Great Job, Internet!: Watch Judah Friedlander explore our terrifying, robot-filled future

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The conventional wisdom over the past few years is that, while we weren’t looking, the ’50s utopian sci-fi dream of a robot and AI-assisted future has started to look increasingly like a reality. We regularly marvel over the work of Boston Dynamics, which makes frighteningly limber, strong, adaptive robots that could do wonders in factories and other industrial settings, as well as the machine-learning algorithms in use at Google and Facebook, which can actively teach themselves to get better at identifying objects, translating languages, and generally replicating the thought patterns of humans. That they will someday rise up to destroy us is an understood subtext of the whole thing.

Normally, the best way to get to know this exciting and terrifying technology is through enormous thinkpieces, but TechCrunch opted, instead, to send comedian Judah Friedlander to explore the topic. (It was produced for them by Onion Studios, the long-form ...