Samantha Bee Breaks Down All the Trump News in 5 Minutes: From Covfefe to Golf Carts

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Samantha Bee attempted to capture all the latest Trump news in just five minutes on her show “Full Frontal” Wednesday night. In her defense, there was a lot to get through.

First there was covfefe.

“The twitterverse greeted ‘covfefe’s arrival with unfettered rapture,” she said. “For that glorious interlude between midnight and 5 AM we were like passengers on the Titanic who decided to say ‘F— it!’ and rock out to the band.”

Then there was his overseas trip — first to the Middle East and then to Europe, where the president shunned questions from the press about Jared Kushner’s possible Russian contacts and rode in a golf cart while other world leaders walked.

“That poor laboring golf cart was the least welcome vehicle in Europe since Soviet tanks rolled into Hungary,” she joked.

“You can’t fly to Europe and shun the press. You’re not Greta Garbo!” she continued.

And finally, there’s the news that the White House is shifting their strategy and possibly planning on vetting Trump’s tweets. This all somehow ties in with those flashing red lights at the White House that gripped the internet.

“Some lucky schmuck will get paid $1,500 an hour to evaluate whether ‘whiteprideballsack6969’ is a reliable source for the President to retweet.”

It’s a lot to deal with.  At the end of the segment, Bee seems to let out a long sigh.

Watch the full clip above.

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