Newswire: An unreleased Elliott Smith live track is Planned Parenthood’s newest 7”

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Fundraising team 7-Inches For Planned Parenthood continues to announce tracks for its upcoming box set, with all proceeds going to the titular women’s health organization. The group previously tapped Chvrches, John Legend, St. Vincent, and Zach Galifianakis to build enthusiasm for its efforts; now, it’s reaching back into the distant archives, offering up an unreleased live track from the late Elliott Smith.

Recorded at Los Angeles’ Largo nightclub, the track is apparently the first version of Smith’s final single, “Pretty (Ugly Before)” that he ever played live. (According to a note from the club’s owner, Mark Flanagan, Smith came into the club with the song in his head one night, and ended up performing it, with help from Jon Brion, right before a Janeane Garafalo set.) Flanagan apparently dug the cassette out of his massive collection, and worked with Smith’s sister, Ashley, to help get ...