Interview: Tim Heidecker on playing a vain blowhard in the age of Trump

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Drawing on the worst and weirdest of American TV to surreal and sometimes nightmarish effect, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! established Tim Heidecker and his comedy partner Eric Wareheim as the two defining cult comedians of the last decade, while producing such spin-offs as the darkly poignant local news parody Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule, the demented horror anthology Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, and the feature-length Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. But though Heidecker remains as prolific and absurdist as ever, his best work from the last few years has come from the more character-centric comedy of his Adult Swim web series On Cinema and its ingenious (and reliably hilarious) metafictional companion show, Decker.

Originally an audio-only parody of insipid film podcasts, On Cinema stars Heidecker and co-creator Gregg Turkington (better known by his alter ego, the hack comedian Neil Hamburger) as ...