Jonny Greenwood’s Oscar-Worthy ‘Phantom Thread’ Score is Now Streaming in Its Entirety — Listen

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Sit down and turn up the volume. Jonny Greenwood’s gorgeous and Oscar-worthy original score for Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread” is now streaming in its entirety online and it more than deserves all of our attention.

The score marks the fourth collaboration between Greenwood and Anderson after “There Will Be Blood,” “The Master,” and “Inherent Vice,” and it could very well be Greenwood’s best film score yet. The musician has never earned an Oscar nomination. “Phantom Thread” deserves to change that.

IndieWire named Greenwood’s “Phantom Thread” score the best of 2017. “If Greenwood’s contributions to ‘Phantom Thread’ are the most beautiful (and self-sustaining) music that he’s ever written for the screen,” wrote David Ehrlich, “it’s only because his compositions are even more inextricable from this movie than they were from his last three scores.”

About 70% of “Phantom Thread” contains Greenwood’s score. Stream the music below. “Phantom Thread” is now playing in theaters.