true story of the conflicted Bishop Carlton Pearson. Members of Pearson’s church conspired to have him removed for heresy after he started preaching that Hell doesn’t exist. The drama co-stars Jason Segel, Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, and Lakeith Stanfield.

“Come Sunday” will debut on Netflix April 13. Watch the official trailer below.