Everything You Need to Know About the Oscar Race on the Day the Ballots Are Due — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast

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The last week of Oscar campaigning before the first round of ballots are due tends to be a quiet one, but there’s much to discuss. In the aftermath of the Golden Globes, the ceremony provides some windows into support for various Oscar frontrunners even as it doesn’t actually indicate anything firm about the state of the race; a few days later, the DGA nominations bring that conversation into sharp focus, while the Critics Choice winners provide some sense of where consensus lies. There are clues strewn throughout the path of the last several months that point to specific outcomes from this competitive year. Still, we don’t know anything for certain until nomination morning, and in the meantime, some of us have Sundance to worry about. What Oscar season?

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In the latest episode of Screen Talk, Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson talk through the state of the race, how to view the Globes in relation to other awards, and what they’re excited to see in Park City.

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