‘Justice League’ Fans React to 30-Minute Preview: ‘All The Ppl in the Theater Went Crazy’

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With less than a month to go before wide release, Warner Bros. kicked off the “Justice League” worldwide press tour this week with a full-court press in China. And as part of that, a select number of Chinese fans and journalists were invited to a screening featuring thirty minutes of footage from the upcoming DC Comics superhero team up.

So does WB have a worthy follow-up to “Wonder Woman” on its hands? It’s hard to say just yet, as only a couple of reactions have made it online. (Likely WB locked attendees down with hard NDAs.) But those that have tickled out are very positive, if muted.

As one Twitter user said, ‘All the ppl in the theater went Crazy.’ Another attendee was more specific, saying that “I won’t say much because 30 minutes isn’t enough for a 121 minutes long movie but the story starts fine, it’s cinematography is fantastic.”Read on for the reactions.

Yeah, the sample size is extremely small. But bear in mind that normally, fan-driven events (San Diego Comic Con, for instance) tend to produce almost exaggeratedly positive responses. The doesn’t appear to be the case here, if the restraint on display in these reactions is any clue. “Justice League” is already tracking for a superheroic $120 million opening weekend — maybe it’ll end up having “Wonder Woman” legs as well.

The rest of us will find out when “Justice League” opens in theaters on November 17.

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