Great Job, Internet!: Even Larry David pops in to talk shit about Steve Bannon’s Hollywood years

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Since Steve Bannon emerged, people have marveled at him as the mysterious Satan- and Sith-loving mound of decomposing organic material that somehow has the ear of the president. The teeter-totter of power has tipped back and forth in this White House between his racist, xenophobic hard-right ideology and the supposedly more moderate politics of the president’s apple-cheeked nephew Jared Kushner, but Bannon’s sinister, shadowy presence remains. The details of his past have been marveled over repeatedly throughout Trump’s rise to power—his desire to create a rap musical, his space opera version of Titus Andronicus, his brief stint making money in World Of Warcraft gold farming, and the fact that much of his wealth comes from residual checks based on an early gamble on Seinfeld syndication, making people everywhere feel guilty every time they sit through a several-hour block of season-three episodes.

Part of the fascination comes ...