8 Unflattering Things Late Night Hosts Compared Trump ‘Henchman’ Stephen Miller To (Photos)

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Over the weekend, 31-year-old Trump adviser Stephen Miller went on Sunday morning shows to push the president’s border policies. Late-night hosts were not impressed by his chilly claim that “the powers of our president to protect our country… will not be questioned,” and compared him to some unflattering people, places and cartoon characters. For example…

“Young Gargamel” – Stephen Colbert

After making the Gargamel comment, Colbert played a video of the previously mentioned Stephen Miller quote. Then Colbert joked that Miller then added, “I am become death, destroyer of worlds. Kneel before Zod.”

“Sméagol in a suit” – Trevor Noah

“The guy who shows up with a flashlight when teens are getting drunk in a graveyard.” – Seth Meyers

“A guilty husband who got caught texting with a female co-worker.” – Seth Meyers

“A basic henchman” – Trevor Noah

Two-thirds of Montgomery Burns (Exact quote: “That guy is 31 years old and he already looks like he’s two-thirds of the way to Montgomery Burns.”) – Seth Meyer

A foot (Exact quote: “If you’re wondering why his face looks familiar, it’s probably because you see him every time you take off our socks. Black people, you can ignore that joke.”) – Trevor Noah

We’ll keep updating this list as more Stephen Miller insults roll in.