Newswire: Disney patents a softer, more sensual robot

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As any Disney Imagineer who’s crept into the Hall Of Presidents late at night to cuddle with Abraham Lincoln can tell you, robots may look human, but they certainly don’t feel like it. All the sweet whisperings of the Gettysburg Address can’t distract from old Honest Abe’s jagged steel robot bones jutting into you, which is why Disney has filed a new patent application to build robots with the sort of soft sensuality that welcome human interaction with more than just their bedroom eyes.

CNN reports that these new robots would be markedly more “humanoid,” covered in supple skin and with some of its body filled with gas, just like you. These robots have been “adapted for soft contact and/or interaction with a human,” their parts operated by a controller that changes the interaction responsively in order to maintain safety. In the patent application, Disney ...