The Best Twitter Memes on Steve Bannon’s Removal From National Security Council (Photos)

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A lot of people weren’t happy when the Trump administration announced that Donald Trump’s chief strategist, former Breitbart News editor-in-chief Steve Bannon, was taking a spot on the National Security Council. So when the news broke that Bannon was no longer a part of the council, many on Twitter rejoiced. Bannon’s exit from the council may be “in no way a demotion” according to sources, but that didn’t stop the memes and jokes.

The Twitter account for Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” was out in front following the news to celebrate Bannon’s “graduation.”

There’s speculation that Gary Busey is ready to step into Bannon’s former role.

There’s no goofing on Bannon without referencing his alleged antisemitism, with a healthy dose of clowning the Trump administration’s constant discussion of “fake news.”

With Bannon gone from the NSC, there’s room for a different well-known alt-right mascot to take the seat.

Bannon has spoken with admiration of figures such as Dick Cheney, Darth Vader and Satan (all at the same time, in fact), but maybe he’s not as together as George Lucas’s famous villain.

Speculation is high as to what efforts Bannon will pursue now that his National Security Council obligations are over.

Sometimes Twitter is great for learning the news, and sometimes Barry Manilow memes get confusing. It also appeared that many thought Bannon was being removed from the Trump administration. He still retains his job title and security clearance, however.

Maybe Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad really did heal the world!

Some just wish that Bannon’s exit from things would continue indefinitely.

As many have pointed out, perhaps Bannon wasn’t removed from the National Security Council. Maybe he was alternatively promoted.

Or perhaps he must go because his planet needs him.

Not everyone speculated about what’s happening within the Trump administration and what Bannon’s removal from the NSC means, though. Some are just content to watch and see what happens.

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