Game Review: The Ringed City is Dark Souls at its most hollow

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“Hollowing” is an important concept in the Dark Souls games, a wasting curse that feeds on memories, devours minds, and can only be staved off by the resolute purpose of the afflicted. The cursed “go hollow” when they lose sight of their reasons for existing, turning into murderous zombies at worst, mindless slaves to routine at best. So when we describe The Ringed City, the final expansion for last year’s Dark Souls III—and the final piece of playable Dark Souls content, period—as a hollow experience, it’s with an eye toward more than just a surface dissatisfaction. It’s an expression of the idea that, here at the end, Dark Souls can no longer remember those things that once made it great.

As it has for so many players before it, FromSoftware has set itself an impossible task here: deliver a block of maps, enemies, and bosses ...