13 Best and Worst Oscars Moments, From Frances McDormand’s Speech to Gael Garcia Bernal’s Singing (Photos)

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BEST: Rita Moreno

Literally everything about Rita Moreno rocked on Sunday night. Not only did she wear parts of her 1962 Oscars dress when she won an award for “West Side Story, but she also delivered maybe the most over-the-top yet amazing laugh when opening an envelope. Also, Moreno hasn’t aged one day.

WORST: Set Design

From bizarre eastern-inspired columns and altars, gothic chandeliers, abstract light installations and what looks like two Lady Gaga shoulder pads framing the stage, we have no idea what in God’s name was going on with set design this year.

BEST: Old-Timey Opening Package

For just a split second, you couldn’t tell whether the 2018 Oscars telecast had begun, but soon it became clear that the old-timey film spool was serving as the opening to the awards show. Presented in black and white, the package poked fun at Emma Stone and Armie Hammer and honed in on attendees in the audience — and at the end, it was revealed that Jimmy Kimmel was narrating the package in the antique voiceover style.

WORST: Gael Garcia Bernal singing “Remember Me”

Gael Garcia Bernal signing Oscar-nominated song “Remember Me” from Oscar-winning film “Coco” wasn’t on point. Sure, it was maybe meant to be endearing, but Bernal’s performance missed the mark. But we’re kind of relieved there is something Bernal isn’t good at.

BEST: Allison Janney thanks the “I, Tonya” bird

When Janney won Best Supporting Actress for her role in “I, Tonya,” she thanked the legendary bird for her award.

“To my ‘I, Tonya’ family: the magnificent Margot Robbie, the fearless Craig Gillespie, a cast and crew and bird that elevated my work,” she said.

BEST: Helen Mirren’s Jetski Pose

Jimmy Kimmel surprised everyone with a need-for-speed gift — whoever has the shortest acceptance speech will win a jetski. And who better to present the jet ski than DAME HELEN MIRREN?

WORST: “Star Wars” stars banter with BB-8

Kelly Marie Tran, Oscar Isaac and Mark Hamill took the stage with BB-8 for some endearing and light-hearted banter, but the audience just kind of politely applauded to humor the group.

BEST: Mark Wahlberg/Michelle Williams Joke

While Mark Wahlberg glossed over the uncomfortable truth with a $1.5 million donation to Time’s Up, Oscar host Kimmel was not going to let the audience forget that the movie star was paid all that cash for reshoots on “All the Money in the World.” His costar Michelle Williams only got her per diem of $80 per day, and the pair have the same agent in Ari Emanuel of WME. “If we can’t trust agents, who can we trust?” Kimmel joked.