Great Job, Internet!: In another victory for humanity, the far right alternative to Reddit is dying

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It seems a bunch of alt-right trolls are about to learn an important lesson about hard work and responsibility. Voat—the Reddit-styled online message board for contrarian dipshits—may soon be shuttered due to two major factors: Running a website costs money, and nobody wants to pay for your racist fantasy camp. Following the announcement by one of Voat’s two employees, Justin Chastain (a.k.a @PuttItOut), users began brainstorming ideas on how to cut costs, crowdsource some money, or find funding from some unlikely angels.

Voat was originally founded when, a couple years ago, Reddit announced a new anti-harassment policy and subsequently banned a handful of nasty subreddits. These communities were built around hate speech and trolling and populated by people who constantly confused “free speech” with the ability to post anything they want without consequence on a website they neither owned nor operated. This slow purge has ...