TV Club: In third season premiere, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is in control

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I had almost forgotten the feeling of perpetually gasping for breath that watching an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt induces. With its endless, zippy jokes, the show barely allows room for breathing between laughs. It has some of the best straight-up joke writing on television, up there with Veep in sheer joke density. Seconds into the season three premiere, I remembered just how downright hilarious this show is when Titus Andromedon picks a fight with a “sea pigeon.” Kimmy Schmidt’s wild and weird world is back and ready to delight.

Season two saw the main characters through major self-discovery breakthroughs, with Kimmy reuniting with her mother, Titus leaving his comfortable life and relationship to pursue his dreams as a paid performer, and Lillian taking her love for her neighborhood to the next level by deciding to run for office. Season three picks up with Kimmy graduating from her GED ...