Newswire: Fyre Festival is lighting up the courts, at least

Read on: The A.V. Club.

Whether Fyre Festival—the three-day musical festival in the Bahamas that was pitched as a luxury playground for the rich and easily influenced but ended up more like a rusty jungle gym—was a success or not depends on whether you believe in the concept of “bad press.” On the one hand, a lot more people know what Fyre Festival is now than they did last week. On the other, they all picture a flaming dumpster every time the words are invoked.

But one place where the Fyre Festival continues to get lit is in the courts, where class-action lawsuits are popping like bottles of Cristal at the club, fam. Following the $100 million lawsuit filed against festival co-founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland on Sunday, Pitchfork reports on a second complaint filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, alleging that Fyre Festival defrauded attendees by paying social-media celebrities ...