Colbert Defends Trump’s ‘Shithole Countries’: ‘For One, Donald Trump Isn’t Their President’ (Video)

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Like pretty much everyone else Thursday, Stephen Colbert had a lot to say about the report in the Washington Post that, during a meeting with GOP lawmakers, Trump asked “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?,” then complained that we don’t get more immigration from countries like Norway.

The reported remarks were widely condemned as racist, but at the top of Thursday night’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Colbert said they also signaled the return of “the same unstable, reactionary president we’ve come to know… and know.”

“All week long president Trump has tried desperately to convince us that he’s a stable, steady leader,” Colbert said, noting meetings with foreign dignitaries and his press conference. “It was a nice act. But like many men his age, he can only keep it up for so long.”

Reciting the infamous comment, Colbert added “sir, they’re not shithole countries. For one, Donald Trump isn’t their president.”

Watch the clip below.

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