Great Job, Internet!: An interview with a young woman whose actual name is Isis Harambe

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On the internet, it is not the fittest who survive, but those glowing with some other strange quality—an innate understanding of (shiver) virality. While YouTube and Twitter are strewn with the eerie rictuses of would-be internet celebrities, eagerly pleading with you to join the conversation and sound off in the comments below, others receive internet fame immediately and unbidden, its scorching heat incinerating the paper structures of their private leaves as as the public clamors to know more about this Chewbacca Mom, this Damn Daniel, this Kenneth Bone.

And so what to make of the following tweet? Is this a hungry ghost roaming the digital wasteland in search of Reddit upvotes and brief IRL hilarity, or someone who fate deigned to withstand the eye of online scrutiny?