Great Job, Internet!: Like us all, Robert Pattinson just wants a hot dog

Read on: The A.V. Club.

Anyone who thinks Robert Pattinson is a joke because he starred in a series of wildly successful vampire movies for pre-teens clearly hasn’t been paying attention. Once the Twilight franchise wrapped, Pattinson redefined himself in the public eye by pairing up with the likes of David Cronenberg and Werner Herzog and turning out memorable dramatic performances in art films like The Rover and The Lost City of Z. He’s currently drawing the best reviews of his career (and palpable Oscar buzz) for his turn in Sundance hit Good Time, wherein he plays a mangy, lowlife bank robber.

Pattinson is also drawing raves for a smaller, more intimate project, one he wrote and directed himself. Produced with GQ, this hilarious two-and-a-half minute short finds the actor holed up in his New York room, his sanity slowly draining away as he longs for a hot dog. Eventually, he sets off ...