Newswire: Microsoft to launch a subscription service for gaming on Xbox One

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Microsoft has announced a new $10 per month subscription service that’ll give users access to over 100 games for their Xbox One. Called Xbox Game Pass, its library will be made up of older Xbox One releases and backward compatible Xbox 360 games from both Microsoft and publishers around the industry. So far, Microsoft has cited partnerships with 2K, Warner Bros., Capcom, Sega, and Bandai Namco, among others. Unlike Sony’s PlayStation Now service, Xbox Game Pass does not stream games to your console and won’t have any of the technical issues limiting that technology. Users will download each title they’d like to check out as they would if they had purchased it regularly.

An image showcasing some of the games that will be available in Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription (Illustration: Microsoft)

There is one catch: The service’s library will change every month, with some ...